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New Years Eve Luck Bath

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Peace be with you, my friends! I am having a wonderful time visiting my family and friends. I just wanted to take a brief moment to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and share with you this simple ritual that you can perform on New Years Eve to ensure luck in 2013.

This ritual bath is most traditionally performed on New Year’s Eve to ensure luck and prosperity in the New Year.

New Years Eve Luck Bath - Champagne Bath You may wish to take a salt water bath before performing the luck bath to be sure that you are spiritually clean and that the luck bath will have a maximum impact. Between now and New Years, I will be performing many services for myself and others to bring luck in 2013 including an offering to La Sirene at the ocean and making a feast for my ancestors and spirit guides. I of course will document these services and post photos in January once I am back home. Until then, I wish you a safe and happy holiday season and tremendous good luck in 2013!

This is an old tradition popular in Puerto Rican and Dominican folk magic.  It has been around at least a hundred years and is most traditionally performed on New Year’s Eve to ensure luck and prosperity in the New Year.  You may however take a champagne bath any time of year.   Champagne is often associated with luxury and immense wealth.  Also, its gold color is a symbol of the metal gold and the prosperity associated therewith.   I’ve heard from several Puerto Rican spiritual workers that the bubbles of the champagne in this ritual and meant to lift you up to a higher status in life.  The cost of champagne can be prohibitive, so it’s completely acceptable and efficacious to perform this ritual with gold colored beer or ginger ale.

You will need:

A bottle of champagne, beer or ginger ale

Bath as you normally would and once you are physically clean stand in the shower and pour the champagne over your head.

As the bubbles foam all over you, imagine yourself surrounded with money and living an abundant life.  If you’d like, you may also ask for a specific sum of money.

Once you have emptied the bottle, clean yourself off with water, otherwise you will be sticky and smell of champagne.

Embrace the new luck and fortune that will come to you!  I’ve also noticed that this particular bath helps people’s overall moods and imparts a sense of happiness for a few days after taking it.

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