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Mediumship Course

Race of Hero Spirits Illustration used in James Duvaliers course offering section Mediumship

The idea of communicating with spirits can be frightening for many people. This is in part due to much misinformation perpetuated by Hollywood and fundamentalist groups regarding communication with the other side. The truth is that spirits are just like us. They lived as we do on Earth and at some point in the future, we will join them on the other side. Based on my experience as a lifelong medium, I have compiled this course to help anyone who wishes to master the practice of mediumship and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with his/her personal spirit guides.

The Spirit Guides of New Orleans Voodoo-Part III-The European Spirits

nuns - glass plate negative

There are very few spirits of European origin served by Voodooists, possibly because the religion itself was originally practiced as a means of cultural survival in a society that looks down upon those who refuse to assimilate.  When European spirits appear in a spiritual pantheon they are usually gypsies or nuns. Gypsy spirits are often served by those who specialize in divination and these individuals often possess astounding clairvoyant abilities.  Their tools of divination, playing cards, sea…
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The Spirit Guides of New Orleans Voodoo-Part II-The African Spirits

High John the Conqueror Root Close-up

It goes without saying that Voodooists in New Orleans serve and work with a huge pantheon of African spirits.  This spirits serve as a link to the mother land and come directly from the ancestral paradise of Guinea, the final resting place of all souls after proper purification and elevation.  The first category is young African women who often lived in a state of slavery in life.  One might petition such a spirit for help in a…
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The Spirit Guides of New Orleans Voodoo: Part I-The Native-Americans

Native American Indians Images

In addition the traditional African and Catholic practices, Voodoo, being true to its syncretic nature, also adopted and incorporated the teachings of 19th century French penseur Allan Kardec into its repertoire of beliefs and practices.  Allan Kardec was the penname of Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail the founder of the doctrine of Spiritism, which is followed by many as a religion.  Kardec taught that after death, souls remain in a state of limbo in which they must work…
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Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

The fact that we live in a society that has traditionally shunned, ridiculed and dismissed psychic phenomena as foolish, backward and ignorant does not help us to cultivate this gift, nevertheless it is there.  Have you ever heard a knock on the door or heard the phone ring and instantly you know who it is?  Have you ever has a dream manifest in real life?  These are examples of psychic perception which most people all too readily…
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