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The Power of Salt Water Baths


A simple salt water bath can do wonders for you spiritually and emotionally

Bath PreparationIn recent weeks, many people have been telling me how everything seems blocked or stagnant in their lives and true progress and good luck seem to elude them.  In such situations, what I recommend most often is a simple salt water bath.  I have posted on this subject before, but lately it seems to be coming up again and again and many people even doubt the efficacy of something so simple.  I am here to reiterate the fact that a simple salt water bath can do wonders for you spiritually and emotionally.  Submerging yourself in salt water removes blockages, neutralizes the evil eye, chases away negative spirits and general cleanses away all that holds us back from progress and success in life.

Everything that surrounds us has energy, people, plants, animals; the very environment in which we live and breathe is composed of energy.  This energy is constantly bouncing around and leaving a residue on all that it touches.  Over time this can build up and turn into what I call “psychic sludge.”  It is also a sad fact that many people harbor jealousy and other negative feelings towards us that can be spiritually, emotionally and physically damaging.  Remember that spiritual health and physical health are related and what is done to the soul is reflected in the body and vice versa.  So, therefore it is a good idea to perform a simple spiritual cleansing at least once a month.

Start by adding an entire box of salt to a tub full of water and soak as you normally would.  Salt is a great neutralizer.  It takes away negativity, psychic sludge, bad luck and even chases away chaotic or harmful spirits and energies.  Many cultures and religions even use salt in exorcism rituals.

Stay as long as you’d like in the bathtub and make sure that you submerge yourself completely or at least pour some of the salt water over your head.

Before leaving the tub, say a quick prayer, for example: With this salt water bath, I cleanse away all psychic sludge, bad luck and negativity.  I am powerful and clean!  This is just an example, you may use any words you’d like or if there is a prayer appropriate to your religious or spiritual beliefs, you may use it.  If you don’t have a bath or prefer showers, you can simply stand in the running shower and scrub yourself with handfuls of salt and as the shower washes the salt away, recite the prayer.

I can’t state enough that such a simple practice makes a huge difference.  If you try this simple cleansing, please let me know of the positive changes you notice in your life.  If you’d prefer a professional spiritual cleaning or unblocking, you may contact me as well!

May your life be filled with abundant blessings!

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  • Tony

    Salt is such an amazing stuff. I have never tried bathing salt but one day when praying away a particular illness, I felt I should simply go for sea salt, put it on the floor and stand on it to pray.

    After doing this a couple of times at mid night there was a real change in my health.

  • Yes, Salt is absolutely amazing and used in so many purification and protection rituals.

  • Shanna Milton

    Do I use soap when I use salt

    • You can and it would work perfectly fine. I usually take a shower first so that I’m physically clean and then do the salt water bath immediately after, but there are various way to do it and all work well.

  • Shanna Milton

    If I put salt in my bathtub and sit for a least 30 mins can I use soap to bath r just the salt

    • Yes, you can use soap as well and it will work perfectly fine.

      • Aycha

        Hello how much days we should do bathing for results with salt thanks

        • As a general rule, once a month should be enough. In extreme situations, you could take a salt water bath three days in a row.

    • Shanna D Milton

      How often can you use salt baths?

  • Shanna Milton

    Ok thanks

  • Hi I want to know can salt bath bring back your lover back to you?

    • No. Salt water baths are meant for cleansing. They can remove blockages that hold relationship back, but they’re not for love per se.

  • Rockson

    Always i use salt bath with sope will it helps me?

  • sergius

    I am really messed. Nothing is working in my life. Am a business man.

  • Robyn


  • Kathy

    Does submerging yourself in the ocean work as well as sea salt bath?

    • Yes, that will work as well. Just submerge yourself three times and pray in your own words asking to be cleansed on all negativity.

  • Alfredo

    Can i do it everday?

    • You can. It’s really not necessary though. Once a week or even once a month is enough to cleanse away negative energy before it accumulates to any significant degree, but it won’t hurt to do daily salt water baths if you so choose.

      • Steven Olabode Kadiri

        Can I bathe without a bathtub?

        • Yes, you definitely can. You can boil the herbs as you normally would, allow the mixture to cool and then pour it over your head in the shower. You can also scrub yourself down with salt in the shower and it will work the same as a salt water bath.

          • Michael Ahiamakor

            Please is there anything I can do to obtain favor and also act of getting my wishes granted by people.

          • Generally speaking it’s important to keep yourself spiritually clean. That will help you manifest positive things in your life. As for reaching specific goals, there is always spiritual work that can be done, but it depends on the circumstances of each individual situation.

