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Potato Doll Weight Loss Spell


Today I would like to share a highly effective spell for weight loss that works on the principal of sympathetic magic.  The name of this spell sounds incredibly funny but it is a fun to perform and highly effective for weight loss.  The use of dolls is a fundamental part of folk magic and sympathetic magic and is a valuable tool for focusing energy.  Dolls for spiritual use can be made out of many materials- cloth, wax,…
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Communication Spell

Candleburning Matthew Bowden Photographer - image shown on love spell entry James Duvalier

Lately, I have found myself giving out the follow communication spell to many people via email and I have decided to share it here today on the blog.  In my experience, it is highly effective and fast working. One of the most frustrating aspects of starting a new relationship, looking for a new job and in fact expecting any news is waiting for the person in question to call you or communicate in some form.  This spell…
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Spiritual Techniques for Dealing with Negative People


It has always been my philosophy and practice to emphasize the positive in life and to tackle and move past uncomfortable situations as quickly as possible, but it is an unpleasant reality that in life we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we are forced to temporarily interact with people that make us absolutely miserable.  For example, we might encounter a nasty coworker who makes our job harder by shirking their own responsibilities and forcing us to…
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Garden Magic


Garden magic has always been a favorite aspect of the craft for me.  Herbs, flowers, roots and plants are used in the magical workings of so many spiritual traditions that any witch or spiritual worker should be versed in gardening.  I also find that the herbs we grow ourselves tend to be more powerful due to the love, care and positive energy we pour into them as we grow and tend them.  In the cold winter months,…
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Golden Touch Hand Wash

Magic Hand Wash

As the year draws to a close, many people are asking me for rituals to ensure luck and prosperity in the New Year.  I enjoy doing prosperity spells myself this time of year.  Recently I was speaking with my friend Tamás who is a talented eclectic magician and he shared with me a money and luck ritual he’d developed which he calls his “Golden Touch Hand Wash.”  The idea is similar to using floor washes or sprinkling…
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