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Love Magic Despacho Dolls

Despacho Love Magic - James Duvalier

Love Magic with Despacho Dolls is an elaborate voodoo ritual performed to bring you the ideal lover or make a specific person burn with love for you. Despachos are a powerful form of magic from the Andes regions of South America. Based on this tradition, I developed the despacho doll several years ago and have had fantastic results.

The Power of Voodoo: The Russian Lover

crossroads sign image

In 2000, I found myself staying in New York for a couple months, the guest of a fiercely intimidating Russian man named Andrei.  A few days after my arrival, I began to wonder about the source of his income.  He never mentioned work, but yet his apartment was filled with antiques, plasma TVs, expensive artwork and the champagne and vodka flowed endlessly every evening.  I was convinced that he was involved in some form of organized crime,…
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New Years Greeting & Love Spell

Three Women Fishing - Hook Your Man Spell

Hook Your Man Spell This ritual has been around since at least the 1920’s and I have seen versions of it in both Southern African-American Hoodoo and several Afro-Caribbean traditions, especially Puerto Rican popular magic.  I have performed it at least three times for clients with great success.  The idea of the spell is to “hook” you man and get him “stuck” and “sweet” on you. Traditionally it has been performed by women on men, but it can…
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Love Magic

James Duvalier's Voodoo Love Magic Book

One of my favorite ways to do love magic is with a hand made oil lamp.  A magic love lamp contains oil, herbs, perfume and any number of other magical ingredients.  Then I place a wick in the oil and thread it through the Queen of Hearts from a deck of playing cards.  I then burn the lamp for several days in front of an image of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Catholic image that represents Erzulie…
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