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How to Request Favors from the Spirit World Step by Step with a Simple Ritual

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Simbi Makaya is associated with Saint ExpediteMy friends and I have recently done a service to call down the lwa Simbi Makaya, who is a spirit of Congolese origin that has dominion over magic and is known to be fiercely protective of his devotees.   He is associated with Saint Expedite.  Simbi is also highly revered in the Makaya sect of northern Haiti whose priests are called bokors and are skilled in divination and spell casting.  During this session, Simbi Makaya appeared in possession and gave his blessing to a drapo, or spiritual flag, that I have previously prepared.  Many people are curious as to how to make a service to the lwa or any spirit.  I have decided to share with you the step by step process of how to serve the lwa in a simple ritual that may be performed by anyone, even the uninitiated.

A step by step process in a simple ritual that may be performed by anyone, even the uninitiated.

The information I am about to give you may be taken as a template on how to serve and request a favor or general blessing from any spiritual entity, not only those of the African diaspora.  The following service would be equally adequate to obtain the favors of the Chinese Quan Yin, the Native-American White Buffalo Woman or the Celtic Brigid as it would those of Papa Legba, Erzulie Freda and Maman Brigitte.  It is a simple and common approach that can be used by people with little or no experience in Voodoo or Hoodoo and just a bit of knowledge on the saint or spirit you are trying to invoke.

First find a space that can serve as a make shift altar.  A table or a cleared space on a countertop would work nicely.  You can make the space as simple or as elaborate as you like.  Knowing what colors are sacred to the spirit or saint in question, you may choose to cover the space with a cloth of that color.  You may also adorn the altar with items sacred to that entity, for example some seashells would be appropriate for La Sirene or a gold necklace for Ochun.  Also, if applicable, you may wish to place an image of that spirit’s Catholic counterpart.  It is possible to do a service to more than one spirit at a time, but make sure to keep their images, sacred items and offerings on separate sections of the altar.

Altar - Simple RitualNext lay out as many or as few offerings as you’d like.  Food offerings are always important and flowers are also a welcome addition to any altar.  You do not need to worry about making live animal blood offerings since this can only be done by an initiated priest or priestess.

Now light a candle and make your petitions.  Your candle should be in the color sacred to the particular spirit.  If in doubt, you may use white, which is universal to all spirits, saints and lwa.  Sit at the altar as long as you want and meditate.  Talk to the saint as you would a friend and ask for his or her blessing and assistance in the matter at hand.  You could ask for a new special person in your life or a marriage proposal from a current partner or the return of a former lover or money and success in business.   Whatever your needs are, explain them to the saint.  To give an extra kick to your service you may decide to make a promise to the saint such as agreeing to perform another service or feeding once your petition is granted or perhaps donate some money to charity.  Whatever you promise, make sure to fulfill it, since what has been given to you can be taken away just as easily.

Leave the altar in place until the candle has burned out and then dispose of your offerings, ideally in a place sacred to that saint, but if you are a city dweller, this is not always possible, so you may dispose of them in the trash after the service is complete.

I would just like to make a quick comment on the purpose of offerings in spiritual work.  The saints and spirit guides to not need food as we do since they have no bodies.  They do have foods and animals that are sacred to them and which when presented to them, they transform into raw spiritual energy and use to make things happen in the physical world.  For example, if you make an offering to Papa Legba of rice, beans, rum and a cigar, he will take up those offerings and use that energy to make your petition manifest in your life.

The service I have just described is very common and many spiritual workers perform it every day.  I am confident that this simple service would be enough to bring about positive change in anyone’s love life.  I invite you to try it with the saint or spirit of your choice and please share your results with me!

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  • Sammie

    Thank you. It helps to know that you are not going to offend any of the Orisha by approaching them incorrectly. 🙂

  • Linda

    Thank you so much! This is very simple and helpful. I have been wanting to make an altar offering/service for papa Legba. I will let you know how it goes.

  • dee

    What do I do with the left over remains of rum, etc…that I gave as an offering to Papa Legba? Do I throw them away?

    • Traditionally we dispose of ritual offering outside in nature, but if you live in an urban setting, you can simply dispose of them in the trash after the ritual is closed.

      • Sheteara

        Hey there.. I have set up an altar for Oshun… When I offer her a jar of honey how long do I leave it there and can I pore it out in the lake I have in the back of my apartment and can I reuse and the jar?

        • When you make an offering, you should live it in place for 24 hours. If it something like flowers you can leave them longer until they start to wilt. Always make sure you taste some of the honey in her presence before you place it on Oshun’s altar. The river is sacred to Oshun, so if you have a river close by you could make the offering there. If not, just use the altar at home and dispose of the honey that has already been offered outside somewhere in nature. The lake you mentioned is fine or even just outside on the ground. You can definitely save the jar and reuse it.

  • tineke been

    hello.and i have a question.what if i offer food?what must i do after the ritual?can i eat it or share with others?meanwhile thanks.

  • It’s customary to leave the food for 24 hours and then dispose of it the next day outside in nature.

    • tineke been

      thank you james.i was wondering do you guys teach?bright blessings

      • Yes, I can design custom courses and teach different aspects of Voodoo.

  • maribel

    I did a petition to ochun. With honey today was day 5 the candle burned out. I placed the honey in a small ziplock bag and tossed in the hudson river since im from nyc and work right by the river. I thanked her for her help and meditated for a few minutes. I was wondering if tossing it in the river was ok?

    • Yes, that is absolutely fine. You can even pour some honey directly into the river along with 5 pennies any time as a simple offering to seek her blessing and protection.

  • Michael

    I was in a botanical shop and noticed, in addition to offering the lwa (spirits) food, they also added money(dollar bills). Is this also customary in Vodou and if so, what do you do with the money after you have placed it on the altar? I tried to ask the staff, however they all spoke in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish. Thanks.

    • Yes, this is definitely customary in Voodoo as well. Some of the money is given to charity, about 10%, and the rest is used to buy future offerings for the saints and lwa and also food and drinks for people who attend future Vodou ceremonies which also function as social gatherings.

  • Mike

    I will be doing a ritual for Simbi Makaya, and it says it has to be a red seven day candle, but i couldnt find any. will a red candle be okay, but am still trying to look for the 7 day candle.

    just in case i find one can i put it out when i leave for work and lite it again when i get back?

    • Yes, any red candle will be fine. I usually leave the candle burning until it goes out on its own. If I leave the house, I put it in the kitchen sink as a safety measure. You could just relight it later, but I find the service works better if the candle is left burning.

  • Mike

    Am new to this, how would you know that the ritual you have done was successful, and if its how long does it take to manifest.

    • There is no way to really pinpoint the timing. Each situation is different, but you will know by how things start to manifest in your life and you may also receive signs in dreams and even in the physical world.

  • Avi

    hi James
    I want to start work with la madama, she came in my dream asking me
    I have no knowledge of how to begin or who she is
    Will you please help me start
    Thank you so much

    • A Madama is a personal spirit guide. They are usually spirits of black women from the American South or the Caribbean islands and you can make offerings to them as you would any spirits. In the Santeria tradition Madamas are often dressed in the colors of the Orisha that owned their head in life. I can see that your mother, is a child of Chango and her colors are red and white. So if you want to buy a madama doll or statue I would make sure that it has these colors. You can give her rum, cigars and bland white foods such as popcorn, flour dumplings, rice and bread which is universal to all spirits. If you’d like to discuss this more please feel free to email me anytime and we can go into greater depth.

      • Keyona

        My boyfriend broke my la Madama when we were fighting what does that mean

        • Keyona

          She was dressed in red white and gold

        • It probably means she doesn’t like him and wanted to make a statement so she guided him to do it. You can simply replace the statue and there’s no harm done. I’ve heard of a similar situations before.

  • jenni

    In voudou, when I’m working with a mambo on my issue. Is it permissible to also request myself ? Or do I allow her to do it all ?

    • I always advise people to pray and make service to the lwa in their own words along with that I do for them. That’s just my personal approach. I’m sure what the mambo does will be effect on its own, but I like people to have spiritual experiences of their own as well. However, I feel it’s important to respect the wishes and advice of the person you’re working with, so I would ask the mambo herself.

  • Starlynx

    Do I need to ask for Papa Legba’s permission before I work with Oshun — or is he just for the Iwa? Papa Legba has very suddenly jumped into my life and this has opened to me a sudden fascination with the African dieties and spirits — esp Papa Legba, who seems to be ever present now. I’m Wiccan by tradition, but I know nothing about how to serve and work with the Iwa or the Orisha. Are there any books you could recommend on this subject? Thanks.

    • I’m not really sure as to how to work with the Orisha according to the traditional rules of Regla de Ocha, but in Voodoo you must go through Legba first, which it’s a simple to request that he open the gate. Similarly when working with the ghede lwa, you must seek the blessing of Baron Samedi. You certainly could invoke Oshun directly and I know this to work, although Santeros regard it as heresy, but I know many wiccan who invoke Oshun and Yamaya and their altars according to their own tradition and it works just fine.

      • starlynx

        Thank you for your above clarification. My work has been going well, and I’m finding Papa Legba and Oshun to be very responsive to my petitions. I’m wondering, though, is it “kosher” to do spell work on a veneration altar, i.e. root work, candle work, poppets, etc.? I’m just a bit confused on how to integrate magical work into the Voodoo tradition, and I don’t want to offend anyone. Thanks.

        • Yes, it is absolutely fine. Remember that the lwa and ancestors are there to help you as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship we have with them and they will bless your workings and infuse them with power.

      • Nicholas AMPORFUL

        A friend of mine stole my laptop,phone and money.please can you help do something that will make him confess and bring my items

        • Write to me at james.duvalier@gmail.com and let me know about the situation and I will see what I can recommend.

