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Service to Ogun for a New Job & Money

Service to Ogun - James Duvalier

Ogun is the spirit of work and business in Voodoo and is represented by Saint James the Greater. A service to Ogun is a fast and effective way to secure employment, stop office gossip, crush an enemy and emerge victorious against any opposition. Stop being a victim, take control of your life with the help of Ogun!

Voodoo Service for a New Job

Saint James the Greater

As much as we don’t like to accept it at times, we have to work for a living.  Voodoo has many rituals designed to help in gaining employment.  In fact, there is even a lwa dedicated work and employment-Ogun, who in New Orleans is associated with Saint James the Greater.  This is a popular and very traditional service involving two lwa, Ogun and Erzulie Freda, the goal being to find a job that pays well and where…
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