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A Word on the Dark Side of Spiritism

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I feel that we should always focus of that which is light and positive, but we cannot ignore that there is a dark side to the spirit world and there are those who would manipulate these forces to do us harm.  Often times people come to me with evil spirit, sometimes demonic and more frequently psychic vampire attachments.  Usually these people are innocent victims of evil magic or wandering angry spirits, but other times they have open a door to tremendous negativity and darkness by dabbling with ouija boards or occult practices for which they are not sufficiently prepared.  These conditions can be cured via exorcism or spiritual cleansing and if you feel there is a dark or debilitating spirit around you or that you are the victim or a curse, please do not hesitate to contact me and together we can find the proper spiritual remedy.  Also, if you have dealt with such a situation in the past I would love to hear your story.

Please share your stories in the comments section.

I originally heard this story in the early 2000’s from a woman named Vera who know lives in Massachusetts, but who originally is from  Metairie, Louisiana.  In the mid 1970’s, one of the most renowned Voodoo Doctors and supposed drug dealers in New Orleans was a man by the name of Reggie.  He dealt with the dark side of the occult and worked with spirits that in life had been criminals and psychologically disturbed individuals.  According to local legend, Reggie had made what was called a “prenda,” an altar for evil magic housed entirely in a black cast iron cauldron, this is not a tradition in Voodoo, but comes from the Palo-Mayombe religion of eastern Cuba that originally has its roots in the Congo.  In Reggie’s prenda were found the usual items-graveyard dirt, various herbs and animals bones.  Also, he had a pet snake that would rest inside the prenda and come slithering to him on command, despite the fact that snakes are supposed to be deaf.  He would often brag that he had in his command  the spirit of a sociopath murderer who had died in the electric chair and that he could send this evil spirit out to kill or terrorize whomever he chose.

Vera was his neighbor and she often witnessed him performing dark, devious ceremonies between midnight and 3:00 am, the hours between which evil is at its most powerful.  Reggie was forever offering animal sacrifices to the prenda, so much so that Vera called his house a slaughtering plant from the amount of goat and chicken carcasses that exited via the side door.  Vera told him that if he kept feeding the spirit so much blood it was going to develop an addiction and become a “nadoki,” a malevolent blood-drinking spirit of African origin closely resembling the European vampire.  One day, while chatting casually with Reggie over the fence the separated their two yards, she caught a glimpse of a tall shadowy figure with piercing red eyes standing in his kitchen.  She knew immediately that the dark spirit had gained enough power to leave the prenda and amble about on its own.  She warned him that his demise was imminent unless he disposed of the prenda by leaving it in a cemetery or at a crossroads and aspersing it with holy water.  Reggie ignored her advice and two days later he was dead.  Vera saw his lifeless body laying on the kitchen floor his head having been crushed by the overturned refrigerator with a stream of blood flowing toward the prenda.  When the ambulance came to retrieve his body, Vera entered the house and retrieved the prenda unnoticed and personally destroyed its contents.  She raised Reggie’s pet snake, who she claims was quite happy to get out of that crazy environment.  Whether the story of Reggie transpired exactly as told or whether some exaggeration has occurred overtime does not matter, since the moral of the story is clear:  People who live their lives doing evil eventually succumb to it and sooner or later meet an unhappy demise.

So I strongly urge to you avoid the dark side at all costs.  Keep your hearts and mind always on God and His saints and such evil will not be able to touch you.  Thank you for taking the time to ready my blog and if you feel you are in need of any of my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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