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Love Séance: A Simple Love Ritual

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Peace be with you, my friends!  First of all, let me apologize for going so long without making a post!  I have been extremely busy working on a novel which I hope to have available in e-book form no later than the 7th of June. Today I have decided to blog a bit on an issue that has come up more several times during my years of practice as a Voodoo priest.  At least on a dozen different occasions, I have been called in to clean up messy spiritual situations that have started as simple Halloween parlor games or as a result of rituals conducted by junior high girls at sleep over parties.  Holding séances and participating in simple rituals and acts of divination are definitely part of our culture and many cultures throughout the world, but it is always important to take proper precautions and know the potential consequences of what might be released, thereby avoiding the needs for a spiritual cleansing or exorcism ritual in the future.

Sometimes the simplest spells are the most effective!

The following is a simple love ritual, taught to me years ago as a “love séance,” which I deem to be quite safe in terms of possible spiritual fall out.  If you decide to try the ritual with a group of your friends, please let me know how it goes!

I first heard of the love séance during my childhood from my babysitter Jodi.  She claims to have participated in various gatherings of this nature in the late 70’s and early 80’s, which were perhaps forerunners of the teenage Wiccan covens so popular in the 90’s. It all started one evening when she was attending a sleepover at the home of a classmate.  The group of five girls planned on hosting traditional séance to conjure sprits from the other side, but when night fell, the thought of communing with the dead was a bit too much to handle, so instead they opted for a love séance to draw the attentions of various boys at school.  According to Jodi, all five of the girls had dates within one week of the ritual.  Acts of divination and fortune telling have long been traditional at young girls’ sleep over parties, perhaps because it is only natural to harvest and put to magical use the wild energy that abounds during adolescence.  This is a wonderful and simple ritual that can be performed by people of all ages.

triumphant love medallionYou will need:

One pink candle

At least one other person, but as many as would like to participate are welcome

Sit with your friends in a circle and place the lighted pink candle on the floor in front of you.  Take a few moments to relax and breathe deeply to puts yourselves in a meditative state.

Think thoughts of love and passion and go around one-by-one either silently or aloud and describe the type of love you’d like to attract or name the specific individuals whose attention you seek.

At the end of the séance clap once in unison and blow out the candle to dispatch the energy into the world.  This is one of the rare occasions in spell work that it is advisable to blow out a candle before it extinguishes itself naturally, since you want to release all of the energy conjured during the meditative session.

This ritual is simple and fun to do in groups at parties after you and your guests have had a few drinks!  Many people who have tried this over the years have reported tremendous success.   Sometimes the simplest spells are the most effective!

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  • Rosario

    Do we have to clap, and blow the candle at the same time?

    • the_doctor

      You should do one after the other. The absolute last thing should be blowing out the candle but the clap should come immediately before it. Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂

Home | Love Séance: A Simple Love Ritual