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One of the many magical uses for Pumpkins!


Peace be with you my friends!  We are once again entering Fall, the most magical of seasons!  I've discussed in the past several magical uses for pumpkins from various cultures around the world.  Today I'd like to share a money and prosperity spell that comes from the Caribbean.  Next time you are at the market out at an rural farm stand, pick up a pumpkin and give it a try!

A money and prosperity spell using pumpkins.

Magical Uses for pumpkinsThe pumpkin is a highly magical gourd! There are many magical uses for pumpkins as it represents abundance, prosperity and luck.  In Santeria, it is sacred to Ochun, the Yoruba Orisha of love and money and is commonly used in many services done under her patronage.  I have seen the power contained within these blessed fruits and I find it no coincidence that cultures throughout the world as far apart as the Balkans, West Africa, China and the Caribbean attribute magical properties to them. This following spell is common to both Obeah and Santeria, two beautiful Afro-Caribbean religions.  It is a simple service to invoke aid of Ochun who is closely associated with Our Lady of Charity, the patron saint of Cuba.  This simple ritual can confer wealth, attract good luck and even bring about love and marriage as a side benefit.

You will need:

A small sugar pumpkin or Caribbean yellow pumpkin
Holy Water
5 Shiny Pennies
Paper Bag from the Grocery Store

First remove the top from the pumpkin and scoop out the insides as if you were carving a jack-o-lantern.

Next, cut a square of brown paper from the grocery store bag and write you wishes, desires and petitions on it.

Place the paper inside the pumpkin.

Next toss in the 5 pennies and drizzle honey inside as well.

Lastly, sprinkle five drops of Holy Water into the pumpkin and replace the top.  Take the pumpkin to a river and toss it in.  Then wait for Ochun to work her sweet magic in your life! Thanks for reading my blog and learning about one of the many magical uses for pumpkins!

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Home | One of the many magical uses for Pumpkins!