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What is Voodoo?

Painting from voodoo museum that features voodoo paraphenalia in the article what is voodoo

First of all, let me make clear that I am not a hougan, a priest of Haitian Vodou. I have not undergone the kanzo initiation and I do not pretend to be an expert on that tradition or have any knowledge beyond the basics. I am however a life long practitioner of Louisiana Voodoo and am highly knowledgeable in its traditions, am a ceremonial expert and highly skilled in the preparation of gris gris and spells. I…
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Erzulie Freda

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Through the course of the night the lwa Maistresse Erzulie Freda Dahomey, called Erzulie for short, popped up numerous times while I conducted various forms of divination and fell into possession.  Erzulie is extremely beautiful, flirtatious, capricious and intoxicating as well as elegant, refined and full of class.  She is an important lwa to serve and often blesses her devotees with unexpected wealth and torrid, passionate love affairs.  During the course of my St. John’s Eve service,…
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The History, Beliefs and Traditions of Voodoo-Part II-The Lwa

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The Voodooist serves a pantheon of spirits called the “lwa,” a term that comes from the French word “loi” meaning “law” as each spirit represents a law of nature or of the human condition.  The lwa are divided into three major nations.  The first is the Rada nation.  These are the original lwa and came from African during the early days of colonization.  The second is the “petro” nation which is comprised of fiery, volatile spirits born…
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The Importance of Dolls in Voodoo

Dolls in Voodoo - James Duvalier

We have all see old black and white movies where the Voodoo priestess filled with rage lifts a rag doll into the air and moving in time to the pounding drums that surround her plunges a needle into the fetish causing her victim, usually miles away, to drop to the floor in agony.  This scene is a work of pure fiction.  While it is possible to cause an enemy physical pain with a Voodoo doll, it requires…
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Marie Laveau Legendary Voodoo Queen – 2 Stories

Marie Laveau Legendary Voodoo Queen Portrait Round

Sometime in the late 1830’s, the son a respected New York businessman committed the brutal crime of raping and murdering a local Creole girl whom he had met at an Octoroon ball, one of those gala affairs where upper class gentlemen would go to meet young multiracial girls whom to take as mistresses.  He had brought her to his hotel suite and repeatedly violated her with pieces of a broken champagne bottle which caused severe bleeding that…
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