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Medium Services


Since an early age, I have had the ability to see and communicate with spirits who are on the other side or trapped between the spiritual world and the physical world. I have even been called to investigate hauntings and poltergeist activity…

Mediumship Course

Race of Hero Spirits Illustration used in James Duvaliers course offering section Mediumship

The idea of communicating with spirits can be frightening for many people. This is in part due to much misinformation perpetuated by Hollywood and fundamentalist groups regarding communication with the other side. The truth is that spirits are just like us. They lived as we do on Earth and at some point in the future, we will join them on the other side. Based on my experience as a lifelong medium, I have compiled this course to help anyone who wishes to master the practice of mediumship and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with his/her personal spirit guides.