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Voodoo Love Magic

James Duvalier's Voodoo Love Magic Book

This book is a collection of love spells and rituals compiled by James Duvalier, a priest of New Orleans style Voodoo. The author provides several simple and highly effective services to attract a new lover, kindle passion in a current partner and even bring about marriage. You will also learn how to…

Marie Laveau Legendary Voodoo Queen – 2 Stories

Marie Laveau Legendary Voodoo Queen Portrait Round

Sometime in the late 1830’s, the son a respected New York businessman committed the brutal crime of raping and murdering a local Creole girl whom he had met at an Octoroon ball, one of those gala affairs where upper class gentlemen would go to meet young multiracial girls whom to take as mistresses.  He had brought her to his hotel suite and repeatedly violated her with pieces of a broken champagne bottle which caused severe bleeding that…
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Marie Laveau: Voodoo’s Most Famous Queen-Part I

Marie Laveau

The following is an essay I wrote several years, the first installment deals with historical information about Marie of a personal level, especially in her capacity as a social activists, business woman and political figure of her time.  The second installment, to follow, deal with Marie’s involvement in Voodoo.  I believe firmly that without Marie Laveau, Voodoo as we know it would not have survived into the 20th century and beyond.  Without her, I would not be…
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