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Bath for Lasting Wealth

Bath for Lasting Wealth

In the past I have shared money drawing baths on this blog to help draw quick money.  I have developed the following bath to help drawn a steady stream of lasting income into your life.  I have seen people get new jobs or have their businesses become successful after using this bath.   The herbs included are for steady and progressive wealth as opposed to instant money that soon fizzles out.       You will need:  Handful…
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Weight Loss Bath


Today I would like to share the recipe for my Weight Loss Bath. The question occasionally arises in my practice if it is possible to lose weight through Voodoo. This is a difficult question to answer since Voodoo, like most religions and spiritual practices, was developed before dieting and weight loss were a concern for many people. In fact, today in West Africa, Haiti and many other places where traditional African and Afro-Caribbean faiths are practiced it…
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Get My Groove Back Bath

Get My Groove Back Bath Ingredients - James Duvalier

It is also the beginning of spring where I currently live.  The trees are starting to bud, flowers are blooming and the weather is becoming warmer with each passing day.  I am finally feeling energized and renewed after a long gray winter. Yesterday, when I was feeding my spirits and saints I was inspired to perform a ritual to cast off the buildup of stagnant energy that happen during the long winter months and usher in a…
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