          • Gretchen

            Who do i go to for finacial help and a more stable job?

        • Saint Expedite is definitely the way to go for fast money and Ogun can be petitioned in matters of work.

  • Goddess LaSirene

    I’m very new to this James, and I found myself clinging to La Sirene. I have been doing research of the Goddess of Sea and have got a great idea of who she is and what she is about. I’m sure there is much more to be learned about her.

    I would like to welcome La Sirene into my life, that she will walk with me day to day.

    How do I began? Do I simply make a alter for her and ask her of this? Or is there more to it?

    Also, any recommendations you can recommend me to do to make this experience successful?

    • Thank you for being in touch. La Sirene is a beautiful and powerful lwa. If you happen to live near the ocean, you can make an offering to her by placing it directly into the ocean. Popcorn with molasses or caramel syrup is a nice offering. You can make the same offering at home on your altar or sacred space you’ve dedicated to her. When you present it, light a blue or white candle and ask for her blessing and protection. This is a good way to introduce yourself to Madame La Sirene.

  • Symone Ware

    I am in love with a man that doesn’t believe in spirits, a wannabe atheist, will the spirits help me work things out with him anyway? I love very much.

  • Yes, absolutely. His personal beliefs regarding the spirit world make no difference.

  • Symone Ware

    Can you petition for help without an alter?

    • Yes, you can set up a temporary space pretty much anywhere.

  • Symone Ware

    Thank you!

  • Charri Ramos

    I find myself totally fascinated by the lwa. I have been reading books on them and I am in the process of making an alter for Ezurile Freda. I am actually putting in my walk in closet inside my bedroom because it has a door. 1. Is this acceptable as long as the area stays clean and I don’t go in front of her naked. 2. I am also doing an alter for Papa Legba but that will be in my garage. I have my prendas and other religious altars out there. Is this ok or should I do it inside a closed cabinet so that they don’t see each other?
    I am a Palera initiated in Palo Mayombe but I want to learn so bad about Voodoo and Hoodoo. I don’t know anyone that has a house in Miami, FL where I live do you know of anyone that is trustworthy?
    I love anything to do with Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo and 21 Divisions. But its just so hard to find reliable people that are not taking your money and telling you lies. My hopes would to be initiated in Voodoo one day. Will these lwa work with me without initiation? I have so many people that come to see me after they don’t see results when they work with other religious people here. They pay tons of money and nothing happens.
    Also when you do work for another person, should that person be the one making the offerings??
    I know that I asked a lot!!!
    Please give me any pointers.


    • Alekum Salaam! Thank you for being in touch. The altar for Erzulie sounds perfect for the walk in closet and you down need to worry about the lwa and the prendas being in the same room. They come from completely different spiritual traditions and will not clash or interact in a negative way.

      The lwa will absolutely work with you without being initiated. In fact, most people in Haiti are not initiated but just serve the lwa and interact with them to meet their needs. It’s just like you be Catholic without being a priest or Jewish without being a rabbi. Just work with the lwa, provide them with the proper offerings, show them due respect and they will happily work with you. To answer your question about making offerings, it will work either way. You can have the person make the offering or do it on their behalf.

      I don’t really know anybody in Florida in the Vodou/Voodoo community but I know in Fort Lauderdale there is a large Haitian community so there must be some. I used to know people in New York and Boston but I have been living in Europe for 5 years so Im sort of out of the loop. My speciality in New Orleans Voodoo which is a bit different from Haitian Vodou, although they do share the same roots.

      Thank you for stopping my website. I’d love to learn more about Palo and the ritos del congo.


  • Chezzi

    Hi James I’m a newbie to voodoo, I do have a a couple of books on it but they seem a bit deep lol
    I just want to do a simple ritual or spell to attract more money into my life using elements of voodoo, what do you suggest plz ?😊

    • I will send you a copy of my book Voodoo Money Magic. It has many simple rituals meant to attract wealth. 🙂

      • Janie

        I wanted to cast a money Spell for financial abundance. In addition I wanted to include papa legba for assistance and manifestation in my Spell. How should I go about it in the right way without offending anyone..

        • You can make an offering to Legba, a shot glass of rum would be fine and maybe a cigar and ask that he open the path to financial success in your life. This would be a good way to go about it.

  • Chezzi

    Thanks James your a star, I’ve just received your email I’m wanting to do the the voodoo money spell but the part where it mentions about having a cigar along with other items for the altar am I actually burning the cigar or just leaving it be? 😊

    • The traditional way is to light it and blow three puffs of smoke on the altar, but you can just leave it there without lighting it and it will work just fine.

  • Latisha

    I am a newbie to voodoo and I would like to start with simple ritual to attract money could you send me a copy of your book.

    • I just sent it to your email. Enjoy and let me know how the ritual goes 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Dearest Mr James Duvalier,
    Greetings. I am desperately in need of a spell that can bring me money immediately. I have a lot of overdue debts, I am avoiding telephone calls and have actually gone into hiding just to avoid my debtors. Can you please send me a copy of your ” Voodoo money magic ” so that I can see what I can do to remedy my present situation. Can you please tell me who or which Saint or lwa I can petition for financial assistance.
    Mr James Duvalier, I really need advice and more infomations in this field because I am very new to this all. will you be willing to help me along the way?, I do hope so. Elizabeth.

    • Saint Expedite is perfect for situations where you need money quickly. I will send you a copy of Voodoo Money Magic to your email address and it will have all the information you need regarding spiritual work to conjure money.

      • Melissa

        Dear Mr.Duvalier,I tried green devil candle spell with no success.He promised me that he was gonna pay in September 2015.Now he no longer even takes the phone calls.I am in need of urgent money.Does not matter my money back or miracle.I really need a miracle.Thank you for your assistance.

        • I will keep you in my prayers. I would burn a plain green candle each Friday dressed with money oil until your situation improves and I know it inevitably will.

  • Denise

    Salaam james, i have madama , and chango . can i place them on the ground together ? Also santa barbra i have with chango but i dont think i can place her with the african spirits being that she is an catholic version. Am i right , or wrong ?

    • You can definitely place Santa Barbara with Chango because she is his Catholic representation. The madama should be on the boveda since she is technically a muerto and not with the soperas for the saints.

  • Denise

    Are they any special music for madama ? Days of offerings ? Her special day ? How do i invoke her spirit ? I had manifest before but only in the Hindu religion .

    • The are no specific songs for the madamas. Her offerings should be made on Mondays along with the rest of the egun (muertos).

  • I ask the spirit’s for money that need to pay bills but i didnt deserve any the what did i do wrong.

    • Im sure you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just a matter or repeating the rituals and doing continuous prayers. And of course also looking for practical means to make money since the spirits often provide subtle opportunities that we have to look closely for.

      • Keykey

        Ok I need some advice it’s been almost a month since I brought the spirits into my life and I have been giving them offers each week but they haven’t answered any of my petitions. I was told that I would get money in a few days after but nothing is happening how long should I wait? Am confused and concerned I invested a good sum of money to have this work done yet nothing is happening do I continue to give them offers?

        • It depends on what type of spirits your working with, if they are lwa, orishas, misterios, ancestors etc. I would keep the offerings going and remember to light a white candle each Monday for the ancestors. Whoever taught you should not have promised rapid help from the spirit world. It takes time to build a relationship with them. Just as in life you wouldn’t go out of your way for a person you barely know and trust, the same is true of the spirits. I am speaking more about spirit guides or muertos. With the lwa and orishas it’s a totally different type of service and way of approaching them. If you email me a little more about your situation, the type of spirits you’re working with etc, maybe I can offer more concrete advice. No matter what keep the faith, love and serve God, the Ancestors and the Saints and things will improve.

  • Tgirl

    Hello I have done my alter and I have been working with it but I feel like isn’t working can u tell me something that would be able to help me with my alter so it can work better or that I can feel anything thanx so much if u can help

    • Im sure it is working. Spirits and saints always hear us. I would just keep praying at the altar or meditating there daily and it will become easier and things will start to manifest soon.

      • Tgirl

        Hello again can u tell me how can I work with the Spirits Or how can I hear them or feel them or talk to them i see the lights Flickr And I smile weird smells in my home I have had this gife sense I was a kid but I have never work it in to know and can u tell me something to enhanced It have chano ,Yamaya , oshun , la madam and San Lazaro And my 7 cups can u plzz see if u have anything to tell me that can help me

        • I will send you a copy of my book The Medium’s Handbook which has a lot of information about working with spirits. You can also email me any time at james.duvalier@gmail.com with questions.

      • Jas

        I’ve petitioned orishas many times, ochun, ellegua mostly for a while. Sometimes I feel I’m not being heard or my issues are being heard or answered. What other approaches should I take?

        • You could try invoking the help of your own ancestors or St. Expedite. They tend to work much master than the orishas.

          • Jas

            How can I do that?

        • You can light a red candle to St. Expedite and ask for what you want and promise an offering once you receive what you ask for. Some red flowers or pound cake are his traditional offerings.

  • Natalie

    Hi. I’m new to this and I don’t know where to start. I want to petition a reconciliation with my boyfriend as we recently broke up over negative engery people have put on us. I don’t know where to start or who to petition. Please help

    • In these situations, it’s always best to start with a spiritual cleansing to remove all negativity and blockages and start with a clean base. We can discuss the situation more privately via email and explore options.

  • aviblack

    Dear James
    I do not want my doll anymore
    My La madama
    What is best way of disconnecting with her
    Pls advise
    Some say the sea, some say bury it
    What is your advise
    Warm regards

    • Burying the doll or throwing out to sea will work equally well. Whatever you decide, also pray and say that you are letting the Madama go and no longer wish to have ties to her.

