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We are heading full force into the holiday season which for me has always been one of the most wonderful times of the year, but for many it can also be the most stressful and dare I say depressing periods of the year due to the rampant stress and pressure to create an ideal holiday experience for loved ones not to mention the greed and materialism that is afoot.  Historically speaking, the four weeks before Christmas were…
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Charity Spell

Charity Spell - Treating People with Kindness

Charity Spell Performing acts of charity is a fundamental tenet of Christianity, Islam and many other world religions.  Sharing your resources with others who are less fortunate is an immense blessing that brings us closer to God.  Curiously enough, I have noticed that people who perform acts of charity are often blessed in return with wealth and continuous good luck.  There is a popular tradition in Latin America, which involves dropping a small amount of money into…
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