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The Magic of the Holiday Season


The holiday season is truly a time of magic and whimsy as anyone who has seen the Nutcracker or read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will confirm.  The weeks after Thanksgiving leading to New Years are filled with a tangible energy of peace and harmony that often brings out the kind and charitable side of people even amidst a frenzy of materialistic gift buying.  It was not until recently that I’ve realized that on a deeper level,…
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Saint Nicholas


In many countries in Europe, Saint Nicholas’s Day, the 6th of December, is seen as an early Christmas celebration and indeed the kickoff to the Christmas season, much like Thanksgiving Day in the United States. On the night before his feast day, children will lay out their shoes by the front door, next to the fireplace or under their beds and the next morning they will be filled with candies, cookies and small toys after a supposed…
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