  • aviblack

    Will she let go or do bad things
    Every time I stop praying to her something bad happens to me

    • She will leave you alone. She will have no choice. Also pray to Jesus and ask Him to cover you with His blood and protect you and no spirits will be able to harm you.

  • Maribel

    Its been a long time since i petitioned ochu . I dont keep a candle lit all the time but i do light her candles on ocassion. I havent seen much improvement in love. Any advice on a better way to ask ochun for help?

    • If you have a river or stream nearby you could try going and making an offering directly into the water. 5 pennies and some honey is a great offering or some flowers as well. This is the most direct way to petition Ochun and I’ve seen it work well many times.

  • Hugo Luis

    Hi, at first i would like to tell that i feel very good energies from you and its a great work you’ve done here. I love to read your site and the way you talk. One day i would like to buy one of your servives. If you allow me i would like to ask you if you feel any speacial conection between me and some spirit of your vodoo beliefs. I also would like to ask you if i can do or help you in something. I wish that the universe help you in your problems and bring you love, peace and light to your life and your beloved ones.
    I thank you for the time and i ll understand if you cant help.

  • Thank you so much for visiting the site and of leaving such a nice comment. In terms of Voodoo lwa around you, I would have to do a full reading to know for sure, but I do feel Madame La Sirene around you. She has a strong maternal and healing presence.

  • aviblack

    Hi James
    Can you pls tell me about Anaisa Pye
    A root worker recently said his sending her to help me
    Is she safe spirit
    Last time I invoked a spirit La madama she become very pocessive over me and stopped all my relationship
    Will this happen with Anaisa Pye
    Thank you
    Love always Avi

    • Anaisa Pye is one of the misterios from the Dominican Republic and she is a spirit of love and wealth. She is gentle and stable but also protective. She is a good spirit to have working on your behalf. You will not have to worry about her causing and problems in relationships or otherwise for you. One of her favorite offerings is a glass of beer with a drop of perfume in it.

  • Maribel

    Thank you for responding so quick. Is there anything else i can do for live and also wealth? Any suggestions will be helpful. Im new to this so the simpler the better. Blessings to you

    • I will send you a copy of my book Voodoo Money Magic. It has a lot of useful, simple spells that can be done to conjure wealth.

  • Melody

    Hi James,

    I just came across your website because i was reading on how to petition a prayer or giving offerings to papa legba and your site has a good info and you seem very responsive to everyone..

    I have this long distance relationship which i have such a strong feeling towards him- i cant let him go at least just yet…I heard he is cheating but for some reason he came back around slowly but i have no way in knowing if they are still together – while i see some pictures recently that they are in the same venue:-(

    I want him to be more responsive with me and only me….and hopefully he will devote his love for me…

    I heard you have to go through papa legba first

    please let me know what to do


    • Thank you for stopping by! You can start by making a simple offering to Elegba, a shot glass of rum and a cigar are fine and just ask him to remove all obstacles that keep you from having the type of relationship you would like.

  • henry

    Hey I was wondering how can I bring out my spirit to manifest me?? They are always in my dreams showing things that’s gonna happen and it’s always true. So I will like them to manifest me for me to do reading.

    • You can start by making an offering to them each Monday. A candle and a glass of water would be fine and just asking them directly for what you want. Over times your relationship with your spirits will intensify.

      • HENRY

        Okay sounds good so why I had this person tell me I have to get initiated to begin the process to awaken the spirit???? Is that true???

        • It’s not true. At least not in Voodoo or Espiritismo. You can serve the lwa and receive help from them very effectively without being initiated. Maybe they just wanted to sell you an expensive initiation ceremony.

          • Henry

            Yes your right about serving them without initiation but getting manifesting is something different is what I want and that’s why they said I gotta get initiated to wake the spirit up for me to get possessed. For example I go to a voodoo party I can feel my head pounding but nothing happens and that’s why they say I need to wake them up to bring them out

  • I understand. I wouldn’t say initiation is 100% necessary in order to be mounted (possessed) but it certainly makes it easier.

  • Daughter of Oshu

    I made a honey jar as well as lite a candle yellow candle for my mother oshun an play some oshun music from YouTube my candle on the honey jar flame is high an my mother oshun candle flame is dance is this a good sign

    • Yes. This is a very good sign. It means that a lot of energy is being summoned.

  • Daughter of Oshu

    I also have a pink candle for my liver to return an the flames are dancing is that a good sign

  • Keykey

    Well it been over a month and a half since I first started my journey to connect with the spirits I started with a spiritual cleansing done by a voodoo priest that a good friend recommended he came to my home and sit up the alter with my spirits. I could feel them around at first but since the priest left to return to Hati I havent felt anything and my world turned up side down nothing has been going right. I follow all the rule give them offerings ever week but they haven’t answered not one of my request nor his request for me. I question was this the right thing to do how long does it take to see this change for the better? My life is worst now then when I started. The work I had done was very expensive. How can I find out what going on?

    • First of all, I would do monthly cleansings. On the the last day of each month take a salt water bath, this will stop negativity and psychic sludge from building up. Also keep trying to get in touch with whoever did the work for you and tell him what is happening. Vodou and working with spirits is a lifelong process and never should be approached as a quick fix. If not approached with caution, it’s definitely possible to create a huge mess. A month is a short time, in any case, I would continue the offerings for at least three months and most importantly get in touch with the priest who did the work or another trusted Vodouissant in the Haitian community to get some perspective.

      • Key key

        Hello James well it’s been a 3 months since I got some work done to bring me luck and money. Still haven’t reserved any of the promises that the Lwa spirits promised. I was able to get in touch with priest he return to my home and do another ritual and my request to spirits still nothing has happened so what do U think I should do? At this point I have been told there is nothing else he can do. I asked him about removing the alter from my home he said he cannot am last I need some guidance on what I should do now.

        • You definitely can remove the altar from your home at any time. I don’t know why he would have said that. It’s just a matter of dismantling and removing the altar and telling the lwa you no longer require their services. I don’t know why the priest would say that’s not possible. It’s actually quite simple. Next I would bless your home and yourself with some holy water. I would also cut ties with that priest since he doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s doing. Then I would maybe have a lave tet or refresco de cabeza done for unblocking and of course pray specifically for what you want and remember that God is above all spirits, lwa and magic and He has the final word so always bring your needs to Him as well. If you want to contact me via private email and let me know a bit more about the situation, I will see what I can recommend.


    Honeur James,

    Hope you’re having a good week so far. I’ve been really getting into the research of meditation/vodou lately and it’s been on my heart to really go back to my roots. I have no guidance really and I just really didn’t want to advertise to anyone what I want to do since I want it to be between me and the spirits. I don’t want to encounter the wrong or ‘evil’ spirits. I’ve been dreaming almost everyday lately but none I can make sense of or even remember. I wanted to ask Papa Legba to communicate with me but I also have fear of the spirits or the unknown. Is there anyway from my texts you sense anything from me or any advice at all?

    Thank you in advance.

    • I can send that you have a highly developed intuitive sense already which will be helpful in dealing with the spirit world. I’m sure your dreams will start to make more sense soon. Whenever you do anything spirits and in general in life, it’s a good idea to pray to God for protection and also invoke your own ancestors and favorite saints for this purpose as well. This will prevent anything negative from getting in.


        Thank you for your quick reply.

  • Tiff

    Hi james it’s been a long time since we have spoken and I just found this thread and had some questions myself. Mother oshun is a diety that has claimed me as her child. How strong is her protection when it comes to dealing with enemies? Is she a deity that can be petitioned for protection?

    • Hey! It’s nice to hear from you again! Oshun is very protective of her children as are all orishas and she definitely be petitioned for her in matters of protection. You can make and offerings of flowers, a yellow candle and some honey (taste it when you present it to her) and ask for her blessing and protection.

  • noura

    Hi James..a rootworker suggested I need anayia pye(st Anne) to help me in my life.. With money and love…His doing the work, he sent me the yellow cloth, beads etc.. And am waiting for him to give me instructions to seal the spell.. But other night I dreamt of Lubana(snake)is there a connection between the two spirits??Also how long in your opinion does it take for anayia to help you after the sealing .. I really would like your input on this matter as I really enjoy reading your website.. Much love noura

    • Hi Noura,

      Anaisa Pye usually work very quickly, so you should see changes within a month of less. Filomena Lubana and Anaisa are very different entities and are not connected other than the fact that they are both part of the 21 Divisiones, but Lubana may just be calling you on her own. She is associated with Saint Martha, my personal favorite saint. Anaisa’s favorite offering is a glass of beer with a drop of perfume in it. You could offer her this at home on your altar as well.

  • Sasha

    If I want a lwa to help me with revenge on someone for breaking my family apart who will work more quickly la siren or erzulie dantor ?

    • For the situation you describe, I would definitely go with Erzulie Dantor.

  • noura

    Dearest James,happy Easter x
    Is it ok for me to step an alter for both st.marha(to return my boyfriend)and for st.anne(anaisya pye(for money,love)
    Or do you think it’s best not to do together as if heard Anayis pye might get jealous ?

    • You can definitely petition them both at the same time. I would just make separate offerings to them and keep then in separate locations either as two different altars or just in different spaces on your main altar. Happy Easter!

  • Sasha

    When working with a mambo what’s a good time frame to wait for things to start happening before seeking help from a different mambo on the situation ?

  • Lungi

    Hi, I’m separated with my wife for about one year and three months now. Please advise which spirit will be best to give an offering than ask for a blessing to bring back my wife, since I have tried praying by nothing happens. Basically I’m looking for effective spell or ritual to help me bring my wife. Your advise will be highly appreciated, I’m real desperate.

    • You could petition Anaisa Pye or your own personal ancestors. Those would be good options.

      • Lungi

        If I may ask, how do I petition Anaisa Pye, and how long it will take to for my wish to be granted??

