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The Faerie Folk

The Faerie Folk

Years ago I met a woman named Helen who owned a witch shop in a rural Massachusetts town. I used to wander into her shop on any given afternoon, buy a few items and spend hours talking about paranormal and supernatural subjects. Helen’s shop was not a purely commercial venture. She really enjoyed speaking with people and discussing occult and magical themes. One day I asked her how she had come to open the shop. Helen mentioned…
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Gypsy Cleansing and Blessing for Wealth, Luck and Love

James Duvalier Gypsy Blessing

The Gypsy Cleansing and Blessing for Wealth, Luck and Love is a powerful traditional cleansing and blessing. It’s more than a cleansing. In reality, it’s a mild form of exorcism where all that you don’t want is banished from your life. With this ceremony you truly stop being a victim and take charge of your own destiny.

Revenge on an Enemy or Revocation Spell

Revenge on an Enemy or Revocation Spell - James Duvalier

It is a sad fact that there are people in this world who will harm others and feel no remorse for causing all kinds of problems. In such cases, this service may be necessary. This is what is technically called a revocation, since the service takes all of the negativity that surrounds you and sends it back to its source. If there is somebody that has worked negative magic against you or has ruined you life with gossip and lies, order this service to send all that negativity flying back in his or her direction. Simply tell me a little about your situation and my spirits will do the rest.

Love, Strength and Emotional Healing Spell


Sometimes we feel misunderstood or hurt by others and we are unable to get a special person to understand our perspective. The spell for love, strength and emotional healing promotes healing from past and present emotional pain. The energies associated with this 9 day ceremony are so intensely beautiful that you may often experience moments of intense happiness and peace during and after this spiritual work. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring about positive change, emotional healing and invite beautiful love-based energy into your life with this emotional healing spell!

The “Mange MO” Spirit Feast

Mange Mo Spirit Feast Voodoo Food Offerings - James Duvalier

“Mange MO” is an important ritual in Voodoo where a ceremonial feast is prepared and offered to one’s ancestors and spirit guides. This service strengthens your ancestors & spirits and in return they bless you with money, luck, prosperity and all around spiritual empowerment. Recommended before embarking on a long trip, applying for a job, buying a home or getting married.