          • Michael Ahiamakor

            Lets consider a situation where you want to obtain the favor from someone to give you money and also you made mentioned of a herb considered for the salt bathing when you don’t have a tub, I will like to know the name of the herb so I can get it for my spiritual bath

          • Rompezaraguey, abrecamino, arrasa con todo, escoba amarga and espanta muerto are all good herbs to use in bitter cleansing baths. I’m not sure of the names in English as they are usually sold in Spanish.

            Again, it depends of the person in question and the circumstances of the situation and any spiritual worker would do a reading to determine the particulars of your case and how to proceed. You could try using a money drawing candle and burning it next to the photo or printed name of the person.

          • Michael Ahiamakor

            Thank you very much for your help, but is there no way I could just do the salt bath without a rub and also when I get the money drawing candle should I just burn it close to the photo of the person without citing and words

          • Yes. You can just rub yourself down with salt and wash it off and it will work just fine. You can just envision the person give you money when you light the candle.

          • Michael Ahiamakor

            Do I need to get the salt wet in order for it to be able to stick on me before I rob it on myself or I should just take it dry and rob it on myself, I’m asking cos it would be quite difficult to have the sea salt stick on me. Thank you once again for the assistance, but with the money candle is there any specific name which is widely known or just money candle

          • Any money drawing candle should be fine. Botanicas and spiritual shops usual have several varieties. You should be wet when you scrub yourself with the salt. It will stick that way.

          • Michael Ahiamakor

            Thank you so very much, you’ve been of great help. One last things I heard of this oil which you can rob in your palm together with a white paper with a person name written on it which would get the person to obey your command. I just want to find out how true that is

          • I’ve never heard of that but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It’s worth a try.

          • Michael Ahiamakor

            Okay thank you very much. Funny enough yesterday as I was doing the salt bath I had a cat from nowhere staring at me through my bathroom window..lol

          • Cats have always been a sign of good luck for me!

  • Shona Magouyrk

    I love them but the last two times I’ve did this can you please explain why my water afterward appeared almost dark blue or blackish?

    • Hi Shona,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s very interesting and I have to say I’ve never heard of this happening before. The negativity that is cleansed during a spiritual bath doesn’t really manifest in physical form or color. It could be a chemical reaction between the salt and the bath tub or herbs that were used in the bath which may have differed from what was used in previous baths. I don’t really think it has a spiritual significance and despite the color of the water, I’m sure he baths were beneficial on a spiritual level.

      • Shona Magouyrk

        James, I’ve always taken only sea salt baths in this same tub. Since my 3 yr old granddaughter was born we’ve had a lot of bad energy but she has always seen…and I began doing readings on a Facebook group..I have quit now. But the last two times that has happened. I Add nothing else..I was on Google and I read somewhere about sea salt baths and the BLACK energy…..that said it would sometimes do that…it was strange but I felt so much better. My granddaughter was also in the bath…just thought I’d ask and share this information

        • That is amazing. I’ve never experienced that personally and I have seen a lot of supernatural manifestations and incidents. That makes sense about doing readings since a lot of negativity can stick to you when dealing with people and their energies. I would keep doing the salt baths anyway and I’m sure the water will run clear again. I like to also throw in some dried lemon peel, that really kicks things up in terms of cleansing and unblocking.

          • Shona Magouyrk

            Thanks I believe I will lol

  • Allison Smith

    Lately I’ve been brushing my teeth with salt and rinsing with salt water about once a week, usually on weekends when there’s a lot of activity in the house and people are getting irritated with each other. I saw a simple prayer asking the saints and spirits to cleanse my mouth and make my words sweet and kind. It seems to be working so far.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. I like the idea of cleaning one’s mouth so that the words that come out of it and positive, productive and lead you in the right direction in life.

  • Syed

    Hi, Is there any special time to do salt baths or i can do it anytime i like? I heard it is better to do it one hour before sun set? Is it right? I also heard about different oils and fragrances to get rid of negativity and bad spell. Is it also true?

    • You can do salt water baths anytime and they will be effective. I’ve never heard anything about one hour before sunset, but doing the bath at that time is perfectly fine. As for fragrances, yes, that’s definitely true. Florida Water (Agua Florida) is definitely the best for this purpose. Also having some holy water on hand from a church is always a good idea.

  • RandyJessica Stephens

    I had broke a mirror at 3am this morning. Very very horrible it was a complete accident i stepped on it. I was half asleep. I heard that I can bury the pieces under the moonlight to reverse the curse. But a full moon does not come until march 12th. I am afraid of any bad luck that may come before that date. Can i take a salt bath to cleanse my soul? Im sorry if this is a very dumb question but i am terrified.

