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Rice Charm for Money: A Prosperity Ritual

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Peace be with you my friends!  I am extremely busy with my yearly fall activities and am planning a massive ritual for All Souls' and All Saints' starting on the 31st.  I just wanted to take this time to share a prosperity ritual that I have used a recommended for many years, the rice charm for money.  It has been posted on my website for over two years, but in case you've missed it, here it is!

You may use this charm continuously.

This an old Southern Hoodoo charm for drawing wealth that my friend Glenda taught me in the late 90’s when we  worked together in a restaurant.  One evening we were washing and preparing rice to serve with gumbo and shrimp Creole, and she spontaneously told me of this old custom from the American South meant to bring wealth and success.  Interestingly, rice is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures with its many grains symbolizing abundance.  In Iran, there is a saying that grains of rice are beads of sweat fallen from the brow of Allah himself.  I have used Glenda’s rice charm and recommended it to others ever since.

uncooked rice - rice charm educational postRice Charm for Money

You will need:

A tea cup

Uncooked Rice

Coins of all denominations

First, take the tea cup and place a layer of rice on the bottom and then add a few coins and cover them with more rice.  Continue the process until the tea cup if filled to the top and then place it either by your front door or on your spiritual altar.  You may also choose to keep it in your place of business to attract customers and increase profits.  It’s as simple as that!

The idea behind this powerful charm is that rice is a symbol of abundance and wealth and that as the humidity in the air swells the rice, so will your income grow!  Also, if you would like to attract love as well as money, you can dye the rice with red food coloring before placing it in the tea cup with the coins.  You may use this charm continuously, but it is advisable to change the rice once a year.

You may also wish to burn a green or gold candle next to the rice cup from time to time to give the charm an added kick.

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  • mirae

    How does one keep the bugs from growing or eating the rice? Especially in our Asian climate.

    • james

      After how long to get the result and how will the results be.

      • Each case is different. The more faith and concentration you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

  • alhaji komeh

    quiet well understood , so simple thank you mr duvalier

  • Don West

    Please can one uses notes instead of coins? We do not uses coin anymore in my country. I am from Nigeria and we uses Naira Notes not Coins. Please help me. I am having serious financial problems for over Five years now and my entire family depends on me to survive.

    • Yes, you can definitely use banknotes in the rice if coins are unavailable.

    • Eric

      Pls Mr James,am a bus driver can I put it in my bus?

      • Yes, that’s a good idea. Just be sure to place somewhere where it won’t tip over.

  • specialK

    For the rice spell, I have done the rice cup, can I out the rice cup on the window,,pane instead of the front door, I’m scared someone might trip over it. Can the windows do?

    • That will work just fine. I like the idea of keeping it near the window. It’s symbolic of drawing money in from the outside.

      • Gud pm sir james im jovy, from the philippines.. thank you for sharing this amazing rice money spell..

  • Brink

    I stay in a single room with about four others can I put the charm under the bed so that no one tempers with it

  • Brink

    Hello, I am in Uganda and I believe this can work anywhere, is that it?

  • Brink

    Hey James, I took the blessing of performing the ritual and later took it to my safest place( in a metallic suit case) and isolated it. I believe this way my members won’t tamper with it. I hope for the best. Thank you 😊

  • james

    Can I try it in kenya

  • Sam

    Can I use any denomination of bank note, then can I use any container apart from tea cup, what color must the container be?

    • Yes, you can use any kind of coin or banknote and any type of container. The color does not matter.

  • Is the money attracted be seen or stay beside beside the cup? Is it compulsary to use all the denomination of my country? For how long will I start seeing the effect?

    • It usually starts to work immediately and picks up speed over time. You don’t have to use all denomination of coins just whatever combination you’d like.

  • big sammy

    Good evening sir thank for the info pls is the note going to be buried in the rice or the note will be on top of rice?

  • big sammy

    Good evening sir pls I can cast more then one at once and put it in different places like eg shop nd market

    • You only really need one at a time in your home. You could do another one and keep it in your place of business.

  • big sammy

    Thank you sir……

  • Tricia

    I love the simplicity of this charm,Thank You for sharing, I have a small business, that has been dropping lately and has been causing me great distress. So I will try this. Is it effective a any time or on a full moon per say??

