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Thank You Saint Martha Yet Again!

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Peace be with you my friends!  October has been an insanely busy month and I don’t anticipate the hectic schedule will slow down any time before All Souls Day.  You may have noticed that I have a new website up and running.  This is the culmination for several months of collaborative work between myself and my web-designer and friend Amy Marie Adams.  Please take the time to visit her site and contact her for your web design and programming needs.  I can attest to the fact that she does quality work quickly and explains every step up of the way for those of us who are not so computer literate.

Saint Martha is absolutely my favorite and most special patron saint.

Thank you Saint Martha Yet Again! - James Duvalier BlogAlso, I wanted just again to sing the praises of Saint Martha who has recently helped me accomplish a long time goal.  She is absolutely my favorite and most special patron saint.  I keep an altar to her in my home and often place candles, oil lamps and flowers in front of her icon.  I strongly urge you to start a devotion to her and spread the word about her powerful intercession.  The simplest and most traditional means of bringing your needs to this miraculous saint is to perform her novena that is carried out every Tuesday by reciting the prayer below and lighting a candle to her.  You of course can pray in your own words, but I’ve included the traditional prayer as a guide.  Eventually you may may consider purchasing an icon or small statue of her to keep in your home.

St. Martha Novena

Saint Martha,

I resort to thy aid and protection.
As proof of my affection and faith,
I offer thee this light,
which I shall burn every Tuesday.

Comfort me in all my difficulties
and through the great favors thou didst enjoy
when the Savior was lodged in thy house,
intercede for my family,
that we be provided for in our necessities.

(Mention your request her)

I ask of thee, Saint Martha,
to overcome all difficulties
as thou didst overcome the dragon
which thou hadst at thy feet.

In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Now recite the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

I hope you decide to put this novena to use and seek the blessing of the beautiful and powerful Saint Martha.  Now I must get back to work preparing for Halloween, All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days.  Remember this is the most second most powerful time of the year to do spiritual work, St. John’s Night is of course the most powerful, so any spiritual worker is for sure running around crazy busy these last days of October.  Once things calm down in November, I will be back with photos of all these autumnal festivities.  Until then I wish you peace and blessings and say with heartfelt gratitude Thank You Saint Martha Always!!!

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  • Martha Cassell

    It’s heartwarming to read of your devotion to Saint Martha. I want to learn more about her. Many of us can identify with her–are grateful for her
    Enormous gift of Faith, and we want to choose “the better part,” also. May
    God Bless you and May saint Martha intercede for you richly for this lovely
    Web site. Thank You!

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment! Saint Martha is truly miraculous and an example for us all!

  • Mae

    Dear James,

    St. Martha answered my prayer, with the help of other saints and angel.
    I wanna thank her with all my heart for being granted my petition.
    But its really hard for me to find the image of St.Martha & St. Expeditus here in Philippines.
    I’m just using St. Martha’s picture image on the prayer book. I used to stand it on my altar.

    Can you please help me where I can buy statue of them.
    I just want to have them both. thankyou.

    More blessing to this web
    This must be my great inspiration…no matter how difficult I am passing through. St. Martha and other Saints will always there ready to give help and pray to our lord.

    • God and Saint Martha be praised! Thank you for sharing. You can buy an image of her from amazon.com or any number of online stores. Also, you can buy a print from http://www.luckymojo.com and then frame it at home. They have many saints’ images.

  • Sandra

    For the past two weeks i’ve been doing nothing but crying and worrying about my situation..I lighted a candle to St. Martha on Tuesday morning and have been praying to her and asking her to intervene, as my happiness and my future greatly depends on this situation being cleared up..Needless to say, it’s only been four (4) days and i am already seeing a big, big change..Thank you, St.Martha, for your love and assistance..I felt like i was about to lose my mind and now i know there’s hope..I will continue to honor and respect her great power..Thank you James, for this awesome page!..God bless you!