  • Christina

    Intresred in the religion , wanna know how do I go about inviting Anaise in my home & life. I currently have a yellow cAndle lit since earlier today , candle had been burning very dim I put a lil Rosemary oil into it. Any advise I have no clue what I’m
    Doing or wat to do.

    • It sounds like you are off to a good start. You could by an image of Saint Anne to keep in your home as well and make an offering to Anaisa in front of it. This would be a good formal introduction to her and place you under her protection.

      • Christina

        Thank u , thank you! I did a nice offering with beer , gold bracelets , I gave her an orange , perfume, and flowers. I’m
        Intrested in learning about the religion. And petition means ? Also wats gd spells I can do using her… I have many questions I feel like I don’t know wat I’m doing. Lastly , cnt find any photo of Anisa alone she comes on a picture as st. Anne

        • The offering sounds amazing and beautiful. There are so many spells you can do with Anaisa. That you can request of her is pretty much limitless.

  • Feri

    Hi James,I am very interested in working with st.anne/anaisya pye to return bf and in general to have her energy around me
    Can I just say her prayer everyday or do I need to light her a candle and make offerings to her??
    Also how long do you advise to give to see if she responds
    I really enjoy your website and appreciate your feedback

    • Saying her prayer should be enough. I would give it a good three months to see if she grants your request. It’s usually much faster, but three months is usually the recommend wait time to see if anything manifests. You don’t have to make any offerings now, although you certainly can to reinforce your petition. Once she grants what you ask, I would definitely thank her with an offering. Some yellow flowers or a glass of beer of some perfume would be good offerings.

  • Feri

    Thank you for that..then I don’t need to petition st Martha?
    I noticed ppl saying st Martha is good for returning bf.. By what you say anaisya pye can do all of that?
    Bring I money /love and create good energy around you.
    Unfortunately before i made offering to a spirit who became process ice over me and she created a bad energy around me that no one wanted me around even my family
    Many tnx for your valuable input James x

    • You definitely can petition St. Martha along with Anaisa Pye. It wouldn’t hurt anything, but Anaisa is capable of helping on her own as is Saint Martha. So it’s just a matter of personal choice.

      • Timing depends on a variety of factors so I can’t really comment on that but to petition Anaisa just make her an offering of a glass of beer or some yellow flower in front of an image of Saint Anne and ask for what you want.

  • Feri

    Dearest James,
    Can I do a 9 day prayer for st Martha as opposed to 9 weeks?
    Will that work?
    Also what is a good hour to pray,light a candle to a saint
    Thank you

    • Yes, you can definitely pray over the course of 9 days instead of or even while praying the 9 weeks novena. I’ve done that and it works just fine. You can pray at any time that suit your schedule. There’s no set time.

  • Matibel

    Anisa sounds like ochun. Are they one and the same?

    • They have some of the same qualities but they are definitely different entities from different spiritual traditions.

  • Godsway

    Am seriously in need of. Money avoiding calls from people ..please what saint can be of help and how do i go about the alta

    • Saint Expedite is definitely the way to go for fast money.

      • Godsway

        Thanks how do i put saint expedite into use

        • You can light a red candle him and ask for what you want and when it is granted offer him a piece of pound cake or red flowers as a thank you offering.

  • Feri

    Dearest James I finished my 9 days prayer to st marha yesterday .. And last night I dreamt of white snake hanging on wall then there were other few snakes.. What do you think this means ??Is it good sign?Xxx

    • That is definitely a good sign. In dreams snakes are a sigh of bad luck being cleansed away and blockages being removed.

  • J

    Hello james my madrina is a palera/Santeria/espiritismo she deals with many muertos/eggun she told me just last October that i was born palo and my santo is obatala and guardian and she told me i walk with spirits as well but she really hasn’t spoke too me since. Im interested in too what i can do or should do in this situation. Im kinda lost ive been contacting her but she seems too not want too interact or just very buisy i do have a madama i created myself and negra Francisca and negro Francisco that i bought just recently but i remember her telling me not too buy any santos or orishas because they will be delivered chipped is this true please help thank you james.

    • I’m about buying santos through the mail from a distance. Normally they have to be given within your own casa de santo from your madrina/padrino. If you feel like your madrina isn’t giving you enough time your attention, you should probably switch to another house. It’s her job to be a spiritual parents and give you guidance and support.

      • J

        thank you james is homosexuality a big no no in espiritismo ive heard stories of homosexuals that do practice and are just as strong or even stronger than some in the palo/Santeria/voodoo/espiritismo what if some spirits are homosexual i get paranoid and thats what i think why my madrina doesnt speak too me but if that being the case why would she tell me i walk with obatala and i have several spirits in the religion i dont get it and how can i enter into another house in nervous about that james please help can you feel my vibrations and tell me if the madamas/congos walk with me. Thank you

        • Homosexuality is not expressly prohibited in Santeria, Espiritismo or Voodoo. The only rule I’ve ever heard regarding gay people not being able to practice a traditional African religion is in regards to Palo Mayombe, but in recent years this is being set aside, rightfully so. Traditionally there has been a lot of homophobia in Cuban and Haitian cultures but it doesn’t come from Vodou or Santeria. I definitely see a madama around you and Congo spirits. Also there is a lot of 21 Divisiones Misterios from the Dominican Republic around you.

          • freida humanz

            It is not about homophobia, maybe you should stop commenting on religions you are not apart of

          • I agree. I am not a santero nor a palero and have not undergone the asiento and I can only offer information I have heard from secondary sources when it comes to Ocha and Palo which admittedly is not complete as with any initiatory religion much is known (or should be) only to insiders and you are right, I should stick to my own personal tradition and life experience and will do so.

            Thank you for your comments.

  • CG

    Hello James,

    On monday night(last night) after 0:15 I went to the woods with a bag of offerings and summoned Papa Legba at a crossroad. I said Papa Legba open the gates for me, Papa Legba open the gates so I may pass through over and over but nothing happend. I waited for half an hour but nothing happened. Then when I came home, I decided to set up an altar with offerings. I sat in front of the altar and said Papa Legba open the gates for me etcetra for hours.. Still nothing happened. Before I went to sleep I said a prayer and talked to Papa Legba asking him to please appear in my dreams and perhaps tell me what he would want as offerings the next time. I didn’t sleep well, i was restless constantly waking up in between dreams. And i had these weird vivid dreams. This was the first time me doing something like this, I have no exprience with voodoo or magic. Does this mean Papa Legba does not acknowledge me? Or that he doesn’t want anything to do with me? Or did I do something wrong?

    • You did everything right and it sounds like Legba was definitely round you if you sleep was light and dream were vivid. The lwa often work in subtle ways especially in the beginning and it takes time to build up to something dramatic happening in terms of manifestation if it ever does. We know the lwa are working based on changes effected in our lived and not necessarily through supernatural visions.

  • Question21

    What happens if I petition Oshun and Im Christian.

  • Question21

    Do I need to go through steps and an I use orange candle

    • Yes, you absolutely can. Shades of orange and definitely her color.

  • scj

    What kind of offering s should I give Oshun and do I place Honey in the water to sweeten it. I’ve read that she had many paths and some say that yellow reminds her of when she was poor. What If I petition her one time and make offering, is this offensive.

    • You can put the honey directly on a plate or in a small dish before presenting it to Ochun. Just be sure to taste a bit of the honey in her presence, that is really the only rule. Ochun has 5 paths, but I’ve never heard about yellow being associated with poverty in regards to Ochun. You can also offer her sweet pastries, yellow roses or wild flowers of any color.

  • Roman

    Dear James,

    By “coincidence” I came upon your website..
    I’m totally new at this. I made a small altar for Ochun yesterday. I used oranges, cinnamon, cinnamonsticks, cloves, a yellow candle, 5 copper pennies, 3 shells and ofcourse her favorite Honey.
    The reason I’m trying to make contact with her is because of my fertility issues.
    Doctors say they cant help me. It makes me sad thinking being forever childless.
    My questions are how can a make a river offer to her and is better to petition Ellequa at the same time doing this the first time to open the path?
    – if so what can I offer Ellequa?
    – the peacock feather is also one of Ochun favorites (I fancy them too) but hearing that they can also attract negative energy/spirits because of the Eye I’m scared .. What do you say About the peacock feather?
    – what else can I do for her to grant my wish(es)?

    Thank U in advance

    • For matters of fertility, I would advise working with Yemaya, but since you asked about Ochun, the set up you described for an altar sounds perfect. You can offer honey and flowers directly into the river, but just make sure you taste the honey before putting it in the water. As for the peacock feather, it is perfectly fine. In fact, in Turkish culture, the eye actually wards off bad luck and negative spirits so you can definitely have peacock feathers in your home.

      • Roman

        Thank u so much for the reply Daniël.

        In fact Reading About Yemaya I can find more of my self in her.
        Is it possible to work with both?
        The altar for Oshun is in my bedroom.
        Can I make one for Yemaya in the livingroom?
        What do I offer her? What is your advice?

        And The question About Ellequa can I offer him something at the river knowing he is also important and a friend of Oshun?

        • Yes, it is absolutely possible to work with both. You can make the altar any where you’d like and it’s even fine for them to share the same altar, just different spaces on it. You can offer Yemaya molasses, flowers and pastries. Her colors are blue and white.

        • CG


          James is right about the eye. I am Turkish and in our culture we believe the eye stands for protection to keep envy, negativity and bad energy away. I made an altar again this week for papa legba and I used a white tray with the eye on it to offer turkish coffee and desert.

          I love the fact that you know so much James! Even about the Turkish culture =)! And that you respond so quickly and guide people true the procces. You are amazing <3!

      • Thank you so much for your comment. I definitely have to go to Turkey one day!

