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Faerie Magic


Faerie Magic – The faerie folk who according to legend are incorporeal beings that can on occasion take on human or more fanciful forms, can be invoked for wealth, love and a general abundance of good things or even to settle old scores. An offering is made on your behalf reaping fabulous results. Simply tell your intentions and let the faerie magic change your world!

Faerie Magic - James Duvalier - Fairy Girl Photo

Faerie magic for wealth, love and general abundance!

Ordering rituals & spells is simple! To order simply click on the Buy Now button and you will be directed to PayPal where you can pay with any major credit card or direct from your PayPal account. Once I receive notification of your order, I will contact you so that the magic can begin! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or messenger.

Faerie Magic

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