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Gris Gris Bags

Gris Gris Bags - James Duvalier

The gris gris bag is found in several forms of folkloric magic from the American South and similar charms exist in many different African and Afro-Caribbean religions. Gris Gris bags are ornately decorated small pouches filled with various herbs and ingredients that are spiritually charged under the patronage of a certain spirit or saint with the intent of bring about change in a specific area of your life. When you order a gris gris, you tell me about your specific needs-love, marriage, luck in money or gambling-pretty much anything under the sun! I will then perform a reading to determine which ingredients to place into the gris gris and my mother with bless it according to your needs and desired outcome. I will also provide instructions on how to use the charm one it arrives. Let the power of this little bag transform your life!