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Psychic Sludge: A Common Problem with an Easy Solution


"Psychic sludge is stagnant energy that creates blockages and prevents good luck from flowing in our lives."

thOften times whenever people go through a period of prolonged bad luck or misfortune, their first reaction is to think that they have been cursed or have fallen victim to the evil eye or a malevolent spiritual attachment.  I have seen this time and time again in my 20 years of practice as a Voodoo priest and spiritual worker. I have consulted with several hundred people at least and often the first statement out of their mouth is “I’m cursed.”  I can honestly say in all my years as a spiritual worker I have only run into a less and a dozen cases where a client has been legitimately cursed and of course I offered a solution in those cases as well.  Placing a curse on somebody is much rarer than most people think.  The questions arises then-what is the cause of all of this unusual misfortune?  The answer is simple: Psychic Sludge!  I have an interesting story regarding where I first learned this usful and accurately descriptive term.

Back in the 90’s I used to hang around quite bit in spiritual shop in Greenfield, Massachusetts and chat about various metaphysical and occult topics the store’s owner Joanne.  One day, I was browsing through the shelves and I heard a woman at the front counter ask Joanne if she thought she was cursed and what she needed to do to end her stretch of bad luck.  Joanne laid down a quick spread of tarot cards and informed the woman that she was not cursed in any way nor was she a victim of the evil eye.  She was simply covered in psychic sludge, a condition which is quite easy to remedy.  My ears perked up at hearing the term “psychic sludge” and of course once the woman had left I asked Joanne what it was.  Her explanation made perfect sense to me and on an intuitive level I had already known about psychic sludge but simply lacked the term in my vocabulary.

Psychic sludge is simply a buildup of stagnant energy that can create blockages and prevent good luck and positive change from flowing in our lives.  Throughout our daily lives we are bombarded by energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, stress-our own and those of others.  Over time this can stick to us and cause us to feel weighed down, sluggish and can manifest in a lack of progress or prolonged periods of bad luck in our lives.  The sludge itself is not negative or positive, just excess stagnant energy that prevents things from flowing in our lives.  A buildup of psychic sludge can also weaken our powers in terms of spell casting and manifesting goals in our lives and leave us more vulnerable to spiritual attack by negative entities.  Nine times out of ten this is what people experience when they believed they are cursed.  Fortunately, the remedy to this condition is quite simple.  In order to eliminate psychic sludge, it is a good idea to perform a simple spiritual cleansing at least once a month and certainly before beginning any type of spell, ritual or spiritual exercise. The simplest way to accomplish this is to take a salt water bath.  Salt is a great neutralizer.  It takes away psychic sludge and all negativity and bad luck caused thereby and even chases away chaotic or harmful spirits.  Many cultures and religions even use salt in exorcism rituals.

Start by adding an entire box of salt to a tub full of water and soak as you normally would.  Stay as long as you’d like in the bathtub and make sure that you submerge yourself completely or at least pour some of the salt water over your head.  Before leaving the tub, say a quick prayer, for example: With this salt water bath, I cleanse away all psychic sludge, bad luck and negativity and open myself psychically and spiritually.  I am powerful and spiritually clean!  This is just an example, you may use any words you’d like or if there is a prayer appropriate to your religious or spiritual beliefs, you may use it.  If you don’t have a bath or prefer showers, you can simply stand in the running shower and scrub yourself with handfuls of salt and as the shower washes the salt away, recite the prayer.

Performing this simple exercise monthly, I personally do it on the last day of every month, will make a huge difference in terms of creating balance and positivity in your life.  I hope this information has been useful and I wish you happiness and abundant blessings!




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