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New Orleans Voodoo Course

Voodoo Dolls

Louisiana Voodoo is essentially an African spirit religion, having is roots in the ancient Kingdom of Dahomey, which fused with French Catholicism in the New World and later with European and American Spiritualism. Voodoo is practiced today principally in the city of New Orleans and more recently around the world. It is separate from, although shares common roots with, Haitian Voodoo. Voodoo has served for generations as a practice of spiritual empowerment and self-determination among a people long marginalized and oppressed and can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and give you a strong spiritual edge in achieving your goals and desires.

The Role of the Ancestors in Voodoo

Ancestry Table shown in a book

It is a common belief in Voodoo that when we die we remain close to Earth, close to loved ones and it is the responsibility of those still living to care for the dead and elevate them closer to the light, to Heaven…toward God. We elevate our ancestors through prayer, having masses said, lighting candles and leaving glasses of water, flowers and perfume as offerings. We believe that the more we help the dead, the faster they…
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The Power of Voodoo: The Russian Lover

crossroads sign image

In 2000, I found myself staying in New York for a couple months, the guest of a fiercely intimidating Russian man named Andrei.  A few days after my arrival, I began to wonder about the source of his income.  He never mentioned work, but yet his apartment was filled with antiques, plasma TVs, expensive artwork and the champagne and vodka flowed endlessly every evening.  I was convinced that he was involved in some form of organized crime,…
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The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

Spirit Money - 1 Billion Bill

In fact, the term “Hungry Ghost,” refers to this particular class of spirits who are in most need of prayers, food offerings, incense and spirit money, about which I have blogged extensively in previous posts.  Throughout China, Taiwan and Singapore people gather at temples and adorn private altars at home with such offerings to ensure that the dead are happy in the afterlife and so that they in turn will bless the living with good fortune. Yesterday,…
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The History, Beliefs and Traditions of Voodoo-Part II-The Lwa

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The Voodooist serves a pantheon of spirits called the “lwa,” a term that comes from the French word “loi” meaning “law” as each spirit represents a law of nature or of the human condition.  The lwa are divided into three major nations.  The first is the Rada nation.  These are the original lwa and came from African during the early days of colonization.  The second is the “petro” nation which is comprised of fiery, volatile spirits born…
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