        • CG

          You’re so welcome James =)!
          I would definitely recommend you to go to Turkey. You will love the food & the hospitality, I promise =).

  • Roman

    I mean James! My apology

  • CG

    James, So I have been doing tons of reasearch still about Papa Legba. But I came across a website that has detailed information about a crossroads ritual.. The person says you go to the crossroads 9 nights in a row and practice a talent you want to have and on the 9th night “The man in black” will appear, teach you the talent and you’ll have it. But some say the man in black is Papa Legba, others say it’s a demon or the devil. And something about cutting your nails untill they bleed :o. And that you have to serve this “man in black” for 7 years. So my question is, who is this man in black? If it is good of bad? Or is this ritual just a conspiracy?

    • I wouldn’t advise doing this. It’s not Voodoo and the “man” who shows up is not Papa Legba. It’s actually more of a Southern Hoodoo ritual that many jazz singers and entertainers did during the 1920’s to ensure success in their careers, but it comes with a lot of baggage and a dark downside.

      • CG

        I had a feeling that it was bad news. And you have just confirmed it. Thank you again James for enlightening me =).

  • Lillian Han

    Hello Mr. Duvalier:

    Do you do reconciliation work?

    Thank you,

  • Paris

    I need help and fast. Which loa would I petition to for gainful and lasting employment?

    • I would do a combination service to Ogun and Erzulie Freda. Ogun will help get the job and Erzulie will make it well paying and have good benefits.

  • Cassandra

    Hello I was wondering if I could put more than one orisha on the same altar or will they become possessive over there own space? (Santeria) and also is Papa legba loving or not one to make deals with? I prayed to him once to open gates for me do that I can talk to mambo dantor and thongs got scary but my wish was granted.

    • The only orishas that cannot be side by side are Yemaya and Oya. All the others are fine. You can make deals with Papa Legba he is generous and helpful, but as with any lwa make sure you give him what you’ve promised.

    • freida humanz

      It doesnt matter because the saint statues are not the real orishas received in spirit pots during real rituals

  • kim

    Hey I am having fertility problems what do u suggest I do I know I need to go to oshun but I don’t know wat exactly to do can u help me

    • Along with taking the practical steps of working with a fertility specialist, I would also invoke Yemaya since she is the orisha associated with fertility and motherhood. If you live by the ocean, I would put 7 pennies, a bouquet of flowers and some molasses directly into the water and make your request. If you don’t live near the ocean, you could over her some type of pastry or cake at home along with a blue candle and some flowers and make your request. I would leave the offering in place for 24 hours before disposing of it ideally outside somewhere in nature.

  • Chrys

    Saludos I just found your site … loving it, you give off great energy!
    I would like to know who do you see around me?
    Just trying to male sure I’m on the right path
    Thanks in advance 👋

    • Thank you for being in touch. I would have to do a formal reading to see what types of spirits are around you, but I do feel overall that you have positive energy and generally speaking are on the right path.

  • Nikki

    Hello james,
    I have a question since it seems you are good at reading allies through simple communication. I am a witch tho haven’t practiced in many years and never practiced voudou. Halloween night 2015 I was stricken with severe life long illnesses. After months of testing and medication I am very slowly healing but I came to the realization and believe someone else has done this to me and Im pretty sure I know who. I started talking to the spirits, Reading trying to figure out who is my spirit allie and asking for help and guidenence. Every morning for a week I awoke with the name papa legba and I would wake up at exactly 11:11 everyday (later found out 3,11,21 are his numbers) and looking back in hind sight it seems he has been trying to communicate with me for 10+ years. 3 weeks ago I built an alter to papa and have been doing rituals, offerings and finding out all I can about papa. I’m fortunate to live right next to a Crossroad’s and do offerings there as well. I am wanting to know if YOU feel I am child of papa? Or am I barking up the wrong tree so to speak. I’ve read he can cure any illness and I constantly petition him to open the door to health. I also read he is the finder of lost objects and he has found several things for me in the last few weeks so I’m pretty sure I am his child and he is my met tet but I know very little of voudou

    • Thank you for being in touch. I know I’m just going to give you the confirmation of what you already know. You are definitely a child of Lebba and have received the unique and special blessing of being called by him directly. I would continue the offerings and ask for his blessings and for whatever you’d like to manifest in your life.

  • allismyth

    Hello Mr. Duvalier:

    How does your spellcasting work if the supplicant doesn’t believe in God, or is of Deist leaning?

    • In theory it would still work since I would be the one doing the work on behalf of somebody else. Generally speaking, the more faith we have in something the more effort we put into it and the greater results we receive. This is true even in non spiritual matters.

  • What color candles can I light up for Erzili Dantor, the Black Madonna to ask for help?

  • Yahaira

    Hi James…
    I have recently been told that I am the “daughter” of Anaisa Pye. What does that mean exactly? I grew up around this but in the recent months have grown very curious about the religion. what offerings can I make to Anaisa Pye?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Yahaira,

      Anaisa Pye is a “misterio” or spirit of the 21 Divisiones, which is a religion from the Dominican Republic similar to Haitian Vodou, although there are differences. Anaisa is a spirit of sensuality and money and can bring many blessings. Being her “daughter” means that you are under her special protection and patronage. She is usually represented by a statue or image of Saint Anne. Anaisa likes yellow flowers, cakes, beer and perfume among other offerings. One of her favorite offerings is a glass of beer with a drop of perfume added directly to it.

      • Yahaira

        Thank you James I am Dominican so I know a little about the 21 Divisiones.

  • Matibel

    How would I know whos child am I? I have always thought to be child of ochun and have always had an altar for her.

    Is there anything i can do to welcome true love and blessings into my life.

    • You should go to a santero or babalawo and have a ceremony done to find out who your orisha is. In voodoo any Hougan or Mambo can do a reading to determine your lwa met tet. You can continue to serve Ochun to bring love and blessings into your life.

      • freida humanz

        not true, you can only know your head spirit during initiation, however these priests can tell you who is in your spiritual court, and perhaps who we suspect it may be

  • WritesEther

    Blessings to you James as you have responded to almost every post even answering the question over again. Although I found answers within this thread my question is due to lack of privacy in my home I can only have an altar in my bedroom and walk in closet. In my bedroom I have a set up for Legba near the door. I have a working altar in my closet. I began to create a space for Erzuli Freda. I just had her veve with a request. I closed the veve and intend on leaving it at a crossroad. I only have pink cloth in the space but I feel more compelled to work with Dantor. Can I cleanse my altar, end the short relationship with Freda and replace her with Dantor being they have bad blood with each other? I just feel closer to Dantor and wish to work with her. Thanks…

    • Yes, that is absolutely fine. The lwa work as long as you make the propper offerings and when you stop it’s over. Of course, if you’ve made any promises to a lwa or saint it’s important to keep them, but other than that, you are not obligated to continue working with them.

  • Isaac

    Hello James, please I’m very new to your site.. Please I want to start calling saints for help.. Please can you guide me.. .and currently I have issues with my girlfriend. .i need it resolved this week. .please I need help from your saints. ..to get her back safe. ..and I’m ready to offers a gifts to the helpful saints.. Thank you.

    • Hi Isaac,

      Thank you for stopping by. Just follow the instructions outlined in this blog post to create your own ceremony. I’m sure any saint or lwa would be happy to help you. Madame La Sirene would be a good choice since she can bring stability to your relationship.

  • Dina

    Hello James,
    I was reading the article asking with all the comments. Today a psychic started a five day prayer ritual to Oshun. Me and my boyfriend separated 3 weeks back and he has blocked me everywhere. She told me he is really mad and the sweetening spell will help me. I will be going back to school in 1 month. He and I go to the same school. Do you think the sweetening spell will help and help me to gwt him back. I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Sweetenings are often used in situations like these but I really can’t comment on the process of another spiritual worker or the efficacy of his or her work. I do wish you much luck and success with the situation.

  • Tokunbo

    Hi James,

    I am learning about Osun and feel connected to her. I once offerred lots of copper coins to her in a river in Dublin a couple of months back. My property business finally started making headway until recently when I started having terrible issues, fell into the hands of crooks and have lost so much money, I am heading towards debt again. Don’t know if it is related. I want to offer honey to yeye Osun and was wondering if Thursday is a good day to do this. Do you feel anything in relation to me. I have been told that there is a formidable woman behind me but do not know what this means.

    • Thank you for your comment. The formidable woman could be a reference to your personal spirit guide or even to Oshun herself if she is your guiding Orisha. Making an offering to Oshun would be a good way to go about reestablishing financial security in your life. Friday is the traditional day to work with Oshun, although it can be done any day with success. You can pour some honey directly into the river, but just be sure to taste some first in her presence.

  • Airi

    Dear James,

    I love your site, it’s very helpful indeed. One question: What do I do with the altar, if I want to stop working with a lwa? Do I have to bury everything that is on the altar or can I reuse items for other saints/spirits? And can I simply remove the altar’s items and state that I don’t need the lwa’s services anymore and want to stop working with them, or would that make them angry? I’m feeling bad energies around me, they are messing with my sleep, I think. I definitely need some rearrangement when it comes to my ritual space.

    • Hi Airi,

      Thank you for being in touch. You can simply disassemble the altar and use the statues, images and other items however you want. If you have made any promises to the lwa, it’s important to keep them, but other than that, you can just dismantle the altar and stop serving the lwa and they will leave you in peace. You may want to bless your home with holy water to clear the energy and spiritually clean your space.

  • Jessica

    Hi James, what do you recommend in bringing back an ex lover? He’s back in my life but very distant I want to take over his control .I want him thinking about me 24/7 and being nice to me. I would like for him to actually tell me that he wants to see me.. Any advise? I’ve been praying to oshun and I don’t know what else to do

    • Oshun is a very good place to start. I would also recommend invoking Chango since he is a spirit of passion and is certainly capable of lighting a fire under your ex lover and getting him to take action in terms of officially coming back to you.

