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Herbal Baths and Floor Washes


We can make make an herbal mixture to attract wealth, love or cleanse away negativity and provide balance and spiritual strength. The herbs that we will send you can be used as a herbal bath, floor wash or house spray depending on what you are trying to manifest. The combination of herbs is specific to your needs, astrological makeup and the information provided by our spirit guides at the time of preparation.

Voodoo Power Beads

Voodoo Power Beads - James Duvalier

Power beads are based on the West African Yoruban tradition of elekes, sets of colorful beads strung together in ornate patterns, each strand representing a different spirit that has dominion over a certain aspect of nature and the human condition. When you order you own power beads necklace, it will be consecrate at my mother’s altar personally in your name according to your needs and specifications at the time of ordering. Power beads can be blessed to bring luck, love, money, spiritual protection and power. You will receive instructions as well on how to use the power beads to bring phenomenal luck and success into your life!

Gris Gris Bags

Gris Gris Bags - James Duvalier

The gris gris bag is found in several forms of folkloric magic from the American South and similar charms exist in many different African and Afro-Caribbean religions. Gris Gris bags are ornately decorated small pouches filled with various herbs and ingredients that are spiritually charged under the patronage of a certain spirit or saint with the intent of bring about change in a specific area of your life. When you order a gris gris, you tell me about your specific needs-love, marriage, luck in money or gambling-pretty much anything under the sun! I will then perform a reading to determine which ingredients to place into the gris gris and my mother with bless it according to your needs and desired outcome. I will also provide instructions on how to use the charm one it arrives. Let the power of this little bag transform your life!

Consecrated Candles

consecrated candles - james duvalier

Consecrated candles are designed with a specific goal in mind-love, marriage, passion, money, a new job, success in court cases of business deals, spiritual cleansing-the possibilities are truly endless! They can be burned on our altar or shipped via mail.