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Honey Jar Hoodoo Magic

Herbal Baths, Herbal Washes - James Duvalier

One of the most common services that is requested of me is the Honey Jar, which is the go to love spell of Southern Hoodoo conjuring. Not only can the honey jar be used in matters of love, it can also be used to improve the attitudes of those with whom we interact in a professional or social context. In fact, people often will use honey jars to “sweeten” unpleasant coworkers or bosses and improve how they…
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Money Drawing Conjure Oil


Today I would like to share with you a recipe for a money drawing conjure oil. Using specially consecrated oils to dress candles and talismans is an important part of many magical traditions. Most people tend to buy such conjure oils previously made and blessed by another spiritual practitioner, however it is extremely simple are arguable more effective to make such magical oils yourself. Below is an example of a simple yet power money drawing oil that…
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Money Spells (Magic)

Money Spells by James Duvalier

Money Spells by James Duvalier is a compilation of simple money drawing spells from diverse and eclectic magical traditions meant to help in specific financial matters and conjure general wealth. The spells contained in this collection are easy to perform and require few ingredients readily available at any grocery store. James Duvalier has compiled this collection in response to the popularity of his previously published title Voodoo Money Magic.

Herbal Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Bath for Lasting Wealth

I have blogged before about the simple salt water bath cleansing which is all honestly should be enough to rid you of all bad luck and negativity, but several people have come to me who feel that their bad luck is persistent over a long period of time and may be effecting other family members and that a simple salt water cleanse in not enough.  I have decided to share a more heavy duty type of cleansing…
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Conjuring Good Luck in the New Year!


As the New Year approaches, we tend to pause and reflect of various goals we wish to accomplish which often involve drawing more luck, money and love into our lives.  These are commonly called New Year’s resolutions.  I would like to share with you a few simple spells, spiritual exercises and even foods you can prepare and eat to help drawn luck into your life.  This year why not back up your resolutions with some strong spiritual…
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