    • It’s definitely worth giving a try. I’ve seen it work well for many people, myself included. Since you’re doing it for your business, you might also want to put your business card or a piece of paper with the name of your business written on it in the rice. This will help draw clients to your business as well as general money into your life.

  • I just came upon this by accident and was reading you comments. I like the fact that you answer people. I am going to try this rice tea cup.

    • It’s definitely worth a try. I’ve seen it work for many people, myself included!

  • Foah Festus

    Mr . James I am Festus from Ghana. If I decide to burn the candles, what should I do to the wax. I want to try.

    • Hi Festus. Thank you for commenting. You can pray over the candles before you light them and anoint them with any oils and herbs you may have for specific purposes and when they are finished burning, just dispose of whatever wax may be left.

  • Foah Festus

    Mr. James, I salute you. I have prepared the charm and my store is very open so I decided to put it in a small box and hide it at a corner in the shop. Will that one too work? I want to know.

  • Sharda

    Thanks for sharing this. Can I cover the container and keep , or should it be kept open.

  • Alicia Cuffy

    Hi I was wondering if have emperors rice which is blackish purple can i use that to or stick to white rice

    • I would stick to white rice or you could also use barley or green lentils which also represent prosperity.

      • Alicia Cuffy

        Good I went with basmati rice. I also added money oil to it so rice is a little green and white like the color of money..this was very enjoyable to do . Thanks so much

  • Miriam

    Hello. What brought me here was the dream i had this morning. I dreamt a feminine entity left a brown candle and a small glass of uncooked white rice in the balcony, which my mom found and brought to my attention. This was in the home i grew up in. What does it mean!??? Brown candle and rice grains placed together… Is this a ritual? What for? Please help. The night before i dreamt if a blue owl that came into my window n sat inon my couch. In real life lady bugs keep popping up in my home, in my car, at bbqs… This has never happened before. I cant shake the feeling that some message is behind it all. Blessings? 🙂 please help.

    • Hi Miriam,

      Thank you for being in touch. Lady bugs are a sign of good luck and wishes being fulfilled. Also, rice is a symbol of abundance and the color brown represents the Earth from which abundance and prosperity come. I would take these dreams as a sign that some unexpected luck is about to come your way. You could make an offering of rice and a brown candle if you’d like to your personal spirit guides and ancestors. It’s possible that they are asking for it via a dream.

  • audrey

    Can anyone make this charm;and is it wise for me to do it in a house that I don’t own as I am renting the house.

    • Hi Audrey,

      Anybody can make the charm and it’s perfectly fine to do it in a home that you rent. It’s your living space and is filled with your energy. I know many people who rent apartments who have made the charm with great success.

  • Hey,sir my name is michael just want ask how many days or weeks or months the green or gold candle should be burnt

    • There is no general rule. You can burn the candle as often as you’d like. Once a week would be a good idea, especially on Fridays.

  • Abbey

    Just got to know of this ritual,am trying it out right away. I hope it will bring some relief to my financial troubles. Thanks for sharing it.

  • becky

    Hello Sir! I really wanna give this a try, but I don’t stay alone(stay with my mum and siblings) neither do I own my house. I am from Nigeria and we don’t spend coins so I’m thinking, can I make use of notes instead of coins? If yes, can I put it under my bed so that no one can tamper with it?


    • You can definitely use banknotes and putting the charm under your bed is fine. It’s definitely worth giving it a try!

  • Nikki

    Can monopoly money be used in place of or in conjuction as well or no?

    • Honestly, I would avoid it. To make the charm with monopoly money would have the implication of drawing false wealth into your life. I would just use spare change for the rice charm. If you want to use “fake” money in a ritual, I would buy some spirit money or joss paper and burn in for your ancestors and ask them to bless you with wealth and prosperity.

  • Mojah Wise

    Thanks for sharing….I wanna know Is there any rules for the one performing the rituals to follow before and after and or during the time the ritual is being performed. Like for example alcohol, sex, or anything considered unclean which will affect the effectiveness of the ritual. I really wanna know. And also what do u mean by a layer of rice…is it a single grain or just rice to fill the bottom before the next steps. Thanks so much.

    • Thank you for your comment. Before performing the ritual, you may want to take a salt water bath or cleanse yourself with florida water just to make sure you’re spiritually clean, but other than that there are no rules regarding abstaining from sex or alcohol. A layer of rice just means rice to cover the bottom of the container.

