James Duvalier

author, spiritual counselor & paranormal researcher

Past Life Reading


Just as the experiences of this life contribute to who we are and how we related to the world, so do our past lives influence the purpose and direction of our current existence. Oftentimes we even carry over phobias and passions from previous incarnations.

Race of Hero Spirits Illustration used in James Duvaliers course offering section Mediumship

If you are interested in exploring past lives and interpreting how experiences lived in different times and places affect you today, this reading is ideal for you. I am able to use my intuitive abilities to see into your past lives or if you’d prefer, I can guide you in a session of past life regression hypnosis that will allow you to visualize these experiences first hand.

Phone Reading - 1/2 Hour

  • 30 minutes
  • $30 USD

Phone Reading - 1 Hour

  • 60 minutes
  • $60 USD

via eMail

  • $25 USD