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Lady Luck

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Peace be with you my friend.  I have many people who contact me asking for good luck charms and services to improve their odds at the casino or just to bring good luck in general.  So, today, for those who seek luck, I've decided to share an article about an obscure yet very real and often elusive spiritual entity: Lady Luck!   I hope you enjoy and if you are interested in charms, herbal baths, candles or services to improve luck, please don't hesitate to email me!

Is Lady Luck the modern version of the of the Roman goddess Fortuna?

Lady Luck ComicOrigins: The origins of Lady Luck are obscured in history.  She is perhaps a modern manifestation of the Roman goddess Fortuna.  Well known in gambling circles, her intercession is often called upon when pulling the lever on a slot machine or tossing dice onto a gaming table.  Starting in the early 1900’s, many products, such as perfumes, colognes and soaps began to appear in Southern Hoodoo circles promising to call down the blessings of Lady Luck.  I have spoken with a successful gambler who claims to have seen her materialize and walk through a casino in the form of an elegantly dressed 1940’s socialite or movie star before he scored a major win.  Just as quickly as she appeared, she was gone. There is never any guarantee that her luck will even touch the same person twice, although it has been known to happen.

Places of Veneration: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and gaming establishments worldwide.

Offerings: A respectful, classy attitude regarding ones winnings and at least a round of drinks shared with one’s gambling companions in her honor after a decent sized win.

Uses in Money Magic: There are no specific rituals geared toward drawing down Lady Luck’s blessings.  How one appeals to her is very much a personal matter.  Commercially produced colognes, soaps and perfumes are often effective as is simply whispering her name before playing any game of chance.  There are never any guarantees with Lady Luck, as she is a most fickle spirit, but I have seen many people, myself included, blessed by her tremendously.

General Observations: For me Lady Luck bears a close resemblance to the Voodoo Lwa Mademoiselle Charlotte, to whom I am very close.  They are by no means one in the same, but they share a quiet, peaceful elegance and are incredibly elusive in nature while embodying class and luxury.

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