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Spiritual Oil Lamp

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Spiritual Oil LampPeace be with you my friends!  I hope you are enjoying the month of November and have some fun and relaxing plans for this upcoming holiday season.  The other night, I was in the home of some friends and I decided to make a Voodoo oil lamp, a particular service that I had not performed in quite some time.  Today, in most Afro-Caribbean magical practices, candles are commonly used to invoke saints and spirits.  This however has not always been the case. 

Spiritual oil lamps may be made to invoke any saint or spirit for any purpose.

Spiritual Oil LampTraditionally, practitioners of Voodoo and Santeria would make oil lamps from wicks suspended in oil held inside small ceramic basins, metal cauldrons, hollowed out coconuts and pumpkins.  Different herbs and other ingredients were also added depending of which saint of spirit was being invoked and the purpose of the oil lamp.

This particular spiritual oil lamp was made to invoke the help of Ochun, Our Lady of Charity, to bring luck and financial blessings.  We also made a small offering to Ochun of rum sweetened with honey to thank her for her help.  I can’t speak for the other people, but in my case I have already begun to see Ochun’s powerful energy manifest.  I would like to share with you the instructions for making this particular oil lamp. Spiritual oil lamps may be made to invoke any saint or spirit for any purpose, this is just one example.

Ochun’s Money Drawing Oil Lamp

You will need:
A small hollowed out pumpkin
A cotton wick
Sunflower or Olive Oil
Dried of Fresh Ginger
Mustard Seeds
The seven of diamonds from a deck of playing card
An image of Our Lady of Charity

Place the ginger, basil, mustard seeds and cinnamon inside the hollowed out pumpkin and fill with abundant oil and float the wick on top using the playing card to hold it in place.

Place the lamp in front of the image of Our Lady of Charity, the Catholic manifestation of Ochun, and light the wick.  Pray in your own words and ask that money, good luck and success flow into your life.  Let the lamp burn for at least seven hours or until all of the oil has been consumed.   After this you may dispose of the lamp.

If you decide to try the spell, please share your experience with me or if you are interested in hiring me to make an oil lamp on your behalf, please send me an e-mail.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about this particular service and until next time may your lives be filled with peace, love and abundant blessings.

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  • Tamara

    I’m interested in you making me a money lamp

  • VIE@2016

    Hi James, I have done a lamp couple months back, for Erzulie Dantor. I didn’t have anything holding the cotton wick, so as the oil gets lower… the cotton wick was getting bigger and my fire alarm went wild.

    My question to you about doing a lamp with the instruction above, should I worry about the card burning at any point of the spell?

    • Technically it is possible for the card to catch on fire, but I’ve personally never had it happen and I’ve burn a lot of oil lamps over the years. Whenever you’re working with fire, it’s of course important to take general precautions.

      • VIE@2016

        Thank you 🙂

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