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Herbal Spiritual Cleansing Bath


068I have blogged before about the simple salt water bath cleansing which is all honestly should be enough to rid you of all bad luck and negativity, but several people have come to me who feel that their bad luck is persistent over a long period of time and may be effecting other family members and that a simple salt water cleanse in not enough.  I have decided to share a more heavy duty type of cleansing involving a bath of bitter herbs being performed over the course of three nights.  Such a cleansing is common among those who practice Santeria and Espiritismo and is often undergone before any major initiation.  This cleansing will also neutralize any witchcraft that may have been done on a person and detach any negative spirits or entities that may have attached themselves to a person.  You in effect will be starting over fresh with a completely clean slate after taking this spiritual bath.  You may also wish to reserve some of the herbal liquid to mop your floors.  Think of it as a spiritual bath for your entire home.  The following herbs I will list are known as bitter herbs, not because of their taste, but because of their spiritual vibrations which nullify any other spiritual forces that may be at play around you.   The names of the herbs are given in Spanish, as that is how they are normally sold.  They can be purchased in most botanicas or online spiritual shops.  If you are unable to find them, please contact me at james.duvalier@gmail.com and I can send you a prepared herbal bath.  In order to prepare this cleansing bath, choose any three of the follow herbs:




Arasa con todo

Escoba amarga

Espanta muerto

Yerba Bruja

Abre camino


Divide the herbs into three parts and on the first night boil 1/3 of the herbs in a large pot of water.  Cool, strain and add to a tub of warm bath water.  Bathe for as long as you’d like, but make sure you wet yourself completely.  After emerging from the bath, light a small white candle and pray the Our Father and read the 91st psalm.  Repeat the same process for two more nights.  After you have completed the last bath, you can consider yourself completely renewed and spiritually reborn.  You are completely and totally spiritually clean.  You may want to bless yourself with some holy water for protection and burn a luck drawing candle to immediately draw some luck into your life.


Again, I will stress that this type of cleansing is quite powerful and is rarely necessary, but since people have asked for it, I am happy to share it here.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I wish you peace, happiness and abundant blessings!

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  • claritza ramirez

    Hello again James
    What about the sweet herbs bath? And what are they? What is it good for? and when should you take them?

    • Hi Claritza,

      Sweet herbs are meant to draw luck, money and love. You should takes sweet baths only after you’ve been spiritually cleansed with a bitter herb bath or a salt water bath. Some sweet herbs include yerba buena, mejorana, menta, canela, clavos, boton de oro…you can ask at your local botanica online shop what sweet herbs they might have.

  • claritza ramirez

    Thanks, but one more thing. Do you pour the water over your head too?

    • Yes, in Voodoo you can pour it directly over your head. In Santeria if you’re crowned, you’re not used to pour baths directly on your head.

  • You should start by taking a bath is some salt water. This will help remove bad luck and blockages. It’s a good idea to take a salt water bath once a month as a general rule. Also burn a green candle each Friday to summon luck and draw money into your life. If you’d like to discuss your situation if more detail, please email me at james.duvalier@gmail.com

  • I would be honest yet forceful with him and tell him that you were misled by him and you want your money back and tell him if not you will have to take him to court.

  • Tanya

    Do you take a regular shower first?, and what if you don’t have a tub? Also, do you do one herb for each day, or combine all three herbs and then divide into three?

    • You should take a shower and be physically clean before any spiritual bath. You combined the herbs and then divide up into three portions and boil them on each night that you want to take the bath. If you don’t have tub, you can pour the bath directly over your head in the shower and it will work just the same.

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