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Maneki Neko Money Magic

Maneki Neko Money Magic - James Duvalier

Maneki Neko, revered throughout the ages, is a magic money drawing cat from Japanese folklore. I am happy to have Maneki Neko working along side my spirits and saints. The service invokes her help in financial matters through offerings of milk, cat nip and cat toys. I have had nothing but success! Order this service and let this little kitty bring wealth into your life!

Lucky Bath Recipe

Lucky Bath Recipe Ingredients

Today, I wanted to share with you a spiritual bath I made recently with a friend of mine for an acquaintance of ours who is having financial difficulty. It is the lucky bath recipe.  The bath is a combination of five powerful money drawing herbs.  Below is the recipe for this bath.  If you decide to give it a try, please share your experience with me! Alex’s Money Bath Orange Peels-In China, the orange is seen as…
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Saint Anthony!

Saint Anthony

Origins: Originally from Portugal.  Anthony lived during the 11th century and travelled throughout Europe preaching as a Franciscan Friar.  He died in Padua, Italy and is therefore known as St. Anthony of Padua.  Devotion of him exists throughout the world and he is seen by his devotees as an all-purpose miracle worker. Places of Veneration: Worldwide.  Very popular in Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Latin America, the Philippines and in Italian-American communities. Offerings: Candles and bread and cakes…
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Spiritual Oil Lamp

Spiritual Oil Lamp

Traditionally, practitioners of Voodoo and Santeria would make oil lamps from wicks suspended in oil held inside small ceramic basins, metal cauldrons, hollowed out coconuts and pumpkins.  Different herbs and other ingredients were also added depending of which saint of spirit was being invoked and the purpose of the oil lamp. This particular spiritual oil lamp was made to invoke the help of Ochun, Our Lady of Charity, to bring luck and financial blessings.  We also made…
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Autumn’s Magical Gourds! + Pumpkin Spells


In Afro-Caribbean magic is represents wealth, abundance, prosperity and love.  In the Lukumi tradition is sacred to the Orisha Ochun who is herself the embodiment of love, sweetness and all that is good and pleasureful in life.  In Eastern Europe there is a commonly held belief that if pumpkins are kept too long, wandering spirits may take up residence and clause them to move about and even bleed by night.  From Ireland comes the tradition of the…
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