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Spirit Money!

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Peace be with you my friends!  Today I've decided to continue the series of posts on ways to attract luck in the New Year with an article on spirit money or joss paper. 

You can find spirit money at most Asian grocery stores in packs that sell for about 1 or 2 dollars.

In various parts of Asia, most notably China, Taiwan  and Singapore, it is a common practice to burn paper money and gold and silver colored paper as offerings for family members who have crossed over to the other side in order that they may have a comfortable afterlife.  There are three main categories of spirit money the first is cash in the form of colorful bills usually issued in astronomically high denominations.
Spirit Money - 1 Billion Bill

These are meant for recently deceased relatives and unknown spirits who have nobody to pray for them, also known as “hungry ghosts.”  The second is silver leaf paper which is meant for highly revered ancestors and finally gold leaf paper which is meant for Chinese folk gods or the Jade Emperor himself, the supreme ruler of the afterlife.  If a person finds him or herself haunted by an unhappy ghost, the most effective remedy is to burn a package of spirit money to make the spirit happy so it will go away.  People firmly believe that their ancestors will bless them abundantly in this life if they are well cared for in the next.  In recent decades it has even become popular to offer items such as cars, cell phones and mansions made out of papier mache!

In order to understand the belief of offering spirits money to the dear departed, it is necessary to examine traditional Chinese beliefs regarding the afterlife.  Chinese folk religion teaches that people in the afterlife continue living as in this world and doing many of the same activities except on a much grander scale and without any suffering, illness or poverty.  People live in big mansions surrounded my loved ones and feasting on banquets all day. Everybody is a billionaire!  People of Earth can help their loved ones live a more lavish life by ceremoniously burning spirit money and in turn the dead bless them with luck and prosperity on Earth.  These beliefs regarding the afterlife are shockingly similar to those of traditional African religions of which Voodoo is a part.  It is therefore not surprising that many southern Voodooists and Hoodoo doctors have incorporated spirit money into their practices over the past several decades.  In Voodoo it is often burned as in the Chinese practice or the bills are often folded and included in charms or gris gris bags meant to bring luck.

You can find spirit money at most Asian grocery stores in packs that sell for about 1 or 2 dollars.  I recommend you buy some and make an offering to your ancestors and spirit guides and you will be truly amazed at how they bless you in this life!  Every year I burn huge quantities of spirit money for myself and clients at my New Year’s service to bring luck in the following years and I have consistently had amazing results.  If you would like me to make an offering of spirit money on your behalf for good luck or to request a specific favor, please contact me and I will be happy to do so!

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog.  May the Ancestors and all the Saints bless you abundantly!

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