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The Mother of all Spiritual Cleansings


Today I would like to share something that I have come to call the “The Mother of All Spiritual Cleansings.” It comes from Romania and is deeply rooted in the Orthodox Christian faith that is the predominant religion of Eastern Europe.  I first learned of this cleansing, which is in fact a fast combined with a daily regimen of prayers, from two Romanian women in 2012 who would prefer to remain anonymous but who are devout believers…
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Performing a Spiritual Revocation


We have explored the importance of spiritual cleansings, especially salt water baths, to keep us in a state of spiritual purity and to neutralize the negativity that I have termed “psychic sludge” that can accumulate as a result of the stresses and frustrations of daily life and our interactions with less-than-positive people. Salt water baths are a highly effective means of spiritual cleansing and I recommend that everybody take one once a month as a general rule….
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Spiritual Purification Through Fasting


The liturgical season of Lent is now underway having begun on Ash Wednesday which this year fell of February 10th. It is a time of year when Christians of many denominations are called to examine their conscious, fast, pray and perform acts of charity above and beyond what they would normally do the rest of the year. It is a time of cleansing, atonement and purification of the mind, body and especially soul. It is also a…
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Herbal Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Bath for Lasting Wealth

I have blogged before about the simple salt water bath cleansing which is all honestly should be enough to rid you of all bad luck and negativity, but several people have come to me who feel that their bad luck is persistent over a long period of time and may be effecting other family members and that a simple salt water cleanse in not enough.  I have decided to share a more heavy duty type of cleansing…
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Psychic Sludge: A Common Problem with an Easy Solution


Often times whenever people go through a period of prolonged bad luck or misfortune, their first reaction is to think that they have been cursed or have fallen victim to the evil eye or a malevolent spiritual attachment.  I have seen this time and time again in my 20 years of practice as a Voodoo priest and spiritual worker. I have consulted with several hundred people at least and often the first statement out of their mouth…
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