  • Jessica

    How do I invoke chango? Any specifics?

    • You can just make an offering and present it in front of an image of Saint Barbara along with a red candle and make your petition. Some cornmeal boiled with okra is a good offering. So is red wine and apples.

  • YPG

    Good afternoon James,

    I’ve had a statue of San Lazaro for many years that was given to me by my mother. I have put a glass of water along with a Cuban cigar across the top of the glass, coins along with a white or yellow candle. How ever I stopped doing this for a while for no apparent reason.
    A month ago I was told that I am the daughter of Anaisa Pye. So I bought a statue of her (St. Anne) and one of San Miguel being that they “work” together. I have set up an alter with a red candle for San Miguel and a yellow candle for Anaisa along with a glass of beer with perfume in it, a cigarette wich I blow smoke around her and yellow flowers.
    In the same alter I have San Lazaro and also a small statue of El divino niño Jesus. But I have no candle for San Lazaro or his glass with the cigar.
    My question is… Can I have all of these saints together in the same alter?

    Also I have been asking Anaisa to help me get a job that I applied and interviewed for and so far it seems like they are going to hire me but they are waiting for approval from the boss and the process is taking too long. The candles burn quickly and from what I’ve been told if they burn quickly it means that what ever I asked for will work quickly… But it’s been 2 weeks and nothing yet!
    What else can I offer Anaisa and San Miguel to get a call back?

    Thank you.

    • You can keep them all on the same altar. They are actually from different traditions. San Lazaro or Babalu Aye is from Cuban Santeria and Anaisa is from the Dominican 21 Divisiones. They will not clash.

      You could give Aniasa some perfume or beer as offerings and ask for her help in moving things along in terms of your petition.

      • YPG

        Thank you

  • I would like to make an offering to La Sirene, do I have to first give an offering to Legba? Or do I just simply ask him to open the gate?

    • If you are doing the ritual at home, I would make a small offering to Legba and ask him to open the gate. Some candy, rum, a cigar, a sweet potato are all goods offerings and then present your offerings to La Sirene and ask Legba to close the gate. If you make the offering directly into the ocean, you can just make the offering to La Sirene since that is her domain.

      • noway

        Thanks! Making an offering to her at the sea today.

  • kim

    Hey two questions I’m not from a country that know alot about these things well atleast I don’t know anyone but can you tell me who’s daughter am I and by chance is there a way to manifest a spirit manually to use them to help some one

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for being in touch. I could tell you who your met-tet is, but it would require a reading. My initial feeling based on the energy I feel now is that it is Erzulie Freda, but I would advise going to somebody for a reading to confirm just to be sure. As for your Orisha in Ocha, you would have to go to a Babalawo or Oriate to find out. Fron what I understand, it’s a very complicated ritual to determine your Orisha and Santeria or Ocha is not my area of expertise.

      As for working with spirits, yes, this is a fundamental part of Vodou and other spiritual traditions, but it takes time and knowledge passed down from spiritual elders to build a relationship with your personal guides and to set them to work for you. It’s also incredibly important to honor your own ancestors before other spirits.

  • Vee Vee

    Hey James, I’ve been feeling connected to Oshun for a few years now and am not sure if I am a child of hers. The more I learn about her I notice our similarities and feel as if she wants me to praise her. I have always had unhealthy relationships or a hard time finding/keeping a job. I would like to begin making offerings to Oshun and would appreciate any additional advice on how and where to start,

    • Thank you for your comment! Voodoo is my main tradition and I’m not a santero so to find out if you are a child of Ochun I would advise you to go to a bablawo or an oriate and they can do a ceremony to find out for sure. In the meantime, you can definitely begin to serve her. It’s as simple as creating a space for her on your home altar, or better yet, you can make offerings directly into a river or stream which is Ochun’s sacred space. Honey is her favorite offering and you could place some in a saucer on your altar or drizzle some directly into a river. Always be sure you taste some in her presence before placing it as an offering. Flowers are also a great offering for Ochun. He feast day is September 8th, which is coming up, so that would be the perfect time to make a service to her.

      • Number1lady

        Should the offerings for Ochun be left at the river on the river bank or thrown directly into the water??
        … and what about an Oil lamp made out of a pumpkin, is it left at or thrown in the river??


        • Thank you for your question!

          Both are acceptable. I usually put the offerings directly into the water. In the case of honey, you should taste some before pouring it into the river.

          When I make a pumpkin oil lamp, I usually just dispose of it at home after it’s finished burning.

          • Number1lady

            Oh ok thanks!

  • Nicole McNeil

    Hi James, I live in a small apartment and created an altar in my living room and I don’t like it out in the open. I want to create a smaller altar in my bedroom but I was told not too. Any suggestions?

    • Traditionally the bedroom is not the best place to build an altar, but if it’s really the only option, then it should be fine. If you have a closet you could build it in their so that the spirits and saints have a private space.

  • Angel Izes

    I’m living with a relative and I was wanting to know would it be good to have an alter in their home? They do know that I am a practitioner. Please advise

    • As long as they’re okay with it and it wouldn’t cause any drama, I would do it. It’s definitely a good thing.

      • Angel Izes

        Thank you! Peace and blessings!

  • Deborreh Williams

    Hello James I reason got a reading from physic and she told me that some jealous people who was jealous of family has cursed me from a baby so right I am deal with papa Legba what advice can you give me pertaining to my situation? please reply soon. Thank You

    • I would follow the advice of whoever read for you and invoke Papa Legba as instructed. You can also pray to St. Michael and ask for protection against all curses and witchcraft done against you.

  • Juan Guzman

    if am not a practitioner and. Botanica told me to do something to cleanse me and i did what was asked….. How do i show favor in my home without having a gigaintic alter? Is there a picture, or some thing i could put in place as the showing respect….

    • It’s absolutely possible. You definitely done need a huge altar. You can just buy an image of the saint or spirit that helped you and keep it in a discrete spot in your home. You could light a candle in front of it from time to time if you need to make further requests as well.

      • Juan Guzman

        Thank u

      • Juan Guzman

        If theres no botanica close to me to get the picture from can i print it and use that?

        • Yes, you can definitely print it from online. It will work just fine!

  • Juan Guzman

    If there isn’t a botanica near my home to get the picture from, can I print a picture of the deity and light a candle to show appreciation?

  • Mason

    Hello James thanks for this site it is very informative and helpful. I am a child of Ezili Danto she has come through for me in several situations very quickly. I am however having trouble with finances and I know that she is not one to bring riches. Is there another force that I can call on who specializes in financial abundance that would not be in conflict with mama Danto? Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoying the website. For finances you could work with St. Expedite or Papa Legba. Both are good options and would not conflict with Erzulie Dantor.

      • Mason

        Thank you!

  • Juan Guzman

    Is it a specific candle color i should use

    • It depends. Certain saints/spirits are associated with different colors, but you can use white for any saint or spirits as it’s universal.

      • Juan Guzman


        • Red, black or white are fine for Ellegua. Usually his 7 Day candles are half black half red.

      • Juan Guzman

        Does it have to be set up in a certain place in the house for elegua? Do i have to burn the candle all day?

        • It can be anywhere. Traditionally the actual Elegua that is given by your padrino is placed next to the front door, but since it’s just an image you can place it anywhere. When you light a candle it’s best to let it burn out on its own. If you are concerned about the burn time, you can just buy smaller candles that will burn out in a shorter period of time.

  • Mason

    Hi James, I’m finding it difficult to find specific information on Danto such as when to present her with Coffee, is this done for a specific reason, when to use wine in a ritual and why, and how to use the dagger. Are you able to shine some light on this or perhaps direct me to a book or other in depth information? Thanks so much!

    • You can simply serve her any time you’d like to see her protection or help in a particular situation. There is no set day to service a particular lwa unless you have undergone a mariaj lwa and you have promised to set aside a certain night of the week for that particular lwa, but this is rare with Danto. The use of the dagger in her service is more prevalent in Haitian Vodou and I can’t really speak with authority on this since I’m not an hougan, but rather a priest of New Orleans Voodoo. I would recommend the book “Tell me Horse” by Zora Neale Hurston. It’s was published in the 1930’s but still contain much valuable information of Haitian Vodou and Jamaican Obeah and is a classic that I feel anybody interested in Afro-Caribbean religions should read.

      • Mason

        Thank you so much for this information

  • Octavio Lopez

    Hi James, im having a hard time to find information on asking the lwas for forgiveness or finding out if they are mad. i recently made a promise to Anaisa Pye and i didnt keep it. how can i make it where i can make amends with her and fix my relationship with her. i spoke aloud a promise i didnt do any specific ritual or anything to evoke her. i simply spoke aloud. what could i do? thank you

    • It’s just a matter of fulfilling the promise you made or making a small offering. You could offer Anaisa some flowers or a glass of beer with a drop of perfume in it. That will be enough.

      • Octavio Lopez

        I wont be able to fulfill the promise so i would have to make her the offering. How do we make offerings to Anaisa? I have access to alot of botanicas so getting the required tools isnt a problem. Again thank you so much

      • You can just place the offering in front of her image or on your altar or really anywhere in your home and just verbally say that you are presenting the offering to her. It’s not complicated at all.

        • Octavio Lopez

          awesome thank you james!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi I been having trouble with my relationship so I went to a boutanica and spoke to a lady a few times had a reading done and also she did a job for me and gave me the candle of oschun I put the jar she made for me infront of the candle and said the prayer on the back and asked for what I needed. Am I doing this right? And it’s for 5 days?

    • Yes, that sounds right. I would do it exactly as she instructed.

