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Saint Anthony!

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I thought I would share some information about this powerful and multi-purpose saint!

He is seen by his devotees as an all-purpose miracle worker.

Saint AnthonyOrigins: Originally from Portugal.  Anthony lived during the 11th century and travelled throughout Europe preaching as a Franciscan Friar.  He died in Padua, Italy and is therefore known as St. Anthony of Padua.  Devotion of him exists throughout the world and he is seen by his devotees as an all-purpose miracle worker.

Places of Veneration: Worldwide.  Very popular in Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Latin America, the Philippines and in Italian-American communities.

Offerings: Candles and bread and cakes baked on his feast day, June 13th.

Uses in Money Magic: Saint Anthony is a tremendously popular saint in both official and popular forms of Christianity.  He may be invoked for any purpose including money.  In Italian American communities it is common for business owners to keep a picture or small statue of St. Anthony in their places of business so that he might bless their ventures with success.  Also, people carry images of him in their wallets so that they may always be filled with money.  There are no complicated rituals or offerings that need to be made to St. Anthony.  Serving him is just a matter of making your request and showing gratitude once you receive what you’ve requested.  In Boston’s North End, a traditionally Italian neighborhood, people hold a procession every year on his feast day in which the saint’s statue is paraded through the streets and people place offerings of money on his float to thank him for the miracles they’ve received throughout the year.  While this is a beautiful and culturally rich tradition, one may show gratitude for Anthony’s help by making a small donation to any church or charity upon receipt of your request.

General Observations: Curiously, the number 13 is often associated with Saint Anthony.  He died on the 13th of June, which is his current feast day.  A popular tradition states if you go to a church and pray before his statue for 13 consecutive Tuesdays, the saint will answer your request before the 13th Tuesday.  I have never practiced this devotion myself, but I have heard countless testimonies as to its efficacy.  You could even practice this devotion at home, simply reciting a prayer to Saint Anthony each Tuesday either in your own words or read from a prayer book and I’m it would work just as well.  Once you receive your request, remember to thank Saint Anthony will a donation to a church or charity.

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  • johnrain62

    To be honest, I am not even a Christian, and I can still testify to the completely gentle, completely approachable, and completely palpable presence of St. Anthony.

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