James Duvalier

author, spiritual counselor & paranormal researcher

Voodoo Love Magic: An Excerpt

Rituals, charms and spells with the power to shape your love life amidst fascinating tales of Voodoo and the occult.

James Duvalier's Voodoo Love Magic Book

Mo salué-vous au nom Bon Dieu tou saint-yé et mo-yé! I greet you in the name of God, the saints and the ancestors! I am James Duvalier, a priest of Voodoo in the New Orleans tradition. I am a lifelong practitioner of Voodoo and have performed services as a Voodoo Doctor for over ten years in person and for the last three years via my website www.jamesduvalier.com. In addition to traditional New Orleans Voodoo, I also practice Espiritismo, Southern Hoodoo and various forms of folk magic and am familiar with Eastern European Gypsy magic. I am also an accomplished psychic and medium.

I have decided to compile this booklet on Love Magic for two reasons. First, over 70% of the clients who seek my services do so for matter of love, which is quite understandable since any spiritual worker will tell you that this mysterious and sought-after emotion is the strongest force is the universe and a necessary part of a happy existence in this life. Second, I would like to clear up and misconceptions about the origins, practices and beliefs of Voodoo and magic in general. I want to make clear that anybody, absolutely anybody, can serve the spirits of Voodoo and perform rituals and spells with favorable results. There are certain rituals that can only be conducted by an initiated priest or priestess and many people choose to seek the services of an expert, but this is not necessary to serve the spirits with favorable results.

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James Duvalier

James Duvalier is a master psychic and medium as well as a priest of New Orleans Voodoo. A practioner of New Orleans style Voodoo and Spiritism, he is dedicated to dispelling the myth that only ignorant, backward people believe in the supernatural. He holds a masters degree from Babes Boyai University, speaks 7 languages and has written many short stories ,as well as, a novel. Passionate about his work, he enjoys helping others.