    • Whenever you break a mirror, just leave it exactly where it is for 7 hours and then throw it away. Then there will be no bad luck. If you’ve already picked up the piece, taking a bath in salt water is fine and also sprinkle some salt on the broken mirror and bless your home with holy water. That will be enough to ward off bad luck and then of course bury the broken mirror as you plan to in March.

  • Reg

    James, can I dry my body after the bath?

    • Yes, absolutely. This isn’t a bath where you need to air dry.

  • Reg

    James, I must tell you, the salt bath is amazing and is working tremendously, is working like a magic OMG.

  • Reg

    James, how can I win a bet…I play soccer bet and I want to win huge there. I want to know how to know the teams that will win

    • You could make an offering to your ancestors or Maman Brigitte and ask for luck in placing bets and games of chance. That would be helpful.

  • Reg

    james please give me your email address I have a private question to ask

  • Jules

    Hello. I just took a sea salt water bath and I feel great. After I drained the tub I noticed small black particles left behind. What do you suppose this was?The tub was sparkling clean before I filled it up. Thank you.

    • I’m happy that you had a positive spiritual experience with the salt water bath. As for the black particles, I don’t think they have a spiritual cause. It’s most likely “hard water” or some type of mineral from the pipes or water supply. It’s nothing to worry about from a spiritual standpoint.

      • Jules

        Thank you for answering so promptly. I’ve been taking baths and never saw these black particles until I used the sea salt. I’m told that it was likely the sea salt that drew out heavy metal toxins from my body! Gonna repeat baths for a while. Thanks again!!!

        • That’s a possibility too. Didn’t even think of it! 🙂

  • queen rb

    I’ve notice after I’ve have taken a spiritual bath a particular
    colleague of mine will come to me the very next morning wanting to talk to me sharing information we’ve had a falling out before, but I don’t consider her and enemy nor friend, just a colleague
    I’d just don’t know what to make of the sign. She only stops to speak to me the
    day after I take my bath. Do you have any idea as to what this may mean? She is the only person that stands out, because she does not come to me until after my bath.

    • It could mean that she is just drawn into your general space after the bath because you have a higher spiritual frequency and it attracts people. It’s not a bad thing.

      • queen rb

        Thank you! Good to know, just over thinking I guess.

      • queen rb

        Thank you, I guess I’m over thinking a little

  • Dominic

    Salt is not good for the hypertensive person. Will salt bath not have any bad effect on a hypertensive person? Apart from salt bath is there no other powerful way of cleansing. Thanks.

    • Salt shouldn’t affect hypertension unless you eat it. You can also cleanse yourself by blessing yourself with holy water or by using florida water cologne.

  • Lebo Manyatse

    I have been applying for jobs for over a year now and I do not get any reply, will salt bath help with good luck for jobs and also money?

    • The salt water bath should definitely help remove blockages that might be holding you back from finding a job.

  • MJ Prz

    How often should we take this salt water bath?

    • As often as you feel blocked of held back in life. I like to do it once a month on the last day of each month to start the new month fresh.

      • MJ Prz

        Hi James, I took my first salt water bath last Sunday, the feeling of relax & positive energy was awesome. I am trying to see how this therapy could help me. I have been looking for a job for more than 01 year, and despite all my efforts I have been unsuccessful.

        • The bath will definitely help unblock you. You could also try reading the 23rd psalm each day and light a green candle each Friday. It will help with finding a job and attacking money and success in general.

          • MJ Prz

            Thanks, it worked. I got a temporary job with the chance to be extended. I will start on Monday. Regards MJ Prz

          • I’m so happy to hear it. Thank you for letting me know!

      • Godwin

        Hello James, how are you doing, i have read a lot about your guidance, i must be honest to you, i am really facing a difficulties in life, everything has seized, nothing is coming no money and nothing, i want something that will help me successful in life so fast with the work i do cos i have been facing dissapointment and promise and fail, i hope to hear from you as soon as possible


  • Amar soudagar

    I am having many problems first is that i am having brain problem and i am taking eptoin 100 mg daily 3 times from 3 years now i am little bit ok but i am losing weight wt to do

    • I’m sorry to hear that, but I can’t give medical advice. It’s important to work closely with your doctors and follow their advice and of course prayer for health.

  • Samson Olawumi

    Please how can I use salt for breakthrough thanks

    • Just follow the instructions in the post and it will help your situation.

      • Samson Olawumi

        But I did not see rock salt buy I use ordinary salt always please what is alternative thanks

        olawumi 77

        • Regular table salt is fine. I use sea salt or kosher salt but table salt will work fine.

  • Osazemwinde Efosa Lucky

    I am glad to be here!
    Please what time of the day or night is appropriate for this important cleansing ???
    Kind regards,

    • Any time of day or night is fine. There is no set time for the cleansing bath.

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