  • Cecile

    I have been praying to saint Jude for my ex to come back to me and for our family to be reunited, and he has shown me many good signs. I felt drawn to ask for Saint Martha’s help and I’m truly hopeful that she can help. I actually broke down in tears as I read my petition to her when I hadn’t felt tearful at all. I have a novena that I will burn every day, and on Tuesdays will burn a red candle specifically for her. I burned one for her yesterday since I didn’t start my petition on a Tuesday. The flame was tall, especially after I gave her florida water. I also have been praying for Saint Michael’s help in clearing out obstacles, fears and doubts. Every time I get change back at the grocery store I drop it in whatever charity box is close by thinking of Saint Jude. I will do the same for Saint Martha. I am so grateful for their help.

  • I am on my third novena to Saint Martha.
    All I can say at this moment is that she is truly great!!!!!! THANK YOU SAINT MARTHA

  • Ivo Greci

    Last week, before leaving Pennsylvania to return home to Florida, I picked up a 24″ statue of saint Martha I had purchased on ebay. Just before logging onto this page which I found by randomly searching “St Martha” (to confirm her image and learn more about the symbolism associated with Her) I imagined placing her image, enshrined with candles, by my doorway this All Hallows Eve- the beginning of the Holy triduum that means so much to me and, as the author of this page has mentioned, is a powerful time for spiritual work. The author, at the time of his posting this article on St. Martha, was preparing for such spiritual work at one of the most Holiest times of the year- the very night I had on my mind as I contemplated on displaying the statue. Although not a big deal to most others, It has nevertheless been said that “there are no coincidences” and there is a reason for everything. In small ways separate realities reach out to us, validating our beliefs and validating our longings through synchronistic signs that, all too often, are disregarded as mere coincidence. Praise be to God.

  • Conjure Queen

    Thank you Marta La Dominadora/ Lubana, for all that you have done for me. I am grateful for all of the wonderful blessings you have bestowed me with, and also for helping me to dominate over my enemies and difficult situations. I love you so much! You work fast and can manifest Miracles!!! As you keep your promises, so do I! 🙂

  • Saint Martha Dominator, I thank you for all you have done for me. I am grateful and I appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you..

  • Rain

    I have been working with St Martha for about 2or 3 months now and I would like to know how u would know if she plans to answer your prayer. Does it take time or l things happen all at once? Things are starting to change slowly and I want to thank St Martha . I play music…light St Martha incense…coffee..white flowers and a green candle. Is that OK? What can I do to show my appreciation… devotion and love. Please let me know what my chances are and what I can do to say thank you.

    • You are doing it exactly as you should. There is no set rule in terms of timing. Sometimes things manifest quickly and other times over a longer period of time. Also, I find that St. Martha does amazing and wonderful things that we don’t even ask for ore expect. Each case is different. I would keep praying, especially on Tuesdays, and of course spread the word about St. Martha to others.

  • s1gyn

    St. Martha, thank-you for answering my prayers! You are wonderful and I’m so grateful for your blessings! Thank-you!

  • Kathy Savage

    Sometime after my mother died a pray was found my mother had written to saint martha asking if it was possible she could die on a Tuesday. When the doctor came on Monday i was told she would die that day she didn’t she died Tuesday as she wanted

    in the past ten years i have turned to saint martha for help and can honestly say she has never let me down i love saint martha i have given my pray to lots of people in hopes they will use it

    • Amen! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with Saint Martha. She is truly amazing. May God and St. Martha bless you!

  • Cinzia

    I started working with St. Martha a week ago. While my immediate petition has not been answered, I sense that she has supported me at my job immediately. And just yesterday, unexpectedly, she came through to remind me and ensure that I did not get taken advantage of in a purchase transaction. Thank you Saint Martha!

    • Amen! Thank you so much for sharing. St. Martha gives so much love and protection to her devotees.

  • JoannaKB

    I love seeing this. St Martha is my patron saint. I first came into contact with her more than 25 years ago, more than a decade before I converted to Catholicism. A friend pointed out a St Martha candle, with the image that you have above, among a large collection of saint candles in a Mexican grocery store in Hollister, California. I was so taken by the image that I bought two of the candles. Later I found out that that day, July 29th, was St Martha’s feast day. I’ve always felt that she was reaching out to me. Over the years, when I’ve needed to face something large and frightening, I turn to St Martha for help and courage. Often the situation transforms dramatically — I think that’s the key to how she does things: transforming, as she changed the dragon from terrifying to tame. Even if it doesn’t, I feel more courage to face it. By the way, she helped me from the very beginning, long before I felt any urge to become Catholic. I found out later that it’s standard Catholic doctrine that the saints will help anyone who asks, not only Catholics. It’s clearly true.