  • Nholmes

    I’ve been working with oshun for almost 3 years in regards with my current relationship/ or now past relationship partner, after I had a dream of a yellow oshun candle will sleeping at my now ex boyfriends house 2 years ago, in the dream the candle was floating over us and I heard a voice say you must buy me and burn me, then the candle lit and burned a bright yellow flame and I felt at peace, I purchased the candle the same day went home and burned it. But me and my partner, now ex have grew further and further apart, it’s like he just pulled away from me and decided to live his life for himself, to the point where I don’t even know who he is anymore, I’ve cried endlessly this pass year because I still love him and I know he still loves me, he says he still loves me but he needs time to figure things out. I’ve still continued to burn my oshun candles and even started working with chango, because I really feel something or someone is trying to pull us apart, and I feel completely defeated, I feel like just giving up. Just last week I had a dream that I was in a store a the lady told me I need to buy 3 red candles and a yellow candle, I went to my botanica and told the worker about my dream and she said that represents chango and oshun and burn them together. I did, and the same day both candles went out, we get in a argument, and he acts like he doesn’t care and nothing bothers him. I don’t know what to do at this point, I feel defeated, I feel confused, I’ve prayed endlessly, asked for clear communication and understanding between us, and it doesn’t seem to get better, its been 3 years, 1 good one, 1 with ups and down, n now 1 where I feel like I lost my best friend. If you can help me or assist me and let me know what all this means can you please reply. Should I stop with the candles or should I listen to my dreams n continue to do what they tell me to do? I’m so lost at this point.

    • Thank you for being in touch and I’m sorry your going through such a stressful situation. Based on how you describe the situation, it sounds like he needs a spiritual cleansing in order for the work you’re doing to have a bigger impact. I would recommend burning an uncrossing (desenvolvimiento) candle followed by a Santa Clara next to a photo of him or a piece of paper with his name and date of birth written on it and then resume your normal candle burning. You could also go to a local spiritual worker that you trust from whatever tradition you practice and have then do a service on your behalf.

      • Nholmes

        Hi James I got both the candles you suggested and did what you told me to do the next day, the candles burned straight thru and left no residue. I’m burning a pull pull candle now in hopes that it would pull us closer together.

        • Thank you for letting me know. I’m sure the candle you’re burning is a good idea and it’s important to follow your instinct when doing spiritual work.

  • Labelle2016

    I am a non initiated believer, but i feel in my heart I need to do an offering form PapaLegba. For lots of reason I cannot do it at home, but I have a very busy crossroad not far from me. Can you suggest any small offering that would please PapaLegba?

    Thanks 🙂

    • You could leave a cigar, a few pieces of candy, some mashed yams or even just spill some rum at the crossroads and make your petition to Papa Legba. That would work fine.

      • Labelle2016

        Thank you for the reply, you are a blessing,

      • Aly Anz

        Can you please tell us how can we see Papa Legba? Does he only come in dreams or has anyone see him? Many thanks if you guide me .

        • He usually comes in dreams and you can tell he is around by the changes that he creates in your life. It is possible to actually see him and any lwa especially if you have highly developed psychic abilities but this is rare.

        • Petty Duncan

          I saw him in the spirit I have different roads of Elegba The Royal Prince Warrior Ashe Ashe Ashe

  • Labelle2016

    I recently find out my ex husband have bound me in a jar or a bottle with a demon seating on it. I have been divorce for almost 10 years, i just thought my life gotten worst since i got married, but never tied the divorced to it. ( I knew he hated me, but divorced mean we move on… )I am hoping I can do a small crossroad offering to ask papa legba to open doors for me to find the money to proceed with the service. Or do you think i should just tell him everything and ask for all his help with everything?

    Thank you!

    • Yes, I would make the offering to Legba but also put the photo of your ex husband in a small box long with 9 pennies and, 9 pepper corns, 9 small red pepper and the tips of 9 matches and bury the box in a cemetery and ask Maman Brigitte to neutralize and remove the witchraft your ex husband has done. It will work.

      • Labelle2016

        Thank you so much!

  • john

    hi james

    i was wondering if i could control somebody and make them utter words to certain people with this?

    also how long would it take to see the effects if i was to do this whether i used this spell or from elsewhere?


    • Technically it would be possible, but there are probably faster, easier and more effective ways to manifest what you want.

      • john

        thanks again

        • You can write to me at james.duvalier@gmail.com and explain the particulars of the situation, if you’d like, and maybe I can offer more concrete advice based on your situation.

  • Rhythm Sanchez

    Are you a specialist that can remove negativity from the harshest black magic? If not will you refer me to one. My mother in law is victimizing a lot of innocent people.

  • Jamie

    I pray to a couple of spirits and have a couple altars. Is it okay to ask the same petition? Or different petitions, different spirit?

    • That’s fine as long as they’re all working towards a common goal. You could even have them working of different aspects of the same situation.

  • Mason

    Hello James I am continuing to serve Mama Danto. I have heard people speak of sacred words to use in order to reach higher levels of her power, how can one learn of these words as they seem to only be passed down within strict circles? Thank you.

    • They are passed down within Vodou houses during the various levels of initiation. My tradition is New Orleans Voodoo in which the rituals differ from Haitian Vodou so I would talk to a Haitian initiate for more details.

  • Hi James , I am so glad to have found your website, thanks for helping us all! I am new to this and wanted to work with as well as petition Papa Legba. But I have been seeing that I need his veve and some type of ritual to do so. But I haven’t seen you say do anythings like this with any spirits including his. So do I need his veve to call on him for help with something or to work with him. Or what exactly does a newbie need to do? Thanks in advance.

    • You only really need veves in major, communal services. They are traced on the ground and offerings and candles are placed on them. You may however choose to use them on your private altar in conducting rituals and petitioning the lwa, but it’s just a matter of preference. In the case of Papa Legba, you could also use an image or statue of St. Peter and that would be sufficient. I’m glad you are enjoying the website and thank you for commenting!

      • Thank you! So is it really as simple as writing a petition for help and stating your request for to Papa Legba, I set up an alter for him and give offerings on Mondays. How do I know he is here with me when I am petitioning as I am not a psychic or a seer. Also do I give him offerings during the petition and another offering if he decides to help.I don’t mean to bombard you with questions but really want to do this right, Thank you again!

        • You will know by how he begins to manifest things in your life. Also dreams are common when working with any lwa.

  • Francesca

    I have a question. I was told to make an offering of a pumpkin and candle to Oshun at a river. However, I’ve never done something like this and I wanted to know if the offering is left at the side of the river or is it placed to go inside the river?

    • Either way will work. I usually place it at the edge of the river just touching the water. It’s really a matter of just seeing which spot you feel drawn to when you go to make the offering.

  • Elizabeth Oleg

    Hi I was thinking maybe you can tell me what to do as a novice.

    • Sure, just let me know a little about what you’d like to accomplish through a ritual or spell and I can make a recommendation. Please write to me at james.duvalier@gmail.com and we can discuss further.

  • disqus_Ja1rGfR48Z

    Hello…I just emailed you requesting some advice regarding my petition to oshun. Hope to hear back as I am so distraught.

    • I just emailed you back 🙂

      • disqus_Ja1rGfR48Z

        Thank you for the quick response. ☺

      • kelly stowe

        I have been trying to summon Papa Legba. How can I be sure he has answered me?

        • It’s just a matter of waiting to see how he manifests things in your life. You will know.

  • jean henry

    hello can you please give me so advice about a petition to Ogun and also what to do to invoke him so my wish can be granted asap

    • You can offer Ogun some rum and a cigar by placing it in front of his image or on his veve. You could also give him some roasted yams or black eyed peas. Just present the offerings and make your request and then dispose of the offerings after 24 hours.

  • Radha

    I am very drawn to La Madama.I have been told by her her name is ******. I love her very much but I can’t leave food out because of my cats. Can I leave wrapped candy or do you have any suggestions? I don’t ask for things except for her love and protection.

    • Hi Radha!

      You can leave your Madama shot glasses of rum, cigars, candy or anything you’d like that you feel your cats won’t get into. Also, don’t tell people the name of your Madama, it’s something private between you and her. I’ve edited your comment so as not to show her name. 🙂

      • Radha

        Thank you so much for telling me about the name, I didn’t know.

        • You’re welcome! Thank you for commenting and checking out the blog!

  • Kral Vltavin

    So you shouldn’t tell anyone about the iwa you work With?

    • It’s perfectly fine to discuss the lwa you work with, it’s just the names of your personal spirit guides that you should keep private.

  • Cassandra

    Hi. I am writing in an effort to seek advice on a matter. I recently made an alter an offering and asked for my deepest desire regarding love. I also made a promise which will be fulfilled upon completion of my request. My question is should I just continue life as I had been before while thanking the one I made the request to or shall I continue to ask daily. I felt her presence and feel as if my wish will be fulfilled.
    Thanks in advance

    • Thank you for your comment. Presenting the petition once is enough and then offering that once you received what you’ve requested. Of course, if you want to talk with the saint or spirit your working with daily, that’s fine as well and it definitely will not hurt anything. If anything, it will strengthen the bond you have.

  • Babygirl

    Hi James, I’m new to this but my question is, I’ve been with my man friend for over 4 years and I would like to be married. He’s been divorced for over 5 years and his ex wife lives in another state but lately she has been texting and calling him and wanting him back. He tells me that he wants to marry me and that he’ll never go back to her but he’s entertaining her messages. What would be your suggestions to put an end to that situation. Who would I work with and give me step by step instructions on how to get started.

    • You can start by writing her name on a piece of paper and sticking it in the freezer. This is a simple and highly effective way to get somebody to stay out of your business. I’ve used it many times with bosses and supervisors and nosy coworkers with great success. If you find you need something stronger, please email me at james.duvalier@gmail.com and we can discuss other workings you might try.

