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Papa Legba Service

Papa Legba Service - James Duvalier

Papa Legba, the most important Voodoo spirit is the keeper of the crossroads and clearer of paths. He is closely associated with Saint Peter. This service is among the most traditional in New Orleans Voodoo and is meant to clear away obstacles in your life and bring about rapid and positive change in any given matter!

Papa Legba

Saint Peter holding the keys to the kingdom.

Legba is one of the original lwa of the Rada family brought to Haiti during colonial times and subsequently to New Orleans by refugees fleeing the Haitian Revolution.  He is the gate keeper.  The spirit to which one must appeal at the beginning and end of every major Voodoo service to open and close the gates of communication to the spirit world.  Due to his role as gate keeper, Legba is associated with St. Peter of the…
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