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Saints Martha and Expedite!

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Peace be with you my friends!  I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about two of my favorite saints, St. Expedite and St. Martha.

Two Very Powerful Saints

I have blogged quite a bit about St. Expedite before, but I just figured I would mention him again since today is Wednesday, the day that is sacred to him.  According to legend, Expeditus was a soldier in the Roman army who converted to Christianity and was martyred around 300 AD during the reign of the emperor Diocletian.  A demon in the form of a crow appeared to him and tried to get him to put off his conversion, but Expeditus rebuked the crow and said that he would convert today!  For this reason, he is the saint you go to when you are in need of speedy results.  He is also know to bless his devotees financially.  In Haiti he is associated with the African spirit Baron LaLwa and in New Orleans Voodoo he is related to Baron Samedi, the owner of the cemetery, although most people, myself included, venerate him strictly as a Christian saint.

Saint Expedite, Photograph by Poussin, JeanIn my home, I have a special altar to St. Expedite where I leave a cigarette and a little shot of brandy or rum every Wednesday and ask him to watch over me and bless me with abundance.  I don’t smoke so one pack of cigarettes lasts for months!  Whenever you invoke St. Expedite with a specific favor, it is customary to make a promise which you must fulfill when your request is granted.  I will often promise him some red flowers and Sara Lee pound cake, his favorite treat!  I also make a donation to a church or charity in his name and spread his name around to people whenever possible.  Some people even publish a thank you note in a local newspaper, although this is much more common with St. Jude.

Saint Martha as depicted ina 15th century manuscriptSt. Martha has been my special patron saint for years and wherever I go in the world I always carry her icon with me.  Martha appears in the bible as the sister of St. Lazarus, whom Jesus rose from the dead and also of Mary of Bethany.  She received Jesus into her home and served him while he preached.  According to legend, after Jesus’s death and resurrection, she traveled to France with Mary Magdalene and Lazarus to preach the Gospel.  Today there is a shrine in southern France where her relics supposedly rest.  There is a tradition called the 9 Tuesdays of St. Martha.  It is a novena said on 9 consecutive Tuesdays rather than 9 days in a row.  Each Tuesday you light a candle or an oil lamp in front of her image and make a request.  When you request is granted, it is customary to give her some flowers and make a donation to a church or charity in her name.  I have received many blessings from this powerful saint not to mention the warm and protective presence that emanates from her icon.

If you would like to make a service to St. Expedite or St. Martha, please let me know and I can share with you some prayers for these saints and provide step by step instructions on how to perform the service or I will even perform it for you, if you’d like.  I hope you enjoyed learning about these powerful and fabulous saints who I consider the rockstars of the spirit world and I hope you try your own service to one or both of them soon.  Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and may the ancestors and saints bless you abundantly!

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  • Xao

    Hi! I came across your website in need of help!
    I am petitioning a personal request( a difficult situation) with St. Martha but am not sure how to do this right.
    I need the correct instructions and her 9 days Novena.
    Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

  • I am petitioning a personal request with St. Martha but am not sure if im doing it right.
    I need the correct instructions and her 9 days Novena.
    I will appreciate your advise.
    Thank you!

    • the_doctor

      You just simply light a candle to St. Martha each Tuesday for 9 weeks in a row, recite the prayer and make your petition. Please let me know how it goes. If you need any other guidance, please emails me anytime at james.duvalier@gmail.com

  • shell


    I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. she is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing and it scared her and she left. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving please let me get the apartment that I recently applied for. I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever.
    Thank you

  • Colette

    I am obviously in need of some divine help or I would not have found your page, I have heard of St Martha and have prayed to her for help a few times in my life, I know that once I ask for help it will be given. I have never heard of St Expedite and I would like to know of his prayers and how they are to be said. The problem I am seeking help for is something beyond what I can do myself to they are my only recourse. I will do some research on my own but I would appreciate your kind help with this, Thank you and God Bless.

    • Thank you for stopping my by blog. There are many prayers that can be said or St. Expedite. You can do a google search and Im sure you will find many novenas in his honor. Any on these would be fine to use or you can simply pray in your own words are present your petition to Expedite. His traditional day is Wednesday but of course you can pray to him at any time and he will hear you.

  • Please help me in my difficulties please pray for me.amen

  • hi
    That’s a nice post.Thank you for sharing.

  • Dee

    Hello James, I just started working with St. Martha. I had a dream of a pink snake. I woke up from the dream and I had to laugh. Guess her way of telling me she is working on my wishes. Thanks for your beautiful site.

  • vishal

    o dear st.Martha please intercede for me in my direst need that i want get free from my wife who cheated on me and my family and lodged false case of dowry and domestic violence.
    also pray for me o dear st.Martha that may our lord jesus grant his own peace in my family.



