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Psychic Vampires

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Although psychic vampirism can be annoying and potentially dangerous, we are far from helpless!

Saint Peter holding the keys to the kingdom.Peace be with you my friends!  Today I’ve decided to write about a topic that I have been seeing more and more in my work as a spiritual counselor and in the world in general-Psychic Vampires.  This term really has two definitions.  First, it can describe a living person who either consciously or unconsciously feeds off of the life energy of other living persons to satisfy a need that cannot be met by other means of sustenance (Food or vitamin supplements).  Secondly, a psychic vampire can be an incorporeal spirit that attaches itself to a living person and debilitates him/her possibly to the point of illness or death!  This category is far more dangerous.

I would like to clarify that the majority of living psychic vampires are respectable, ethical people who would never take the energy of another living person without his/her consent.  There are however psy-vamps with sociopathic personalities that would think nothing of draining a person to the point of exhaustion to meet their own selfish needs.  I have a close friend who worked at a well known interior design firm.  Her supervisor was a spiteful, vindictive woman who loved to criticize and spread rumors about her.  This woman would find excuses to be close to my friend, which was odd, since she seemed to dislike her so much.  The more contact my friend had with this woman, the weaker she felt.  Until one morning while getting ready for work, she passed out and was rushed to the hospital.  There she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer!  I believe that the supervisor was an unscrupulous psychic vampire that was consciously draining my friend of her vital energies.  Prolonged exposure to such an individual can indeed lead to exhaustion, a weakened immune system, nervous disorders, depression and in extreme cases, even death!  Thankfully, my friend made a full recovery and is strong and healthy today.  She now owns her own interior design business on Cape Cod.

The second category of psychic vampire is far more common and dangerous.  Just as people can be good or evil to varying degrees, the same is true for the spirit world.  It is quite common for evil spirits to attach themselves to a person and drain them of their energies resulting in a condition of spiritual, mental or physical weakness.  There is much truth to ancient beliefs that evil spirits are the cause of sickness.  I feel that such entities can weaken a person’s immune system and make him/her more susceptible to germs.  It’s no wonder that people with a strong spiritual belief tend to live longer.  Their faith surrounds them with a healing light of protection that keeps negative spirits away.

Now, I would like to say that we are not helpless against psychic vampirism.  It is indeed quite easy to defend ourselves against psychic attack.  As we’ve all seen in countless Dracula movies, the Transylvanian peasant inevitably holds up a crucifix to ward off an approaching bloodsucker.  And with good reason!  Religious symbols, no matter from what faith, items such as-crosses, bibles, verses from the Koran, the Torah, the Hand of Fatimah, the Wiccan pentagram, Hindu statues etc. are all very effective in warding off evil if accompanied by a strong spiritual belief.  Certain herbs/plants such as garlic, mountain ash and bay berries are particularly effective in warding off evil spirits.  I have a friend who places garlic cloves and little piles of salt on her window sill for protection against troublesome spirits that live in the cemetery next to her home.  In more stubborn cases, an herbal bath known as a “rompemiento” or “lave tet” may be performed to separate the vampiric spirit from its host and send it away.  Also, if we build up our relationship with our spirit guides and elevate them with candles, prayers and offerings, they in turn will become our fierce protectors against malevolent entities.  So although psychic vampirism can be annoying and potentially dangerous, we are far from helpless!

If you feel you may be the victim of a vampire attack, please contact me and I can assess the situation with a reading and figure out how to go about banishing the spirit that may be debilitating you.  As always if you have any questions or would like to request my services, please do not hesitate to be in touch.  I wish you good health, peace and blessings!

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