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Developing Psychic Abilities Course

Opening the Third Eye - Image of Brow Chakra from Rajasthan India 18th Century

In addition to being a working psychic, I am also spiritual teacher, helping others down the path of spiritual exploration. Over the years, I have been shocked at how much misinformation abounds regarding psychic abilities. So many people have said to me: “I wish I could do what you do,” or “It’s too bad I wasn’t born psychic like you.” The truth is that you are psychic! Every single person on Earth possesses innate psychic abilities, some people just have a naturally more developed gift just like some people are naturally better singers or athletes. I have developed this course first and foremost to help you discover your own psychic gift and also to dispel the belief that only a select few people on Earth are psychic.

Mediumship Course

Race of Hero Spirits Illustration used in James Duvaliers course offering section Mediumship

The idea of communicating with spirits can be frightening for many people. This is in part due to much misinformation perpetuated by Hollywood and fundamentalist groups regarding communication with the other side. The truth is that spirits are just like us. They lived as we do on Earth and at some point in the future, we will join them on the other side. Based on my experience as a lifelong medium, I have compiled this course to help anyone who wishes to master the practice of mediumship and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with his/her personal spirit guides.

New Orleans Voodoo Course

Voodoo Dolls

Louisiana Voodoo is essentially an African spirit religion, having is roots in the ancient Kingdom of Dahomey, which fused with French Catholicism in the New World and later with European and American Spiritualism. Voodoo is practiced today principally in the city of New Orleans and more recently around the world. It is separate from, although shares common roots with, Haitian Voodoo. Voodoo has served for generations as a practice of spiritual empowerment and self-determination among a people long marginalized and oppressed and can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and give you a strong spiritual edge in achieving your goals and desires.