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Voodoo Traditions and Holidays

Halloween and All Saints Day

Bunelos de todos los santos

I just wanted to take a few moments to share these photos of the Halloween and All Saints Day festivities from this most wonderful time of year.  I spent Halloween night in a rural village with some friends.  One of whom officiated over a traditional Wiccan calling of the corners ceremony.  Later in the evening, we visited the local cemetery where we decorated the graves of his grandparents with flowers and candles, as is the tradition in…
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Hungry Ghosts Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Siamese Cats!

Hungry Ghosts Offering

Last night was another important spiritual holiday, The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, which is Asian in origin and not a traditional observance in Voodoo, but I have incorporated it into my yearly repertoire of spiritual holidays.  It is a time to honor spirits of ancestors and spirit guides on the other side and also to pray for those forgotten souls who have nobody left on earth to honor them.  There are legends in Taiwan and mainland…
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Saint Martha’s Day

Saint Martha's Day

I made a service to her with a candle and an offering of flowers.   I will be drying the flowers that have now been infused with Saint Martha’s powerful energy to use in charms and potions in the future. I have written a much more extensive article about Saint Martha herself, you can read it here. At the end of this month, August 31st, we have another important spiritual holiday, The Feast of the Hungry Ghosts.  This…
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That Time of Year Again: Saint John’s Eve

St John's Night Fire Painting by Astrup Jonsokbal 1912

In Voodoo Saint John’s Eve, the 23rd-24th of June, is considered to be the most powerful night of the year for doing any kind of spiritual work. I have been planning this years St. John’s service since the end of April and have been incredibly busy.  I am happy to re-share an article about this particular night and some of the Voodoo traditions associated with it.  I wish you all and happy and magical Saint John’s Eve. Voodoo…
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Orthodox Easter, St. Expedite’s Day and A quick Romanian folk story

Saint Expedite photo by Jean Poussin

One story occurred when she was a young girl in the late 1920’s.  One summer, many of the cows in a village stopped giving milk and the villagers though it was the work of a local woman everybody knew was a witch.  One evening, a local villager saw a cat enter a barn and start to drink milk directly from the cow and threw a rock at the cat which scurried away in pain.  The following day…
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