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Golden Touch Hand Wash

Magic Hand Wash

As the year draws to a close, many people are asking me for rituals to ensure luck and prosperity in the New Year.  I enjoy doing prosperity spells myself this time of year.  Recently I was speaking with my friend Tamás who is a talented eclectic magician and he shared with me a money and luck ritual he’d developed which he calls his “Golden Touch Hand Wash.”  The idea is similar to using floor washes or sprinkling…
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Amish Friendship Bread Money Ritual

Amish Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread has been around for decades, the recipe having made its first appearance on the internet in early 90’s and having been circulated via Xeroxed copy and in hand written form prior to that. Despite the name, this sweet, cake-like quick bread does not have its origins in Amish communities and perhaps derives its name from the similarities it bears with several coffee cakes and sweet breads that are typical of Amish cookery. The Friendship…
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Fish Scale Luck and Money Drawing Spell

Fish Scales Luck and Money Spell

In many Eastern European cultures, fish scales are associated with wealth and abundance and are a common ingredient in many money drawing spells and rituals.  Many spiritually inclined people from western countries do not know this and I only discovered it when I spent time in Romania and began to study their folklore and magic.  The following spell is meant to bring success in business as well as draw money into your life from all possible sources….
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Basic Money Spell

Basic Money Spell - James Duvalier

This is a Basic Money Spell meant to attract wealth from a variety of sources. I have seen people win large sums of money at casinos, get scholarships and one client even received an unexpected inheritance. Tell me a little about your financial goals and let my Voodoo magic work for you!

Lady Luck

Lady Luck Comic

Origins: The origins of Lady Luck are obscured in history.  She is perhaps a modern manifestation of the Roman goddess Fortuna.  Well known in gambling circles, her intercession is often called upon when pulling the lever on a slot machine or tossing dice onto a gaming table.  Starting in the early 1900’s, many products, such as perfumes, colognes and soaps began to appear in Southern Hoodoo circles promising to call down the blessings of Lady Luck.  I…
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