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Saint John’s Night

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Peace be with you my friends!  This is an extremely busy time of year as I make the preparations for my annual Saint John's Eve (also known as Saint John's Night) service which begins the afternoon of the 23rd of June and continues until dawn on the 24th. 

Saint John's Night is the night before the Feast of Saint John (the Baptist) which celebrates his birth.

All Voodoo doctors and queens hold services this Saint John’s night, which is the most powerful of the year for doing any kind of spiritual work as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest.  Today I would like to share a link to an article I’ve written about the Feast of Saint John with a video of Mambo Sallie Glassman of New Orleans performing the service on Saint John’s night. You can read the article here.

Saint John's Night -  Bonfire Painting by Astrup Jonsokbal 1912I am still taking orders for spiritual work and offerings to be made on Saint John’s night so, if you’d like to place and order, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy the video and the article and if over the next few days you decide you’d like an offering made on your behalf at this most magical on services, please send me a message.

May peace, love and the sweetest of blessings rain down on you!

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