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Night Flowers: A Vampire Novel

nighflowersby james BIG

Night Flowers tells the story of Lian Hua, a hundred-year-old jianshi, the vampire figure of Chinese folklore. It is a story of survival and self discovery that spans almost a century from the decadent mansions of Macau and Hong Kong in the 1920’s and 50’s to a small New England town in 1987 where the teenage Liz Young must conqueror her own demons before laying to rest the ruthless bloodsucker that wishes to destroy her.

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It is my goal to use this blog to share this information with you and discuss various psychic and supernatural phenomena as well as traditional magical practices.  I plan to post here several times each week and look forward to receiving your comments and hope you will share your experiences as well.  If you wish to inquire about a reading or any of my products and services, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, you can…
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