  • Rita

    I am in financial difficulties. And i need quick money or else i will drown. Debts and debts and debts. They keep coming in. I am frightened. I need a huge lumpsum of money to clear all debts as some of that money is children’s education fees. Please pray from to both saints as i pray as well. Many thanks.

    • I will keep you in my prayers. May God, Saint Martha and Saint Expedite bless you with wealth and good health!

  • melissa

    Dear Mr. Duvalier,
    After I found your website and feeling your close assistance, I have been reading the rest of the blog.
    I started keeping a dream journal. I heard in my dream someone calling out the name / can be me/someone else mentioning a signifacant Saint Martyr. But I do not recall the rest. I just remember two words Saint + Martyr .This happened on the 6th of May.
    PS: I prayed to St. Expedite beginning of May.

    • Interesting. Saint Expedite is definitely a martyr so that would make sense.

  • Tahilee DaDiva Brown

    I would like to know more so about how to alter setup for both saints and what I could use saint Martha for

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s not complicated at all setting up an altar for a saint. It’s not like in Vodou or Santeria where the altars need to be set up in a very specific and ritualistic way. Simply place the image of the saint, you can also lay out a nice white table cloth if you’d like, and just light the candle and ask for what you need. St. Martha can be petitioned for absolutely anything.

      • Tahilee DaDiva Brown

        Thank you so much for your fast response! I’m new to this kind for stuff so please forgive me. However I heard saint Martha I not someone I wanna play around with..I have an ex boyfriend who left me because I think someone worked on us to break up…anyway long story short he and I still love each other but I need him to leave those other grls alone and as far as the person who crossed theirs nuts on me i want to suffer…what do u suggest and I’m not talking about harm but they need to fall back..lease help me thank you so much in advane

        • Saint Martha is very gentle and kind and you don’t need to worry about anything negative happening as a result of working with her. As for the people in question, you can do a revocation on them. There is a post on my blog that explains how to do it!

      • Tahilee DaDiva Brown

        Hello James it’s me again!! It’s now Friday I did the ritual on the Wednesday as I said I seen subtle signs here and there so I gave saint expedite couple coins and some flowers as like a “you can trust me”gift however I don’t see the water moving and I don’t see any other signs or movements…I’m wondering if I did anything wrong oh and I must say there’s a lot of wax residue on the glass as well please help me James thanks in advance

        • You’re doing everything right. I would just continue to wait it out and I know the changes will continue to manifest. A lot of the time things happen in stages and the are early changes you’ve noticed are a good sign. I would just continue lighting a small candle to him each Wednesday and making your request until you get what you ask for and of course make a thanksgiving offering once you receive what you’ve asked for.

          • Tahilee DaDiva Brown

            BUT what does the wax residue not the side of the glass mean?! I’m so lost right now! I was so nervous.. also let me ask you does saints protect you as well? I had 2 incidents that occurred and I felt like he stopped what could of been a bad situation…then one day I just got to shivering…under the blanket.. could that be him?

          • Don’t worry about the wax. People put too much emphasis on how the candle burns. It usually just has to do with the wick or the way that particular candle was made and it’s not spiritually important. St. Expedite definitely had heard your prayer.

            Saints absolutely offering protection. You can never have too many saints and angels around!

          • Tahilee DaDiva Brown

            Oh my gosh thank you or your fast response I swear it is greatly appreciated. I am so new to this!! because I also light vigil candles for other various reasons , the soot ,the wax, the flame, all that concerned me when it came on to this riual,if you will. I pray to him a regular prayer as if he was my friend maybe I messed up with that and just to continue to pray his specific prayer. And I shouldn’t give him anymore gifts right? What about if the candle burns out before he has granted my wish? What’s the proper procedure?

          • There are specific traditions for different saints. For example with St. Martha you light the candle and say her prayer each Tuesday and with St. Expedite it’s Wednesday, but honestly you can pray anytime and they will hear you. This is true of all saints. You can use written prayers or just pray in your own words and they will hear you.

  • Tahilee DaDiva Brown

    Please help me, as tomorrow is Wednesday and I bought all the things for Saint Expedite what is the next step?

    • Just light the candle and make the petition and when St. Expedite gives you what you ask for, thank him with an offering. Pound cake and red flowers are his favorite.

  • Pat

    We’ve carried consumer debt for all of our 37 years of marriage, tried through all other means to have zero debt, but the slavery of the times kept oppressing us. Finally with the help and intercession of St. Expedite he has fought our battle in court for independence: $45,000 relief. Thank You St Expedite!

  • Jp Javilinar

    any prayer that i can offer st. expedite for a financial and career problem?

    • There are many prayers and novenas available online. Also, you can and should definitely pray in your own words.

      • Jp Javilinar

        thanks! 🙂

  • Dee Walker

    Would like the prayers for these saints and your step by step instruction.

    • There are many prayers and novenas online. They will all work. Also you can just pray in your own words with faith and trust and they will hear you and help.

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