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Performing a Spiritual Revocation

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RevocationWe have explored the importance of spiritual cleansings, especially salt water baths, to keep us in a state of spiritual purity and to neutralize the negativity that I have termed “psychic sludge” that can accumulate as a result of the stresses and frustrations of daily life and our interactions with less-than-positive people. Salt water baths are a highly effective means of spiritual cleansing and I recommend that everybody take one once a month as a general rule. Today I would like to share a different type of spiritual cleansing or rather spiritual defense ritual that can be used when you feel that you are the victim of a spell, curse, unhealthy spiritual attachment or the evil eye. This ritual is known as a revocation and not only does it rid you of the particular spiritual affliction, but it sends it back to its source. Before we discuss how to perform a revocation, I would like to state that being a victim of a curse, hex or having a malicious spirit placed on you is far rarer than most people think. Almost every day, I have people come to me for consultations believing they are cursed. Out of one hundred of such cases, I maybe find one person who has legitimately been cursed. Most of the blockages, setbacks and bad luck that people suffer is due to a buildup of the negativity of day to day life sticking to them. This is easily remedied by a simple salt water bath or by blessing oneself with holy water or Florida Water. A revocation should only be performed when a person knows for a fact that malicious magic has been performed against him or her. There are different forms of revocations from different spiritual traditions. The following was taught to me over twenty years ago by an espiritista and Hoodoo root worker from Massachusetts named India. It has proven highly effective over the years and since then I have learned many similar revocations from various Afro-Caribbean, Mexican and Central American spiritual traditions that vary slightly in procedure yet are still equally effective, but the version I will teach you today was the first that I learned and remains my favorite to this day for its simplicity and efficacy.


Before explaining the actual procedure, I would like to say what a revocation is and what it is not. Many people are hesitant to approach a revocation believing that it is a curse or some type of maleficent magic and that they will incur some form of karmic debt by performing it. I assure you that this is not the case. All a revocation does is remove whatever negativity may have been placed on you and send it back to its source. The person to whom it is returned, may or may not experience some negative effects, but this is based purely on his or her own actions and intentions taken towards you in the first place and is not an act of aggression on your part. Performing a revocation is not tantamount to putting a curse on somebody, but rather simply a way of cleansing, protecting and standing up for yourself and saying that you refuse to be a victim of somebody else’s spiritual attack.


In order to perform the revocation, fill a tall drinking glass with water and place a saucer or small plate on top of it and then invert it. The suction will cause the water to stay inside the upside down glass. Place coffee grounds around the base of the glass and a small taper candle on top. Light the candle and pray silently asking that all the negativity, hexes, curses, spells, the evil eye and spirits placed on you by others be removed and sent back to their source. If you know the name of the person who has performed a working against you, you may mentioned him or her by name. Otherwise just revoke in general all negative magic that may have been done against you. Allow the candle to burn out on its own and then throw the coffee grounds and water out the front door and rebuke with authority all magic done against you. After the ritual is complete, any oppressive energies around you will dissipate and all spiritual attacks will cease. You may wish to take a salt water bath after performing the revocation for further spiritual cleansing and purification and of course pray always for spiritual protection.


I sincerely hope that you never need to perform this revocation, but it is a valuable spiritual tool to have at your disposal. I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and as always I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!




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  • Reg

    can I help someone else to perform the revocation? I am asking because of my mom

    • Yes, you definitely can perform it on behalf of somebody else.


    Must I place a coffee grounds around the plate? Can I use something else?

    • Using coffee grounds was the way I was taught to do it, but you could try omitting them and just use the water in the glass.

  • Start

    Hi James
    How many times can one perform this? I’ve recently done this after reading it here. Things have definitely picked up for good.

    • You only need to really do it once. I would also advise you to prayer the 35th and 91st psalms aloud each day and get some holy water from a church to bless your home and yourself every day. This will offer cleansing and protection and any new spiritual attack and any residuals energies that are purging away as a result of the revocation you did.

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