      • Imesha

        Hi James is there a certain amount of time you are suppose to write the persons name to place in the freezer.

        • You can just leave it in there until they stop gossiping of causing trouble or until the situation had changed enough that it doesn’t matter. Then you can just dispose of it.

          • vanisha V

            Interesting blog. I have a question, how many time I have to write the name on the paper and can the paper be any colors? Thank you

          • Glad you enjoyed the blog. You can write the name just once and plain white paper is fine.

          • vanisha V

            Thank you

  • Nholmes

    Hi James I had 2 questions I wanted to ask you, my grandmother passed away in January, ever since then I’ve been finding feathers randomly in my path through out the past few months, and they all seem to be about the same color, can you tell me what that means? Also the night before last I had a dream I was at my grandmother’s house, it was night time and I went outside in the backyard and looked up in the sky and there was a bright pink moon, as I turned I saw another and another and another, I saw a total of 6 moons, they were all different colors, and big and bright, I remember seeing pink, white, light blue, orange, green, and red. Some other strange things occurred in my dream as well, but this stuck in my mind….if you have any incite as to what this means can you please reach out to me. Thank you.

    • I’m note sure about the dream. Dream interpretation isn’t one of my areas of expertise, but the feathers are definitely a sign from the spirit world. I see this all the time. I’m sure it’s your grandmother letting you know that she is around and watching over you.

  • Nholmes

    Thank you ❤

  • Chris

    I Love your blog James! awesome info! I had 2 questions, 1) how do the lwa/orisha feel about homosexual requests? for example if I was asking oshun and shango to help me get my (also male) partner back, do either of them, or any of the lwa/orisha care about sexuality?

    #2) apart from dreams what other kind of signs can you get that the lwa/orisha are working on your request? I have an altar to oshun and talk to her as i would a friend and leave offerings every day, I asked her to send me a sign that the work is working but want to be aware as to what to look for.

    Thanks so much for any info and again, great blog!!

    • Hi Chris.

      I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying the blog. In terms of sexual orientation, the lwa have absolutely no opinion or bias whatsoever. They will do what you ask as long as you provide proper offerings and serve according to traditional methods, they will work on your request.

      Other signs besides dreams that might manifest are seeing or hearing certain word or number patterns repeatedly and also the situation starting to sort out in terms of how you’ve requested.

      • Chris

        thanks James, how would I know which number patterns to look out for?

        • There are no exact number patterns to look out for. Each situation is different and you will just notice the same combination of words, number or images again and again in different places.

  • michael andy

    hello James ive been looking for someone like you for a very long time am so glad ive found you. Thanks for the help you’ve rendered to everyone here really appreciated. i wish to know the right thing to do to keep my finances better,steady and progressive,im an electronics/electrical tech guy i was born with the gift and im rated the best in my state and out, ive realizes that when im financially down and i complain within myself within couple of hours maybe a day or two max jobs would just start coming in,costumers will be calling to pay old debts etc,often a stranger will work towards me or maybe knock on my door asking for food or assistant and immediately i render the help my finance will just reboot these has been happening for more than 20yrs now, do i have a spirit im suppose to appease or do anything for a steady financial flow and to be outstanding in my tech work. i feel there’s something im not doing that’s why the spirit is giving and taking from me,im told if i do the right thing ill excel, please i need your assistance. thanks

  • Clee

    Love your blog. So helpful to beginners like me. I just made an offering to oshun to help me with my relationship currently broken up. I believe he loves me as much as I love him but have not been able to be consistently in a good place. So I’m wondering if it’s ok to change original placement of offering (candle, flowers, etc). I have dogs and limited to where I can place it.

  • Alicia

    Hey James. I love your blog by the way. I wanted to ask you if you know of a good book on building Orisha Altars? Thank you for being so open to helping others. We do appreciate it.

    • Hi, Alicia! I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the blog. I’m not part of the Ocha tradition, I’m a Voodoo priest not a santero, so I can’t really offer advice on how to work with the orisha. I would try to seek out people in the Ocha tradition and ask for their input and guidance.

      • Alicia

        Oh I understand. Well, thank you James. I love your blog. I will take your advice. Thank you for your help.

  • Kat Bel Timoun Haiti

    How can I serve Oshun? She came to me already!

    • You can start in a simple way by offerings her some honey that you taste in her presence and light a yellow candle for her. Just ask that you be placed under her guidance and protection.

  • Kat Bel Timoun Haiti

    I made a bath last night n i believed she entered my body, i need her to come back n i her help, how do I serve her? Oshun☺

  • Nholmes

    Hi does the freezer spell work if your trying to move up within a company and one of your managers is trying to hold you back?

    • Yes. It will “freeze” the person in question from doing anything that could hold you back.

  • Nholmes

    And another question I had is are honey jar spells effective? My local botanica the guy told me they don’t work, and that’s old fashion, another person told me it works it just takes a long time, but I’ve had a honey jar spell going to for about 2 years, and the situation seems the same…once you make one should you just put it up n away or should you occasionally burn candles on it or warm it up?

    • They absolutely do work. It’s a southern hoodoo tradition. It’s true that they take a long time but once they are in place they are strong and long lasting. I find that adding sugar to the jar in addition to honey makes it work faster.

      • Nholmes

        Thank you, so should I just put it up in a safe place, or should I be occasionally working It? Like with candles? Or warming it?

        • I would keep it in a safe place or on your altar if you have one and just take it down when you feel the need to do candle work.

  • WildChild

    Hello. I have been consulted by a caballo with Lubana (St.Martha) she says I am her friend and loves me. Lately my caballo I go to has been tooo busy, me and my boyfriend have been broken up for about 2 months. I want to return him back and want him to want me back sexually how can I do this with St. martha? I also am daughter of Anaisa Pye. I need something steong because he wont get back with me 🙁 but he loves me

    • I would just do the 9 Tuesdays of St. Martha (Los nueve martes de Santa Marta) and ask for what you want with faith and trust. It will happen.

      • WildChild

        Hey James! Thank you. How does that work do I light 9 candles? I was never clear on that? Or do I turn on same candle every Tuesday and say the prayer and leave on for a little. How does this work. I have the prayer but it is never clear?

        • You light one candle each Tuesday and say the prayer. Allow it to burn out on its own. I use small white taper candles that will burn out in a few hours.

          • WildChild

            You are awesome!!!! Thank you!!!! What do I give her in return. Do I use a picture of Lubana aswell? Last question about St. martha.

          • I just use the image of St. Martha with the dragon, but you can use the African Santa Marta as well. You can offer her some black coffee or flowers. Those are good offerings.

          • Reina Indomable

            I want to talk to you in private can I

          • Yes. You can email me any time at james.duvalier@gmail.com.

          • Reina Indomable

            Thank you

          • You’re welcome!

  • WildChild

    I have a best friend who dates this girl causes him problems and physically abuses him and he is tied up by her and as per the revelations Told to me. She has him locked up sometimes for no reason she lies and says he puts her up but it’s not true he is a very nice guy what can I do to separate them forever and he says he does not know why he’s with her and he has completely changed and I need something to help me separate them forever

    • I would go to a botanica and buy any general break up for separation candle. That would be enough to get things going in the right direction.

      • WildChild

        ANY Saint that can help me?

        • Just pick what saint you feel drawn to. St. Expedite is know for fast results, St. Jude for difficult cases and of course I love St. Martha for absolutely anything.

  • O-Man Vidal

    Do I dispose of all offerings once the candle burns out? Keys, coins, etc? Or only perishables ?

    • You only really need to dispose of perishables. Anything else can pretty much remain there indefinitely.

  • Steph

    Hi! I realized that my life is not how it should be. I am beautiful, educated etc. But I can’t find or keep a man, and I can’t find any real job. So I asked someone who is a mambo , if she could find out what s going on. Because I ve been praying and fasting for a real job and a man, and nothing worked. I’m always broke. Always! So the mambo told me that my ex husband did something. But she can fix it. I paid her (well in installments) and purchased things she needed for a bath. It s been since August. Shouldn’t it be working by Now?

    • I agree there should be signs of improvement by now. I would also take a bath is some salt water and read the 91st and 35th psalms each day for 9 days. This will help as well to get things going in the right direction. If you’d like to discuss your situation is more detail, please email me any time at james.duvalier@gmail.com

  • Fil

    I came across your blog today and I have a quick question, I would love to ask for help to get my ex back…she is the love of my life and I have read that the saints don’t have a bias of sexual orientation seeing how I too am female. How would I go about doing so?

    Your help in this matter would be much appreciated as again I’m in utter in over heels in love with her.

    • Thank you for reaching out. I’ve already replied to your email. We can discuss the situation more in private via email.

  • Mishira Sewell

    I read below and saw a response from Kat Bel that had me intrigued bc I want learn how to evoke her spirit as well. So far I have spoken to her twice and offered her some offerings. I did not expect to see or feel anything form her. At the time I just wanted to show my sincerity and apologize for some of my decisions made in my life. But now I would like to learn more about getting to know Oshun. There are other things that have been plaguing me as well. And I would like to email you if I could.

  • Blessme

    hell there.
    I went to a botanica and recieveda limpia with some candles to light. One was elegua. I continued and continued. I also decided to use crystal as healing and just to attract the good. I recently had a dream about oshun, it came out fo nowhere.I went back to botanica and i was given a candle to light and beads to wear. Can that be a sign that oshun was reaching out to me? did elegua open up the doors for me to connect with her? also can oshun help with positivy,money, success, as well? thanks

    • It very well could be a sign. I would go to a santero or somebody in Ocha or Ifa for a reading. Vodou is my tradition, but orishas definitely to present themselves in dreams.

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