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Spiritual Techniques for Dealing with Negative People

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honey2It has always been my philosophy and practice to emphasize the positive in life and to tackle and move past uncomfortable situations as quickly as possible, but it is an unpleasant reality that in life we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we are forced to temporarily interact with people that make us absolutely miserable.  For example, we might encounter a nasty coworker who makes our job harder by shirking their own responsibilities and forcing us to pick up the slack or spreading workplace gossip about us that paints us in a less than favorable light.  We also may find ourselves forced to put up with certain annoying or downright infuriating people because of their association with people that we love or care about.  The best remedy for these types of situations is to deal with the people in question head on and remove them from our lives as quickly as possible either by changing our circumstances or calling them out on their hateful, offensive, injurious or possibly downright illegal behaviors.  This may not always be possible immediately as there are times in life when perhaps for financial or personal reasons we cannot rock the boat or cause too much upheaval even when it’s warranted, so today I’ve decided to share two spiritual techniques that can provide instant relief when dealing with the troublemakers that we occasionally encounter in life.

This first simple spell I learned in Spain almost twenty years ago.  It was my first year in college, and as part of the program I was attending I had to live with a Spanish family.  In my case, I was assigned to live with an older woman who I found quite disagreeable at times as well as intrusive and judgmental.  One day at the university, I was talking to a woman who worked in the admissions office who was originally from Cuba and familiar with Santeria and Espiritismo and I was telling her about my frustrating living situation.  She asked, “Have you frozen her yet?”  I asked her what she meant and she shared with me a simple yet highly effective spell that has served me and others incredibly well over the years and which I am happy to share with you now.  Whenever you are forced to interact with someone you find less than desirable, simply write his or her name on a piece of paper and place it in the freezer.  That is all.   I have seen this simple spell stop workplace and neighborhood gossip and get otherwise nasty and intrusive people to back off.  You can leave the name in the freezer as long as you feel the person in question is an issue.  Another version of this spell from southern Hoodoo takes the process one step further and involves writing the person’s name on paper and pacing it in water in an ice cube tray or another container, filling it with water and then freezing it into a block of ice.  You then take the ice to a nearby river, stream or the ocean and toss it in.  The idea is that the flowing body of water will take the unpleasant person out of your life and he or she will no longer be your problem.  I would like to clarify that these spells are not meant to harm, injure or cause pain and tragedy to rain down on the person in question, but simply to remove him or her from your path and put an end to whatever trouble he or she is causing.

The second type of spell is a simple honey sweetening.  Sweetenings are popular in southern Hoodoo and we have discussed the honey jar and its uses in love magic.  The following sweetening is milder than a honey jar and is meant to make a person more polite and kind during the period in which you are obligated to interact with him or her and not be drawn to you as a love interest.  Simply take a piece of paper on which you’ve written the person’s name or a photocopied or printed photo of the person and place it on a dish.  Drizzle honey or molasses over the name or photo and light a yellow candle next to the dish.  This simple spell should provide immediate relief and you should notice the person in question being more polite and courteous during your interactions.  The sweetening may be repeated whenever you feel it’s necessary.

Hopefully you will never be in a position where you need to use these spells and by far the best approach to dealing with negative people is to refuse to have them in your life, although this may not always be possible so the two spiritual life hacks we’ve just discussed will come in handy for such unpleasant situations.  Generally speaking, I find that the more we focus on the positive the more nice, helpful people we attract so it’s always important to make good decisions that build us up and empower us in all aspects of our lives and this will naturally limit our interactions with people that hold us back.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!



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