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Saint Martha

906009_1121929637824136_425988040950362151_oI am pleased to announce the publication of my new booked entitled Saint Martha which is a collection of traditional prayers and devotions employed to request the intercession of this miraculous saint of whom I am a life long devotee.  I share my experiences invoking the aid and protection of Saint Martha as well as the numerous blessings she has helped manifest in my life and teach you to call upon this powerful saint to help with whatever your needs may be.

This title is available on amazon.com and on my personal website www.jamesduvalier.com in the books section.  If you decide to seek the help of Saint Martha, please share you experience with me.  I wish you peace, love and abundant blessings!

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  • LYS

    I found myself in the middle of a horrible situation… I am talking life altering. As a Saint Martha devotee, I asked for not only her help, but to give me a sign that she was working on my behalf. I woke up to find her medallion that I have pinned to a pillow on my stomach. I was not using that pillow so I was blessed knowing that she heard and responded to me. I am always so grateful to her. Thank you Saint Martha.

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