      • Mojah Wise

        Thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate

  • Cathy

    Hi I’m planning to put it on a side table at the center of our rented flat which is i believe the fortune center in the bagua map. But I’m afraid that it might not be that effective because next to it is a wall and a toilet behind it. Is it also advisable to place a luxury looking mirror on that wall and a rice charm underneath.

    • It should still definitely be effective in that position. I’m not sure about the mirror. I don’t think it would hinder the efficacy of the charm in any way though.

  • Sandy Marks

    Hi my name is Sandra and I want to do the rice ritual not quite sure when you say teacup I have some glasses and a few mugs glass mugs can I please use that the layer the rice and I only have American coins would that be okay

    • You can use any kind of cup or container and it will work just fine. American coins are fine. That’s what I use. 🙂

  • Sandy Marks

    Thank you very much for replying back I did place it in a clear glass coffee mug and I placed it next to my stuff that I have believed in from my business should I leave it there all the time should this rice and coins ever be changed or just leave it alone

    • That sounds perfect. I would just leave it there indefinitely. You might want to change it if the rice becomes dusty, but otherwise it’s fine to just let it sit there and release its money drawing energy.

  • Anderson Ovoukerie Amieno

    Hi my Name is Anderson am from Nigeria,sorry sir I live with my parents and siblings,can I hide it in my walldrope and also what color of candle can I use. May I use banknotes instead of coins?

    • Hi Anderson,

      You can definitely hide the charm in a private, secure location. You should use a green color candle, but if you can’t find green, a white candle is fine. You can definitely use banknotes instead of coins or a combination of both.

  • Joan Perry

    hi sir ,am joan from nigeria, i just wanna ask is there no way to do it without coins cause where am living coins are not easily gotten

    • You could use banknotes or even just write a dollar or euro sign ($ or €) on a piece of paper and place it in the rice. It will work just fine.

  • Maricar Cañete

    Hi sir, can I use any jar instead of tea cup..!

  • mawu clifford

    Please can this method fetch me money direct instead using it for business?

    • Yes. It can be used to attract money from all general sources and not just business.

    • The money can come from a variety of sources. Business, a new job, winnings, new opportunities presenting themselves. The charm can work for anyone not just business people.

  • mawu clifford

    OK thanks, but please I want to know if it can create jobs opportunities too for me.

    • Yes, of course. That’s one of the ways it manifests.

  • mawu clifford

    OK thanks

  • Kammy

    Hello, When you say coins does that mean quarters, dimes etc?

    • Yes. Exactly 🙂

      • Kammy

        Thank you, I am new to this. I have been having a really tough time financially for years and it seems that it’s not getting better. I really hope this works.

        • You’re welcome. I’ve seen it work for many over the years.

          • vivette Difeliciantonio

            Can I use paper mioney with rice like a $1 I need some luck my parents are struggling and I would love for this to work so I can help them

          • Yes. You can definitely use paper money. It will work nicely.

  • Aluwani

    It really works money is following me all the way …I used it at home do I have to take it to my business place as well?

  • Emy

    Please can I stop using the charm any time I so wish or are their any rules.

    • You can stop the charm anytime you’d like. There are no rules. When you’d like to stop just dismantle the charm and that is all.

      • Emy

        Please Mr James can the burning of green or golden candles be done any time of the week or a specific day, secondly is it compulsory to burn a candle and is their any specific prayers for the ritual? I seriously need this to work for me! Please guide me better.

        Thanks Much.

        • Money spells can be done any day of the week. Generally speaking Friday is a powerful day to do money spells, but they are effective any time. When you light the candle you can read the 23rd psalm aloud from the Bible and also just ask in your own word for money to come to you.

          • Schatzi Aschiare Miguel

            Hi sir james….i put uncooked inside tea cup? Then follow the all domination coins then put rice again until thr rice level to the tea cup?

          • Yes. Definitely use uncooked rice.

      • Emy

        Please is it a must I’ll burn a candle and if I will anoint the candle which oil should I use and is their any particular time to burn the candle, and must it be done on the first day of the ritual.

        • The candle may be burned at any time and you can use any type of prosperity or money oil or even make your own.

          • Emy

            Please how do I make my own oil? Or is Olive oil allowed.

          • You can use olive oil as your base. And just add some money drawing herbs to it. Thyme, mustard seeds, dried orange peels are all fine choices. Add the herbs to the oil and light a green candle next to it and pray over it and ask that the oil be infused with money drawing properties.

