James Duvalier

author, spiritual counselor & paranormal researcher

The November Vampires: An Excerpt

You can forever live with the consequences of one night of passion and forever is such a long time.

James Duvalier's November Vampires

Autumn is a season of longing for things past, a purgatorial stretch of damp gray days to mourn lovers, friends and our own dreams that have faded into oblivion like the unremembered dead. On one such day a boy waits inside an empty club in Provincetown, Massachusetts tediously counting the minutes as the sky outside fades to darker shades of ash and the cobblestone streets grow moist with the salted mist of a New England evening. He knows the vampire will find him. There will be no resistance, no struggle, only submission and a humble request that he may be refused.

The vampire arrives shortly after sundown having left the crypt in a crumbling colonial graveyard where he spent the day among the dusty bones of puritan settlers who would gauge their eyes from their faces should they see the condom and ecstasy littered Sodom that was once their New Jerusalem. He walks the streets weaving through the few tourists that remain this late in the season and makes his way to a building on Commercial Street where a sign in red lettering reads:Kali’s Embrace: A Place for the Unloved. This is where the trail ends. Her scent has brought him here and it permeates the very centenarian wood of this establishment. He has found her. She will learn this time that…

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James Duvalier

James Duvalier is a master psychic and medium as well as a priest of New Orleans Voodoo. A practioner of New Orleans style Voodoo and Spiritism, he is dedicated to dispelling the myth that only ignorant, backward people believe in the supernatural. He holds a masters degree from Babes Boyai University, speaks 7 languages and has written many short stories ,as well as, a novel. Passionate about his work, he enjoys helping others.