    • Amen! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Saint Martha. I agree that she tends to work is subtle yet incredibly powerful ways. She has been my personal patron saint for almost twenty years as well!

  • JoannaKB

    I want to publicly say, Thank you, St Martha, for your help in facing a “dragon” that has had me scared for a long, long time. I prayed to you today to help transform the situation and already there has been an unbelievable change for the better. I will do my best to continue to be brave in facing the parts of the problem that remain, and I have faith that with your miraculous help this can all be turned around.

  • Mag

    Do you think flameless candles are ok to use?

    • Sure, I’m sure it would be fine. It’s the faith that you put into it that really counts and not the physical candle.

  • jayati chaudhuri

    Hello James,this is jayati.am from India.i am a non catholic Indian Hindu girl.i don’t know for past one year the Catholic religion has attracted me a lot and am really loving this religion a lot.i went through every pages of your blog.its so much motivating and filled with positive vibes with your each and every information of the divine saints here you have written.with this love am also unaware fully of the rituals and rules to follow and how to worship any saints here.i would love to know and if you help me and instruct me I will really be grateful to you James.presently i am going through a very difficult situation in my love life where my lover left me one year back on August.i just want him back in my life james by st.marthas blessing and grace.can you help me with divine st.martha worshipping process ?what I need to buy and all?
    Thank you

    • Hello Jayati!

      Thank you for commenting and I’m happy that you enjoy the blog. St. Martha is very approachable and will be happy to help you and bring blessings to your life through her intercession. You can get an image of her if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. Invoking her help is very easy. Just light a candle and recite her prayer each Tuesday and ask for what you want. You can use the prayer listed in the blogpost. You don’t have to make any offerings, but of course you can give her flowers if you’d like and maybe make a donation to charity in her name once your request is answered.

  • jayati chaudhuri

    Thank you so much James. I will follow the exact instruction you told me to approach to St. Martha and get her blessings.with that I want to know which form of St. Martha will be powerful to worship as there are two different images I saw everywhere aNd what colour candle will I lit every Tuesday?

    • You can use a green or white candle. I work with the European St. Martha. The one with the dragon at her feet.

  • health care

    I started the novena 4 weeks agin and she has already given me half of what I asked for and more. She is the best and I love her so much. Apart from novena I always offer her coffee and light candles whenever I feel like it just to show he gratitude because she is doing so much for me. Sometimes I just look at her picture and ask her to help me without any offerings and she gives what I ask for right away. She is that good! She protects me and makes me happy and she gives me everything I ask from her I have so much faith in her… Sometimes she takes time but eventually she gives you the best. Thank you my mother Martha.

    • Amen! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience!

  • sabrina

    Hi James! Is St Martha’s feast day July 29th? If so, is there anything in particular that I can do? A special offering? I’d like to thank her for continually helping my family and I out 🙂

    • Yes, her day is the 29th. You can make an offering of flowers. That’s what I will be doing.

      • sabrina

        Does it have to be just white flowers? and thank you for the quick reply!

        • Any type of flowers are fine. I usually give her roses.

  • Gale Murphy

    I am praying to Saint Martha again with my relationship. She has never failed me. I will keep everyone posted.

  • Grace

    Thank you James, I have been inmensely blessed by your spiritual assistance and guidance in my life, I will pray to St. Martha every Tuesday as you suggested, God bless!!

  • Leila

    Than you saint Martha, I just started working with you and I must say I’m really impressed at the result you are truly fantastic.thank you

  • RC

    Thank you St. Martha for helping me get my claim approved.

  • Carson Garland

    Thank you saint Martha for all your help

  • Dora

    Thank you saint Martha for hearing my prayers and giving me hope in a very precarious situation. I will continue my prayers until my family is safe again and in a secure, stable, and healthy place.

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