  • Emeh Chika

    If someone should
    see the charm would there be any problems?

    • No, not at all. If you’re worried about somebody seeing it, you could just make the charm is a discrete container instead of a tea cup that is in open view, but it will work either way regardless of if people see it or not.

      • Emeh Chika

        Thank you for replying sir, is there anyway I can add on Whatsapp or anywhere personal I have a lot to talk about with you.

  • Dominic

    Please can I carry it about in my bag? How many pieces of banknote can I use? I want to make money oil, how many days does it take?

    • It’s usually kept in the home. You could put it in a container with a tight lid and carry it in your bag if you’d like. You can use any number of banknotes you’d like.

      In terms of money oil, there are different methods of making it. I usually advise people to leave the herbs to sit in the oil for 7 days while charging it with energy each day, but different people have different methods and it’s just a matter of finding which you prefer.

  • Trini Bago

    How to pray ,and what prayers to say

    • It’s always just to pray in your own words and give thanks for what you have and ask for what you need. Prayer shouldn’t be complicated.

    • Trini Bago


      • Trini Bago

        If for some reason you need to use the money in the container ,can you??

  • Trini Bago

    Can I remove my photo

    • Remove your photo from where?

      • Trini Bago

        From my profile

        • Sure. Just go into your account and remove or change it. I can’t change it here, but I can delete the post if you’d like.

  • Trini Bago

    What is the possibility of an animal leaving your yard ,and coming into your gallery and dying next to where you sits

    • It could just be a random coincidence. I don’t think it has a spiritual meaning.

  • Monique Marshall

    hey i have just joined i am in some really financial struggle few questions this sounds like a good idea i have faith and believe it will work whats the best place to place the rice can i put money oil on the rice i was reading you said before starting do a cleanse bath i have Florida water umm where is the best place to put the rice do i leave the candle next to it what palms should i read how often do i pray what time to pray i have heard they say 3.00 12.00 6.00 are the best time to pray do i carry the rice in the container to work in my bag is that ok being that it is away from the candle ? if the bowl with the coins are in my bag and they up turn is that ok ? do i have to bless the candle before starting what should i rub on it before starting ? olive oil ? coconut oil what prayer should i say when blessing the candle before starting i live with my mom daughter sister is it ok for some one to see it i dont want to place it in a tea cup i dont want any one to see it i can place it in a bowl does it have to be a brand new bowl or any bowl that has a cover and was used ? does it work for lottery cause i am really desperate to win the lottery i already have a job i just need money to always come to me could i use rice that i have home or do i have to buy fresh rice white rice peferable

    • You don’t have to complicate the situation. Just do the rice charm exactly as described in the blog post. The bowl and be new or old. It doesn’t matter. You can pray the 23rd psalm or burn any candles you’d like for luck and money. It’s not the ritual or procedure that counts, but the energy you put into it.

      • Monique Marshall

        thank you so much

  • Trini Bago

    Do you have individual talisman for prosperity

  • Herahgail Perater

    Helo sir, can i use eucalyptus oil for annointing the candle? Then after the prayer should i blow the candle or just leave it behind until it melts?then what should i do with the wax?

    • I’m not sure what the spiritual properties of eucalyptus oil are but if you’re being called to do it, I would follow your intuition. It’s important to allow the candle to burn until it burns out and then you can dispose of the wax any way you’d like.

  • Bianca Davids

    Thank you very much Mr James I made my candle on Saturday and already I can see a difference,I’m going to make my money drawing oil so far I managed to get Thyme and dry orange peels I’m struggling with mustard seed

    • Im sure it will work fine even without the mustard seeds, but you can find them in many grocery stores.

      • Bianca Davids

        Thank you very much for your guidance

        • You’re welcome! Blessings!

          • Bianca Davids

            Thank you!

  • Bianca Davids

    I made my rice cup on Saturday praying with the green candle

  • Kel Kc

    SIR James, please I want to know whether can I do that charm with out candle, because I have coins and rice but I don’t have candle and I don’t have money to buy candle and I’m out from my country, and things is very difficult for me and my visa have already expired and I can not walk round to look for help, and i’M 30 Years of age,, please I would like to hear from you, thank you and God bless you, best regard

    • Yes. You absolutely can do the charm without the candle and it will work just fine.

      • Kel Kc

        thank you so much for your reply.

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