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New Orleans Voodoo Course

Voodoo Dolls

Louisiana Voodoo is essentially an African spirit religion, having is roots in the ancient Kingdom of Dahomey, which fused with French Catholicism in the New World and later with European and American Spiritualism. Voodoo is practiced today principally in the city of New Orleans and more recently around the world. It is separate from, although shares common roots with, Haitian Voodoo. Voodoo has served for generations as a practice of spiritual empowerment and self-determination among a people long marginalized and oppressed and can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and give you a strong spiritual edge in achieving your goals and desires.

All Souls’ Day

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In Haiti, the celebration is known as Fête Ghédé and the spirits of the Ghédé Nation, the lwa that represent and mock death, and venerated, especially Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte.  In cemeteries, there is often a large cross close to the front gate that is used as an altar to make offerings to Baron and Maman on this particular day, I don’t feel qualified to elaborate on the Haitian practice, since I am not a practitioner…
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Marie Laveau Legendary Voodoo Queen – 2 Stories

Marie Laveau Legendary Voodoo Queen Portrait Round

Sometime in the late 1830’s, the son a respected New York businessman committed the brutal crime of raping and murdering a local Creole girl whom he had met at an Octoroon ball, one of those gala affairs where upper class gentlemen would go to meet young multiracial girls whom to take as mistresses.  He had brought her to his hotel suite and repeatedly violated her with pieces of a broken champagne bottle which caused severe bleeding that…
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Marie Laveau: Voodoo’s Most Famous Queen-Part I

Marie Laveau

The following is an essay I wrote several years, the first installment deals with historical information about Marie of a personal level, especially in her capacity as a social activists, business woman and political figure of her time.  The second installment, to follow, deal with Marie’s involvement in Voodoo.  I believe firmly that without Marie Laveau, Voodoo as we know it would not have survived into the 20th century and beyond.  Without her, I would not be…
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Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos!

James Duvalier Blog - Voodoo Doctor Jamie 2010 Portrait

It is my goal to use this blog to share this information with you and discuss various psychic and supernatural phenomena as well as traditional magical practices.  I plan to post here several times each week and look forward to receiving your comments and hope you will share your experiences as well.  If you wish to inquire about a reading or any of my products and services, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, you can…
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