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Lucky Bath Recipe

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Peace be with you, my friends!  June is here already and High Summer is fast approaching.  This is a wonderful time of year when things slow down, school ends, people go on vacation and enjoy the warm weather.  At least for most people, this is an extremely busy time of year of all Voodoo Doctors and Queens. Also, St. John’s Eve, the most powerful night of the year for doing spiritual work falls on the night of June 23rd.  I will be hosting my annual service then and am now taking orders for people interested in having work done on that night.  Later this month I will post an article about the traditions and beliefs associated with this most sacred and powerful of nights. Please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

I wish you all peace and abundant blessings!

Lucky Bath Recipe IngredientsMaking a lucky bath ritual recipe for abundance - James DuvalierToday, I wanted to share with you a spiritual bath I made recently with a friend of mine for an acquaintance of ours who is having financial difficulty. It is the lucky bath recipe.  The bath is a combination of five powerful money drawing herbs.  Below is the recipe for this bath.  If you decide to give it a try, please share your experience with me!

Alex’s Money Bath

Orange Peels-In China, the orange is seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity and is commonly eaten at Chinese New Year and other major festivals.

Orange Leaves-Contains potent powers of good luck and prosperity.

Bay Leaves-Ancient Greeks and Romans viewed bay leaves as a symbol of accomplishment and high rankings.  They also promote success in matters of love.

Basil-A good luck herb in many parts of Eastern Europe.  Orthodox priests in Romania use bunches of basil dipped in holy water to bless people and locations.

Ginger Fresh or Dried-A fiery, hot spice used to give you a burst on instant cash.

Add all the ingredients to a pot of boiling water.  Allow mixture to boil for seven minutes.

As the mixture boils, place your hands over the pot, at a safe enough distance so that you do not burn yourself, and imagine all your financial needs being met and money just flowing abundantly into your life.  Meditate for the 7 minutes that the mixture boils.

Allow the mixture to cool and add to your bath water or pour directly over your head in the shower.

Orange peel and ginger can be irritants, so if you have sensitive skin, you may sprinkle the liquid around your home instead of using it to bath.

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  • Hi Sir, what is wrong if I can use a cigarette instead of ciga ? I don’t find the cigar in East London South Africa.

  • Yes, that would be fine 🙂

  • paula

    Hi where can I get orange leafs thank you.

    • You can order them online I’m sure if you do a google search. I usually just get then in the winter when fresh oranges or clementines come out, I take them directly from the fresh fruit in the grocery store and dry them out and use them all years for baths and other spiritual workings.

  • paula

    Thank you so much for this recipe I’m going a period in my life where I’m financially drain an unemployed so this is something I need I will follow up with you after my sister lives in Florida so I going get fed it to me know thank you again for taking the time out to respond.

    • You’re welcome. If you need anything else, just contact me.

  • pete

    hi I am having a rough time I am in serious debt I have no income I play the ny powerball hoping to win I try many things I just took a bath with some basil , ginger root , and cinnamon sticks wrapped in a cloth I bathed for 5 min then I showered and washed down my body with the cloth I imagined standing in a pile of money and money was falling allover me as I washed off I imagined my body being coved in gold and money
    I did this 20 min ago will this help me

    • The visualization you describe sounds amazing. It hard to predict the outcome of a spiritual working, but it should help to some extent.

  • judicaelle

    Hey James Duvalier I like you lucky bath recipe and please can you tale me what is Orange leaves an the picture of your recipe because I don’t understand about the black leaves in picture thanks.

    • Thank you for visiting the site! Orange leaves are the leaves that grow on the orange tree. You can get them at many spiritual shops. I usually buy them at the grocery store in the winter when fresh oranges come into season. I just pick them directly off the oranges or clementines and dry them for future use.

      • vickyraele

        Can I substitute something else for the orange leaves. Cannot ind them anywhere

        • Hi Vicky! Thank you for your question. Sure, you could substitute mustard seeds or clover for the orange leaves. Both are powerful luck drawing ingredients.

          • vickyraele

            Thank you!

  • Odisika Bonzewende Wan

    Thank you Mr James Duvalier please can i have your email so i can send you an email. i need to talk to you in private ok

  • Willa

    Thanks for all the recipes. would like to speak with you

  • Kevin landis

    Thank you

  • lally

    hi what if i don’t find an orange leaf would it still work?

    • Yes. It will still work. It’s fine to do it without the orange leaves.

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