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Home | A New Year! Festivities and La Sirene OfferingWednesday 21st February 2018

A New Year! Festivities and La Sirene Offering

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Peace be with you, my friends!  I am just writing to touch base and share a bit of how my end of year festivities went.  Earlier in the week, I returned home after spending three weeks with my family during the holidays and into the new year.  I love the holidays, but I enjoy this time of the year too when life gets back to normal and I start looking forward to Mardi Gras and Spring.

Photos as promised of the end of the year festivities!

I am still a bit tired after two days of non-stop traveling, but I just wanted to share some photos of my end-of-year rituals, an offering to La Sirene for health, luck and stability and a general offering to all my saints and spirits to ensure luck and success in 2013.

La Sirene OfferingLa SireneNew Years Festivities

I hope your year is off to a wonderful start and I wish you tremendous success and happiness in 2013!

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  • Linda

    Is there a particular day of the week that is sacred to La Sirene? I’ve searched and searched for this on the Internet, but am not having any luck. Also, can La Sirene be served alone, or does one need to always need to include Met Agwe? Thanks.

  • She can be invoked any say. In Santeria/Regla de Ocha the day sacred to Yemaya in Saturday and Yemaya resembles La Sirene in many aspects, but is a different entity. In Louisiana Voodo you can petition La Sirene directly with intermediaries, in Haitian Vodou there is a much stricter protocol, but she will hear your requests and interests just fine if you invoke her directly.

Home | A New Year! Festivities and La Sirene Offering