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Voodoo Love Magic

James Duvalier's Voodoo Love Magic Book

This book is a collection of love spells and rituals compiled by James Duvalier, a priest of New Orleans style Voodoo. The author provides several simple and highly effective services to attract a new lover, kindle passion in a current partner and even bring about marriage. You will also learn how to…

The November Vampires

James Duvalier's November Vampires

James Duvalier’s The November Vampires is filled with passion, sexual desire and supernatural intrigue. It is the story of Nadia Balan and her abusive husband Bogdan who fall victim to a Gypsy curse brought by a former lover returning from the First World War. After a century of loneliness and isolation…

Voodoo Love Magic

James Duvalier's Voodoo Love Magic Book

I love carnival season as it is a time to celebrate and distract oneself from the gray, cold dullness of winter and to have fun before the austere penitential season of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday. I also would like to inform you that I have written a booklet on Hoodoo and Voodoo Love Magic which I will be giving away free this month to anybody who orders one of my services.  The book is also…
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